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  • See The Light | for KING & COUNTRY | sequel to Fight On, Priceless Fighter
    305 28 4

    Five months after Sadie and seven other girls were rescued from their kidnappers. Any expectations of going back to a normal life are shattered for Sadie from the moment Joel and Luke left to go home after her return home. With unexpected news of moving to Nashville, her broken reality continues to follow her everywhe...

  • Lost in Thought
    483 77 10

    Sienna has been in foster care for 15 months after they found her sobbing on the floor in her mother's bedroom because they found a note saying that her mother ran away from home because she got caught by the police for dealing and consuming drugs.Also her mother has been abusing and neglecting her for her whole life...

  • Love's To Blame (fK&C FanFiction) (COMPLETED!)
    4.4K 308 23

    Adley Emerson is your typical fourteen year old Christian girl....Loves Jesus, Jesus music, and the people who make Jesus music. Especially one band in particular, For King and Country. Just the message they put out, especially about being PRICELESS, stands out more than any other band to Adley. So what happens when...

  • Shoulders
    8.7K 496 28

    Amber Thomas wasn't the kind of orphan foster parents would look at twice. She was fifteen, she had depression, she cut herself, and had attempted suicide multiple times. No one even cared she existed, except for Katelyn, Conor, and Hanna, her only friends. One night at a concert, she met Joel and Luke Smallbone, from...

  • Fight On, Priceless Fighter | a for KING & COUNTRY fanfic
    2.8K 201 23

    Sadie Hill was walking home from school when she was kidnapped. Little did she know that Joel and Luke Smallbone, her favorite band, were helping to find her.

  • Saving Holly. A fkac fanfic. Complete, needs editing. -EDITING ON HOLD-
    3.1K 256 49

    Holly gets adopted by Luke Smallbone. See what happens next. Made; the end of November 2017. Completed; 11/17/18 Edited; EDITING ON HOLD A lukesmallbone/forkingandcountry fan fiction.

  • God Only Knows (A For King & Country Fanfic)
    366 18 4

    Annie Grace Smallbone hasn't been home since before her wedding, which was over 6 years ago. But when she shows up at her twin brother house looking completely broken with 3 kids, What will happen? How will her family react ones they learn what her husband has done?

  • For Our King | fkac ✓
    4.7K 453 38

    ❝let all that I do be in love, for our king.❞ Joanna was the third vocalist of for KING & COUNTRY, and it was dream come true. She was doing what she loved; pursuing Jesus and music. From touring with her friends, to going home to a wonderful boyfriend in Nashville, life was going wonderfully. However, as her third ye...

  • The Rebel Heart
    1.8K 262 88

    Stuff from the internet & more . Title inspired by Lauren Daigle.

  • With You | fkac
    1.9K 171 15

    ❝With you, our home is filled more love than imaginable.❞ Brittany, and her younger sister, Nicole had been put into the system after losing both parents. A car accident had taken their parents, leaving the two sisters injured; physically and emotionally. Somehow, the two end up with Joel and Moriah Smallbone; a lovel...

  • Already Home
    3.6K 225 46

    There are some people life never seems to be kind to. There are some people who seem to be followed by misfortune. One such person is fourteen year old Marlo McLain, a girl on her third escape attempt from an alcoholic foster father. By an unintended meeting and an unlikely turn of events, maybe life will give her a c...

  • For KING & COUNTRY Memes || Part 2 ||
    7K 1.1K 80

    Okay, so apparently, I can't have more than two hundred memes so, here's Part 2!

  • Won't Give Up • for KING & COUNTRY
    5.3K 311 15

    Moriah Peters is a seventeen year old singer and songwriter. She is funny, active, determined, and beautiful. When she gets invited to tour with other celebrities on Winter Jam, she accepts. What she doesn't know is that For KING & COUNTRY is going, too. Joel, from For KING & COUNTRY, then falls in love with Moriah...

  • Without You
    599 70 6

    "It's how you take Journey that affects your Destination " Joel Smallbone has so much to be thankful for. A loving wife, a beautiful daughter, great siblings, caring parents, and amazing fans. He never stops thinking God for it. But one day things change. Life will never be the same, and now he must learn how to keep...

