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  • He's the one
    193K 5.1K 36

    Eren has a boyfriend name Jean, they are the cutest couple in school , but Jean hides his true self , he actually abuses Eren at home . One day eren goes to a little get together and meets some really cool people plus a really rude but beautiful man , a few days later he meets the man again ... But he's a new student...

  • The Glow(Eren x Levi)
    570K 27.1K 46

    In this AU, when you find your soul mate, your chest will glow for everyone to see. Eren Jaeger has been under the torment of Levi Ackerman throughout high school and now they are in college together. How will they react when they find the one they are meant to be with is their worst enemy?

    Completed   Mature
  • Half Vamp, Half Mage
    23.7K 746 20

    Levi, who is a very angry vampire who tries not to show feelings, one day goes off the rails.He goes to a club, picks off a few kids, and bite them. Not turning them but sucking the life out of them. One of them made him loose control. This is the story of how it happened and their future.

  • My Deadly Soulmate~Riren~Omegaverse~
    15.8K 602 36

    "Levi," I mumbled . "Hmm?" He hummed. " I love you, " Levi dropped his hands instantly and looked at me. No, he glared at me. Truly. Like he was seriously angry. "Levi-?" I was confused. "Please Eren," Levi almost growled , "please don't ever say that again. You can't love me. Please," At that moment Everything...

  • let me paint you {ereri/riren}
    2.8K 136 14

    (divided in two parts, both published here) Six boys apply for a job as models for a conceited painter. Though, only two will be chosen as effective workers. As they get to know each other, they realize that they're actually becoming good friends. Though, with their situation worsening, they'll have to rely on each ot...

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise Me
    8.6K 267 31

    Eren Yeager is a 17 year old Omega who lives with his Mum, Carla. They have been struggling with money due to Eren's Dad, Grisha, who left after years of beating the two. Eren has been left with mental and physical problems. Eren does everything he can to help his Mum, but there is only so much you can do when your 17...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bite Me.
    505K 19.2K 48

    Poor Eren Jaeger just wanted to make it out of school alive, but when he catches the eye of party boy Levi his hopes disappear. Why did he have to be the one to interest the possibly psychopathic vampire head of the city? Moreover, how is he supposed to resist the temptation to join him? Ranked #1 in every section it...

  • Edge (Riren/Levi X Eren)
    20.5K 347 5

    Levi always loved to tease.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tale of Two Tails
    6.3K 462 30

    In the land of Maria, there is an unofficial war between the humans and demons. The palace hunters kill at least one demon a week. So what happens when a demon is spotted, but is only injured and manages to escape? What happens when this demon, in its fox form, is found by the prince and nursed back to health? What ha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Young Love
    158K 6.5K 63

    Levi Ackerman is a thirty year old Earl of the Kingdom of Maria. He's stoic, cold, and bitter on the outside and everyone outside of his small group of friends believes it to be so. On top of that, he's seen as even more unpleasant because he still has yet to find his mate. But it's not like he can help it! In fact, h...

  • Instinct (Alpha Levi x Omega Eren)
    57.8K 2K 14

    Eren, a child who lived almost his whole life in an orphanage had just turned 18 and has been released to live on his own. He has never really been good at controlling himself, he would always end up spilling blood on the full moons, even with the help and containment of the orphanage caretakers. Now he's been left on...

  • The Shit I Fucking Go Through [ An Ereri Story]
    11.6K 313 12

    "Eren are you okay?'' "You seem really spaced out nowadays, you okay?'' ''You can always tell us stuff you know?'' ''. . .'' "Yea..I'm fine, just tired.'' + Where Eren is always living behind a mask that only one person see past.

  • How To Sing a Love Song (Levi x Eren)
    55.6K 2.4K 7

    Levi is the world's most famous pop star, he has everything anyone wants. Fame, popularity, company, money, girls, servants, and looks. But the one thing he can't do is love someone, even the girls try to seduce him but they end up with a growl from him. You see, Levi was a reincarnated man, he remembers almost everyt...

  • My Soulmate {Ereri}
    66.9K 3.2K 18

    Everyone has a soulmate. Though, finding it is not easy. Some take years, some never do. But here's the thing. You know your soulmate by a subtle trait; something that is equal. And there's also one drawback. If two soulmates don't meet until the younger one turns twenty five, both will die in the same day. Eren Jae...

