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  • Thirsty
    54.4K 1.7K 14

    It's TdBk guys! My first TdBk story so please enyoj it. My OTP is obviously DkBk so it gonna be a little strange doing it. Anyway Katsuki is werewolf omega and Todoroki is royal Alpha Vampire. . . . . . . . . . Anyway this is fanfiction and I warn you if you don't like yaoi don't read it. Also I don't own the picture...

  • Todobaku ❄️🔥💥
    4K 54 9

    Doing todobaku's one-shots any request. fluff 🌸 .smut ( maybe )🍋 .angst💔 . doesn't matter just comment down below. discontinued Please vote 🥺 Cover is mine

  • gay shit
    7.8K 93 22

    someone give me the strength to write. i've abandoned even this book ( ;∀;)

  • Listen to Me (smut/fluff/depression)
    5.8K 128 11

    Todoroki and Bakuhoe are dating. todo wants to die. baku wants icyhot to live. there is smut but there is fluff. there is also cutting and talk about suicide.

  • TodoBaku
    21.9K 695 12

    Heh.. so this one is going to be when they're adults.. and uh.. Baku is the Dom.. Todo is the sub.. and it's going to be super Smutty.. like.. oof.. so I recommend 18+⚠️ but read at your own risk. The first page is the intro, so if you'd like more intel read the first page.

  • Bottom Bakugo (Todobaku, Bakudeku, Kiribaku)
    132K 1.5K 4

    So. Basically, this story is Oneshots. The main ships in this book will include bakugou. Personally I like bakugou being the bottom, I will make him a top (on a request I really like) but he'll be a bottom. The ships in this book (like the title informs) will be; Todobaku Bakudeku Kiribaku And a warning/reminder; ⚠️...

  • Todobaku smut oneshots
    139K 1.8K 7

    Read the description Don't be a bitch

  • Todoroki x Bakugou( Todobaku lemon)+ Bnha
    87.2K 984 26

    This is a bnha fandom, risk if you ship these guys but eh... sorry for cringe and read it if you don't care or you enjoy this book *°*. One day as the two were in the field doing a rematch, Bakugou was full energy shooting fire and explosion. Todoroki fell back and every body freak out even deku, he never fall back in...

  • Fractures//todobaku
    165K 4.6K 17

    YES THERES SMUT! katsuki bakugou is a professional boxer. He is one of the top ten but there was one person stoping him from becoming number one but what if he breaks a bone or two and needs help doing things. What if he had a babysitter who was hot.

  • My icyhot omega
    123K 3.3K 23

    Mitsuki takes bakugo to the pound to find a omega for him but it seems like non of them catches his attention expect a certain icyhot omega

  • Frozen Fire
    3.3K 132 8

    When the League of Villains come back, this time after Endeavor, they will do anything they can to defeat him; even hurting his family. During this time it's winter and Endeavor and his family try to make up for the past and surprise Shoto during his class training mission with the Wild, Wild Pussycats. What will happ...

  • Don't you get it?
    57.6K 2.2K 15

    TODOBAKU Bakugou was cursed, not by a deadly witch or any of that but cursed with falling in love with Mr. popular, Shoto Todoroki. The stubborn male refuses to accept this but later can't deny it. As the year comes to an end and High school life is no more can Bakugou confess his feelings to the rich boy or fail mise...

  • TodoBaku one shots
    36K 349 5

    TodoBaku oneshots... what more do you need? This is my first time writing fanfiction on wattpad, sorry if it's bad or filled with grammatical errors. WARRING!!!!! lost of smut and lemon!!!

  • Stay: a todobaku story
    114K 3.1K 24

    Todoroki is a young boy with family issues beyond depressing. With a brother who is trying to kill him and an abusive father life sucks. Bakugo is a student in the same class as todoroki who happens to crush on him. Going through life they try and overcome there struggles together. Will todoroki be able to defeat his...

  • My Peppermint Kitten
    31.9K 902 8

    It was class 1-A's second year at U.A and three weeks in they learn they're getting a new classmate. They did not expect the kid to be one of Endeavor's missing children and Endeavor to have to go through a child abuse trial. They did not expect him to have the ability to change into a cat at will or to keep his quir...