  • Saving Holly the sequel. Finished, editing on hold.
    161 22 13

    This is the 2 book of Holly. Enjoy! Started; 11/24/18 Complete; 3/24/19 Edited; not yet.

  • For Saved Lives | fkac ✓
    1.9K 113 11

    Who could've thought that music could save lives. Joel and Luke never knew how many lives they saved through their music. Only until one girl stood up, and spoke out. "You saved my little sister's life. I cannot thank you enough." -- "We save lives, Luke. It's a different feeling."

  • HIDING PLACE•Lourtney ✓
    1K 83 22

    I need to let my hurt out, But I have no one. So instead I have this. My hiding place. Completed May 2019

  • Fangirl : There is Always Hope {A for KING & COUNTRY fanfiction}
    4.3K 288 35

    For Celeste, a for KING & COUNTRY fan girl, nothing ever goes right. But even for people whose lives are terrible, things can work out. This story shows that no matter what you've been going through, there is always hope!

  • Broken Lullabies (for KING & COUNTRY)
    11.6K 799 44

    Nila has always been called the sunshine in the lives of those she loves. Until she was adopted by Luke Smallbone when she was nine, she was in the foster care system for the only part of her life that she remembered, but she was okay with that. She'd always been given loving, caring foster families, and now, at fifte...

  • broken lullabies - social media
    1.9K 151 30

    social media fluff (and some angst) to compliment my for king & country fanfiction, broken lullabies. reading this is not necessary in order to understand broken lullabies... it's just a cute spinoff i've wanted to do forever.

  • Social Media - Lost in Thought
    164 21 5

    just the social media posts that moriah, joel, sienna, and fkac will post for Lost in Thought :)

  • Sane (for KING & COUNTRY)
    1.3K 136 20

    Joel met Adira Rhodes when she was a junior in high school carrying the weight of a sick mother and a household that was just barely staying together. Mistaking her baby brother for her own child, he extended a hand of greeting to her when she stumbled through the church's doors on a frigid Sunday morning in February...

  • Wholehearted (a fK&C fanfiction, Lourtney + Joriah)
    997 162 24

    Life is not perfect and this is true about the Smallbone family as they go through challenges that almost caused them to lose their faith. Will they let these situations to discourage them or use them as a stepping stone in their walk of faith?

  • Steady
    820 67 13

    Synopsis:Leila Mae Kahalow is a 14 year old orphan who lives on the island of Oahu, Hawaii . Her mom died when she was young and her dad abandoned her after. She grew up in a girls orphanage, which was not that bad compared to other orphanages. The rooms were made so that they could feel more homey and they can decid...

  • When Courtney's life is upside down.
    499 9 11

    Where Courtney Smallbone forgets her self worth. The chapters are shorter, fyi ?

  • Oh So Priceless
    674 57 8

    Blaire Elisabeth Olds is like her mom. She has a beautiful voice and a family that loves her. But then one day, threatening notes start arriving. As they continue to come, her mother gets more and more frightened. So, Blaire must go to her grandfather, Joel Smallbone, and find out what exactly happened to her family j...

  • Bless The Broken Road
    4K 293 23

    Sydney Jael Smallbone isn't quite who you'd expect her to be. Luke Smallbone's older sister.....And Joel's slightly younger and (not surprisingly) more mature twin sister. She's also one-third of the band For King And Country. But then, the unexpected happens, and she meets someone that will change her life forever, b...

  • Whole Hearted • fK&C • book 1
    4.3K 349 26

    Moriah Peters, before marriage, adopted three little girls. Alanis, Joanna, and Tamara Peters. They have a wonderful mother and daughter bond. And nothing can separate them. They feel complete. Well that is until Moriah marries Joel Smallbone, also known as one half of For KING & COUNTRY. The three girls don't really...

  • You Keep Me Steady (A fK&C Fanfic)
    1.3K 88 11

    Andria lost her dad at a young age. Her mom moves to Africa on missions. She will be staying with her dad's close friends, whom she has never met. Once she meets them she becomes very attached to them, and has issues trusting other people. They help her through her problems, house her ridiculously loud best friends, a...