    Completed   Mature
  • Neko In Heat
    125K 3.5K 20

    Eren gets kidnapped becomes a sluttly maid and guess what his the princes personal maid. Oh and Levi his the Prince and his a dog neko only he hates cats and Eren is one And you stick AoT in a castle sized Yaoi dungeon and boom This Crack crazy fest is born SADLY I DON'T OWN ATTACK ON TITAN

  • Neko Love (Riren)
    512K 3.7K 5

    The new neko Hanji brings home is kinda cute- Levi admits.

  • Neko (Levi x Eren)
    147K 5.8K 15

    Eren was a regular high-school student with a normal life and nothing to do with his existence. He wasn't a very well liked kid at school but he still ahd some friends. One day while he's walking home with his friend Armin, he sees a cat walking across the street. With his pity for helpless animals and things, he coul...

  • Little Fox (Baby Eren x Levi)
    41.7K 1.9K 11

    //Based loosely off Maximum Ride// Eren was a baby when it happened, the conspiracy when dozens of children were stolen from their mothers and tested on from birth. To become the generation where an army of invincible soldiers was spawned and trained. But the experiment failed, and the children were exterminated. Exce...

  • Puppy Love (Levi x Eren) *Wolf AU*
    41.3K 1.8K 7

    Eren is a half wolf half husky that looks more like a wolf who is also member of the fastest dog sled team in Nome, Alaska. Being closely guarded by his littermates who are on the team with him, they never let him see anywolf or place without them. But when he gets the chance to escape, he takes it, and runs away. Lev...

  • Devil's Crown (Levi x Eren)
    1.4K 92 5

    The king of Demons, Satan, had gone on a mission to find the Devil's crown. So that he could extend his power, but ended up getting sucked into a random blood cyclone. And now he is currently stranded in Earthland, possessing a human named Levi. Now the figure Levi, he's struck fear into the hearts of the students of...

  • Valentine's Day Special! (Levi x Eren) *Crack Fic*
    304 42 1

    A crack fic in which Levi is a hopeless romantic and Eren has too much common sense. . .

  • Our Change(Levi x Eren)
    4.7K 211 6

    A boy who moved from America to Japan hasn't spoken since the big accident. And what was the "Big accident" you may ask? It was a car crash, not just any car crash. A worker forgot to replace the traffic lights on Maria highway and 50 cars crashed into each other, 24 lives were lost that day. Including his mother and...

  • Under the Vampires' Rule (Levi x Eren)
    10.7K 398 2

    @Kawaii_Eren_Writer figured out this brilliant plot! All credit goes to her. It was the end of the war between vampires and humans. Humanity lost with devastating losses of land and lives. Levi is now the current prince in line to be king. Levi is looking for a human mate with the AB blood type because that is the onl...

  • My love for you (Smut: Neko Eren & Levi) *Fan fiction
    47.6K 950 15

    Eren Jaeger ran away from his father Grisha, He ran away from his father, because he would abuse and rape him along with his gang all because he stuck with this child. Eren found himself in a cold dark alley in the city of wall Maria. he lived in the streets since he had no one to go to since his adopted sister ran...

  • Is this love?
    5.1K 177 5

    Rerine (boyXBoy) don't like don't read Depressed eren x popular Levi

  • Neko the Sequel (Levi x Eren)
    17.4K 950 10

    Eren and Levi return to the neko kingdom, as king and queen (Even though Eren is a guy). Everything is all back to normal as Queen Petra was relieved of her title as queen. But trouble awakes as a war sparks between nekos, and humans. And Eren must decide which side is he on. I do not own the cover or the charaters. I...

  • My Beloved Wolf
    79.3K 2.4K 17

    Omegaverse))This is a rewrite from the same story it's just that the other one was acting dumb. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Same height) Eren Jëagar 18 years old and an omega but he's not just any omega he's the midnight wolf which gives him attributes of an alpha but makes him stronger and his heats are crucial. The...

  • Part Of Me (Ereri / Riren)✔️
    273K 13.1K 60

    When you are born, you are born with a necklace. Attached to this necklace is half an object or symbol. Your soulmate holds the other half on their necklace. When you are closer to the person, you get warmer, the father away you are the colder you get. Eren Jaeger, a sad 19 year old with still no warmth in his body. H...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Mate (Riren)
    95.2K 4.1K 9

    Eren, the school's biggest nerd, didn't expect his mate to be the school's bad boy.

  • That Omega {Alpha Levi x Omega Eren}!!!!
    34.8K 841 16

    Eren was probably the most firey Omega in high school [Titan High] But that didn't stop Jean and his buddies from trying to rape Eren. What happens when Eren runs into not only the meanest Alpha in school but he is also a Prime Alpha?! What happens when Levi gets just a small smell of his sent? Smutt...

    Completed   Mature