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  • Gray Vs. Natsu Vs. Juvia: Story Of How they End Up Fighting
    17.4K 687 93

    This story is a NatsuxJuviaxGray love triangle story. This is nearly a Navia and Graylu Love Story, Suspense, and Drama. Lemons ahead. Hope you like it.

  • Far From Comfort
    48.6K 1.2K 40

    Gray and the rest of Team Natsu go on a 5 year quest, leaving their loved ones behind. They return 5 years later only to find that everyone has changed, including themselves. This is set after the Alvarez Arc. Some of the characters may be a bit out of character or OOC but not much. This is because of the time skip an...

  • The Fire that Warms the Water
    18.6K 309 5

    Instead of Grey fighting Juvia, what if it was Natsu?! NatsuxJuvia

  • Navia Forever
    27.2K 443 6

    Here Juvia awaits the return of her beloved Gray sama, only to find out holds no feelings for her. Will Juvia forgive him later on or will she give up on him and find love in someone else?

  • Rogura Week 2016
    15.1K 402 8

    A collection of one shots Rogura Week, 2016. All originally written by me.

  • The Twin Hearts of Sabertooth (StingYu and Rogura)
    6.1K 158 3

    As Kagura starts to get friendly with the tigers, one of them seems to catch her eye. Little does she know, she's also caught his. Sting and Yukino try to set them up, but may end up being set up, themselves.

  • Unrequited Love ( RoVia / StingLi )
    34K 892 33

    Lisanna and Juvia only knew one kind of love. Unrequited Love, a one sided love, they chose to admire from a far then to confess up close. Too scared of rejection they chose a lifestyle of sorrow. After Lisanna came back everyone was joyful but after a while everyone forgot who she even was. Only the Wendy, Levy, Mira...

  • the rain princess.
    10.2K 324 6

    One afternoon, Juvia went up to Gray and confessed her love for him and how serious she is towards him.But Gray just broke Juvia's heart big time.what will happen to Juvia and Gray. this is a fairy tail fanfiction.

  • Lyvia Love
    29.1K 1.1K 18

    Lyon has always loved Juvia but she has feelings for Gray. When Gray abandons her, will Lyon take his chance? In the end you will wonder, who has Juvia's heart?

  • [COMPLETED] Gray's 5 years old Juvia
    15.3K 441 12

    Juvia has turned into a child!!! Levy is looking for an antidote so Juvia would return to normal BUT thequestion remains Who would take Juvia as babysitter? (Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN FAIRYTAIL! Fairytail was owned by our mighty HIRO MASHIMA!)

  • The Lost Heiress (A Gruvia Fanfiction)
    19.1K 870 47

    Pls vote, comment, and follow (Also take note that this is my first Gruvia fanfiction so it's not exactly the best) Gray Fullbuster was a man full of secrets. Nobody he encountered knows about his past. And most of all... Nobody knows he was on a mission to kill the last survivor of the Water Tribe. The tribe that...

  • Mine [Nalu & Gruvia] ✔️
    178K 3.6K 25

    Lucy and Gray went on a job together. Juvia and Natsu got jealous so Mira helped them. What will happen?? Date Started: July 06, 2019 Date Completed: March 20, 2020 Enjoy Reading!

  • Its Hard To Love
    10.7K 285 29

    Everyone in the Fairytail guild has been cruel towards Lucy and Juvia. The people in Fairytail that cares for them is master. Lucy and Juvia leaves the people who love them and hurt them. After meets someone unexpected that helps her along the way. This is going to be a Lucy x Lyon and Juvia x Bora

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad boys X bad girls
    418 29 10

    Can fate really bring them out together with each other and everything else about it - bangpink Ships : Jin X jisoo Jungkook X Lisa Jimin X chaeyoung Taehyung X Jennie Suga/ yoongi/ August d X Linda J- hope/ hobi/ hoseok/ sunshine X ninja Rap monster/ namjoon X renaeè In which the bad boys had fallen in love...

  • Amnesia ( Gruvia Fanfic )
    622 39 1

    I wish that I could wake up with AMNESIA and forget about those stupid little things

  • Losing Juvia (Gruvia)
    10K 286 15

    When Juvia suffers too much heartbreak from Gray, she runs away from the guild. Gray let's it be, until one night he realizes how much he actually misses her. The journey helps them realize who they really care for. Does Gray find Juvia, or has he lost her forever? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • The better me (gruvia fanfic) {COMPLETED}
    47K 1.5K 30

    So we all know Juvia is deeply in love with her precious gray~Sama but what if one day he got enough of her and snapped at her. Will Juvia be the same... but does Gray end up realizing his feeling for Juvia or NAH?? Have fun reading this garbage ✌🏽 ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO HIRO MASHIMA!!

  • Butler, Master, and Mages {A Black Butler x FairyTail Crossover}
    25.2K 552 8

    While going on a mission, Lucy, Ersa, and Juvia were sucked into a portal that lead to the Black Butler world. How will the girls adapt to this new world? How will they find their way back home? Read to find out. (I don't own FairyTail or Black Butler, I just own the plot)

  • The Other Me (A Edolas Gray x Juvia x Gray Fanfic)
    5.7K 172 4

    Gray still doesn't except Juvia's feelings until Edolas Gray shows up from the Edolas universe and sweeps Juvia off her feet. Will Gray fight for her back or will he just let the two be happy?

  • Juvia's Changed
    12.9K 357 5

    Juvia's heart gets broken by Gray one day. She leaves Fairy Tail for a better life. What happens next? Read to find out. (Sorry suck at summaries. Juvia x ?????) P.S Not making it Gruvia. Dont like don't read. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED Do not own characters. Only my OC'S.

  • The Chase | Gruvia Fanfiction
    26K 1.3K 34

    No one has ever seen the gloomy side of the clever, classic, and luxurious Juvia Lockser; her life is perfect-that was what people believed. Heartbreaks, rejection, and failures, those were what she encountered. But she kept her head high and heart closed. She used to chase a guy, whom she loves so affectionately back...

  • The new Juvia (Sting X juvia fanfic) EDITED!
    40.9K 1K 31

    Juvia gets broken hearted my Gray She left to get stronger ..but beacme someone else ..and fell in love with someone else I DO NOT OWN THE CHARACTERS OF FAIRytail ALL RIGHTS TO HIRO MASHIMA Enjoyyyy

  • Evil [Zerlu] (continued)
    206K 6K 27

    "I just hurt the oh-so greatest dark mage, Zeref Dragneel. His heart must have shattered into pieces by now. Who's more evil?" -Lucy Heartfilia [ EVIL ] Yes, i stopped writing but I wanted to write more. but I just can't

  • The Queens Of Sabertooth (Ships Involved)
    5K 120 7

    When juvia and Lucy are ignored by fairytail when a secret shatters reality and hits every member really hard.......... and juvia and Lucy end up training and become........(read to find out)

  • set fire to the rain
    8.3K 147 7

    This is a navia (Natsu x Juvia) story about how unfortunate events create a undying love between fire and water. These characters are not mine as well as the art.

  • Light in the Water
    117 7 4

    After Juvia has joined the Fairy Tail guild, she has become great friends with everyone. But that all changes when Lissana spreads rumours about her and now everyone ignores her. Except her BFF Lucy. So, they leave Fairy Tail and go out on their own. While on their adventure, something huge happened and the two will n...

  • Servamp and fairytail crossover
    7.6K 97 10

    So this is the first time I am writing a story and I know it won't be good but I always wanted a Servamp and fairytail crossover and if you guys like this then I would write any other anime crossover or x reader and x reader in the crossover. Servamp and fairytail do not belong to me they belong to the company that...