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  • BNHA Soulmate AUs For The Soul
    10.2K 186 15

    Just some sweet soulmate au's, multiship

  • SMILE! (Kaminari x Shinso)
    93.4K 3.5K 25

    For some reason, Kaminari's string never showed up. The string of fate always shows up the first time your soul mate smiles happily. Kaminari grew up worried about his soul mate, until he meets Shinso. Kaminari is convinced the purple haired male is his soul mate, so he makes it his mission to make the handsome man...

  • All angel's die (Kirikami)
    13.6K 472 16

    Kirishima met him while walking to school. It was love at first sight. But things take a horrible turn as Kirishima's love dies the day he confesses. It turns out Kirishima's "friend", Bakugou; is a yandere and had a crush on him for a while. What will unfold on this horrible day?

  • I Don't Need A Hero • BNHA Oneshots
    227 42 12

    Bunch of BNHA oneshots. Requests are open! •UPDATES EVERY WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY•

  • BNHA oneshots
    8.7K 166 23

    Hi! There will be a lot of fluff in this collection of stories (and maybe a few steamy stories) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) but yeah it's basically just what the title says so enjoy :)

  • The Simulation
    176 11 3

    As a training exercise, Class 1-A becomes the first to try out some exciting new technology: a simulation machine that throws everyone into a handful of scenarios surrounding their worst fears, biggest dreams, and darkest secrets. So of course something would go wrong, and someone would break. (I can promise a happy...

  • Destined for my bully and his best friend (kiribakudeku) {On Hiatus}
    34.8K 784 16

    Deku has two soulmates Kirishima and Bakugou. They fall in love. Blah blah blah. Then the drama happens. Dabi, Toga, and Shigaraki are convinced that Deku is their soulmate (really he's their enemy) and kidnap him. Your just gonna have to read to find out the rest.

  • Boku No Hero Academia Oneshots
    267 19 9

    A collection of oneshots dedicated to the Boku No Hero Academia fandom. Open for requests! Note: I'm not up to date on the manga, so, sadly, if the character isn't in the show yet, I won't be able to complete a request with them in it. Also, please keep any requests PG-13 at the most.

  • You Will Always Have Me ///Kiribaku And Kamisero
    15.7K 363 12

    Denki and kirishima are transboys no one knows except mina and jiro . Kiri wants to keep it a secret but kaminari wants to tell everyone

  • 𝓒𝓾𝓽𝓼 𝓪𝓷𝓭 𝓒𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓻𝓪𝓹𝓱𝔂
    67.7K 2.5K 26

    A soulmate AU where one person writes on their arm and it shows up on their soulmates arm. They however can not write their name but they can give hints about themselves. Surprisingly shinso loved the idea of spending forever with his soulmate, but kaminari is content with the bakusquad and thinks they are all he need...

  • BNHA Oneshots *mostly fluff*
    25.2K 631 35

    BNHA Oneshots This is my first fanfic, so my writing might suck Brief description of stuffs: •gay •no x reader ( sorry to those who are into that stuff) •no rape or pedophilia or incest (c'mon guys that's just not right) •no smut (sorry people, I write this on the bus so it would just be awkward) •boy x boy •girl x...

  • Bnha- one shots/ headcannons
    215 4 9

    Pick a reason to read >tododeku > kiribaku >kamisero >bakudeku >todobaku

  • Kamisero and Other Cool Ships
    4.4K 46 5

    Smut, Fluff, Au's, angst. Ask away friendo! I'll try to put trigger warnings in case. Any Ship. If you want BKDK or KRBK or TDBK or BKOK or anything ill make it!

  • BNHA ONESHOTS - [Request Open]
    1.5K 35 7

    It is pretty simple: you have an idea in mind? I write it down as a oneshot or a two chapters story. [SMUT and AU accepted] I accept requests! I write about every couple, but I would like to focus on Tododeku, Kiribaku... etc you surely understood. but I will really write about every ship. Even minor or rare ships...