  • I'm Not Planning On Giving Up
    72.8K 1.9K 42

    ( bakutodo fanfic ) After being in U.A for awhile and after the sports festival, a few polar opposites start to attract. start : March 22, 2019 end : May 10, 2019

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Story | Todobaku
    102K 3.5K 17

    Everybody likes him. Katsuki likes him too. He never denied that. He just never showed it because he knew that Todoroki would never ever want him. Nobody would want him. But he was always so confused whenever katsuki was around and his brain just stopped working and he would only look at the pretty boys face or his p...

  • todobaku
    23.8K 489 5

    a book dedicated to a specific rarepair with a hot-headed asshole and our favourite fire-ice edgelord. (nobody's gonna read this, but i'll go down with this ship)

  • Soft Waiter, Rough motorcyclist (TodoBaku)
    23.5K 721 6

    Bakugo Katsuki owns a motorcycle. Todoroki Shoto works at a small cafe. Bakugo likes rough, hardcore things. Todoroki enjoys simple, sweet things. Though, both can handle a little bitter from time to time. With differences, comes conflict. They both absolutely despise each other! Yet, Bakugo finds himself going everyd...

  • Butterfly (Todobaku/Kirideku)
    24.1K 727 7

    BNHA COLLEGE AU -- "You play my games and I play yours-" "No, I don't mind," Todoroki mustered up a small smile, "You just never seemed interested in it before." Bakugou had never been so determined to listen to someone and it was ironic because his only distraction was the slight curve of that same person's lips as...

  • ~ intimate ~ (TodoBaku)
    33.6K 764 22

    ( I kinda accidentally told you almost the whole story in the description and I just realized now so if you just stumbled upon this story just skip what I just said. ) Todoroki and Bakugo become roommates and meet this new girl. She starts to adapt to everyone, but Todoroki and Bakugou starts to secretly fall in love...

  • Just A Thought || (Todobaku) !!IN PROCESS OF REWRITING!!
    109K 2.5K 42

    Todoroki likes Bakugou. And Bakugou didn't want to admit it, but he too had feelings for the other. But for some reason, some people are just striving to make their relationship a living hell. Bakugou never thought of Todoroki as his boyfriend. But maybe he has to... "What do you think it would be like if we were toge...

  • Whoa.... (Todobaku)
    3.8K 115 12

    A crackhead story about a icy spicy peppermint boyo and a sparky sparky boom boom boy Enjoy 😊

  • Getting kinky
    105K 954 8

    This was requested by one of my friends ⚠️ this will contain smut ⚠️ just a warning

  • My Empty Bed (TodoBaku)
    53.1K 850 23

    Todobaku smut oneshots

  • coffee boy - todobaku fanfic {discontinued}
    3.2K 100 6

    the poor blond had just gone through a breakup, so his day wasn't going great at all. a new coffee shop had opened up in town, and to clear his mind, katsuki decided to go there. little did he know that going there would change everything. ⁑... ⁎ both characters are 21 ⁎ no quirk AU ⁎ will mostly contain fluff

  • jealousy TODOBAKU
    30.9K 713 3

    when todoroki accidently found out about another side of bakugou which he never saw before, todoroki started to feel something stirred inside of him, he was so desperate to find out more about bakugou, he also started to feel something tingle whenever he saw bakugou getting close to another student of UA, an unpleasan...

  • Kiss me, Icyhot...- {Todobaku Fanfic}
    14.3K 314 6

    Originally this short was going to be short but it blew up so much that I just had to continue it. The basic gist of this is Bakugo is a big ol bottom and Todoroki is soft in the streets, beast in the sheets. Warning! This is gay. Like, really gay. Sadly no lemons in the first few chapters because I used to be a litt...

  • Soba ( Todobaku )
    116K 3.5K 11

    Bakugo just happened to be at the right place at the right time. WARNING: ( This story will contain very serious Topics such as Child abuse, self harm, depression, suicidal thoughts. )

  • Todobaku
    112K 2.3K 11

    Bakugo - i never thought that I'd fall in love with this idiot... DISCLAIMER : I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS/PICTURES..... ⚠️⚠️WARNING⚠️⚠️ : GAY/YAOI CONTENT + SMUT