  • BNHA : Gay Ass One Shots
    1M 20.3K 145

    ⚠️ WARNING. ⚠️ - Fluff. - Mentions of abuse and/or rape. - Smut. - Angst. - Mentions of self harm and/or suicide. - Mature Language. - Adult content. - oH, btw I do take requests. This book includes: - Bakudeku - Bakushima - Kamisero - Tododeku And many more gay ships from the anime. ⚠️ AGAIN. THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADUL...

    245K 9K 158

    Basically what the title says!!

  • My One-shots
    31.9K 310 69

    People! This is the book about my ships. Please correct my mistakes. Thank you ! The fandom will not be related, so I'm sorry not sorry. X WARNING X THIS BOOK IS NOT MEANT FOR SHORT TERM READING, SO PLEASE BE AWARE IF YOU GET ADDICTED TO MORE STORIES. (Totally not from self experience)

  • mha oneshots
    80.7K 1.5K 28

    i love sero very much i also include songs i like NO bakudeku.

  • ~•BNHA oneshots uwu•~
    90.1K 948 11

    Lmao I only do the ships I like bc I'm pickyyy. You can request if you want but if I don't do it then that's because I don't ship it now enjoyyy ⚠️ SMUT 💖fluff 💔selfharm Stuff like that^ I'll put at the beginning of all the shots what the warning is.

  • Kiribaku and Kamisero oneshots
    9.8K 264 6

    This is gonna be really gay

  • my hero academia memes
    156K 3.4K 70

    it is memes. get over it. Feel free to send me memes if you have any. Might have shipss. And also these are not my memes. #956 in memes I started this cause I had too many memes, I really did not expect all these people reading my book, so thank you

  • (My Hero Academia) School Of Love
    6.4K 127 20

    After an Announcement was made everyone is excited but little do they know love will be growing, hatred will also grow, and drama will come soon! What will they do when they all encounter these feelings, and obstacles. [COMPLETED]

  • BNHA Oneshots
    18.5K 331 20

    Oneshots of Kiribaku, Tododeku and there's also a Kamijirou in there and some erasermic. I'll take requests but I can't promise I'll do them... These are all either angst or fluff, I do not do lemons or smut for anything or anyone so please don't ask. Otherwise, please enjoy! Unless I randomly add an OC, the character...

  • Overcome Not Forgotten - KiriBaku
    1.8K 129 5

    Kirishima thought he had finally managed to wash away his past self and fully become his new and improved Eijirou. But one day he gets caught in a quirk accident and finds a clone of his younger self happened to appear. The appearance of this clone has him completely shaken up, so much so that he is not acting like hi...

  • I Fell in Love With a Villain (Bakushima AU)
    142K 4.4K 41

    Kirishima is a first year high schooler who gets bullied. He has been bullied ever since he moved to high school because he was really smart and it didn't help when he came out as gay. And to top it all off he has to deal with his rapist abusive father at home. But one night when he was walking no running home his lif...

  • Your dark side
    29.7K 910 11

    After one of his best friends died, Eijirou tries to learn more about the circumstances of this death. It always comes back to unexpected encounters with his neighbor Katsuki and Eijiro soon finds out that the young man knows more about that death than it initially seemed. While trying to find out more, Eijirou witne...

  • KiriBaku Month 2019
    5.6K 102 31

    Thanks to people on Instagram I found out its KiriBaku Month! All of August there is a theme for each day. Warning: Katsuki's colorful language

  • Chest Pain's
    90.9K 3.7K 17

    Kirishima struggles with his homework, school and even his friendships like a "regular" kid.. but he struggles with his Body as well..His parents still call him Eriko, and His denying mom still wants him to stop testosterone.. His love life isn't great ether, knowing he'd need to come out to them before dating..Kiri h...

  • [COMPLETED] It's my (fucking) Fault!! Kiribaku Fanfiction, An angst
    29.6K 674 14

    Bakugo developed a crush on Kirishima for a long time now but he never showed it but during the fight with the villains from the villain league Bakugo was captured AGAIN...and this time kirishima comes to save him. Yes it was successful...for Bakugo...but kirishima...he almost died...Kirishima fell into a coma...After...