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  • Red Jewel
    7.7K 378 6

    Anything is better than being dead. Kim Rok Soo grew up with that being his unofficial moto. It never changed either, not in his heart. Over time it just evolved with more flowery language to make it sound nicer. Kim Rok Soo discovered very early on in life that he was unlovable. At least, he thought he was. So he...

  • How to end the war: based on observation [TCF/LCF Fanfiction]
    2.7K 232 3

    There are several things Cale has observed whenever they are up against the Arm Organization. First, the Arm Organization is vicious and merciless Second, the members of that organization are insanely powerful And lastly, Cale has noticed that whenever they are up against each other, that White Bastard always- stares...

  • Trash Wants To Slack!
    87.5K 6.8K 22

    After dying along with the white star he made a deal with the GoD and his soul was transferred in another world. Who knew someone else was caught in the explosion other than him and white star? Who would've also thought he would see the stupid white raddish once again? ORV x TCF kinda OP!cale cause I said so. Now Cros...

  • LCF React Fic: Metempsychosis
    42.6K 2.6K 9

    After the battle with sealed god and white star has ended, They were interrupted by a sudden light strike at them. Cale wasn't even given a chance to rest. In result, The god of Death give him one while causing trouble. Afterward, Interesting individuals meet each other and were force to see something that will chan...

  • Let me Slack!
    98.4K 7.2K 24

    "You. Are you the one who hurt my human?" The dokkaebi shivered and looked at the huma-No, the being that was glaring at him. A black-haired child was glaring viciously at him with his shining, reptile, deep blue eyes. Black mana was raging around the child who was hugging someone that was coughing out liters of blood...

  • TCF: Dragons are Great!
    40.2K 3.1K 16

    Kim Rok Soo didn't expect to be reborn, let alone into the novel he had been reading before being killed by an unranked monster. Becoming a dragon has it perks for sure, but how is he supposed to handle all these new embarrassing instincts? What is he to do when his dragon pride demands that he save a suffering dragon...

  • An Otome Game? More Like A Survival Game! [TCF AU]
    34.8K 2.7K 8

    Kim Rok Soo died after saving a girl from a sudden unranked monster attack. When he opened his eyes, he was inside prequel of an otome game called [The Hero's Love]. Apparently, he was transmigrated into Cale Henituse's body. A villain who was fated to die in every fucking route! But, wait. Something is weird. Why is...

  • Romantic Chase [TCF/LCF Fanfiction]
    2.5K 235 2

    Roan Academy. An academy that focuses and prioritizes pupils' talents over academic results. It is a place where someone like Cale Henituse can slack off peacefully. Talents? He's basically trash at that. However, he can't say he's trash when it comes to perfecting exams. And so why? Why the hell are the club presiden...

  • Hero in Another World
    106K 7K 26

    As the final battle in Puzzle City occurred, Cale managed to stab the World tree branch to White Star. But who would have thought that that bastard would choose to blow himself up to take Cale death with him? Cale died, but why did he wake up in the body of a child instead? "Cale-nim...." "Cale...." "what the fuck-?" ...

  • Is this goodbye?
    106K 6.9K 20

    The war is over no one really died but something is wrong here they can feel it. They feel like they lost something precious. Something seem to be missing and empty. They won the war and everything is over now but why aren't they happy. They are missing something. No. Someone. Who is this mysterious red haired person...

  • TOTCF 633+
    383K 21.2K 183

    I'm not the author of the book....just an avid fan translating the chap where the wuxia world stops translating.... Please be reminded that English is not my first language and this is just an mtl that I edit a little bit so be prepared for wrong grammar, confusing sentences, and whatever error you may encounter and s...

  • Reacting to the Misunderstanding Moments of Cale Henituse
    373K 14.4K 22

    Title: Reacting to the Misunderstanding and Coughing out blood Moments of Cale Henituse. Wattpad wouldn't let me have the original title, so here it is. Timeline: After the Sealed God test. Basically, the fandom has a list of times Cale had coughed out blood, now I want to see a list of times people misunderstood...

  • Dandelion's Latibule [TCF/LCF Fanfiction]
    68.1K 5.9K 18

    [Time Traveller Cale] In a world where peace was only provided for a brief moment following the death of the White Star. Cale Henituse, 30 years old and one of the only people left in their world after defending the Roan Empire with his newfound family against the hunters and demonic race. With all of it gone like dus...

  • Genesis
    23K 1.5K 11

    Cale suddenly remembered a certain dialogue when he was fighting with the White Star back then. "...You are someone who has received the will of a God." Now that he had thought about it, he could only feel a hollow laugh coming from him at the irony of that. When he heard that for the first time, it was nonsense spout...

  • The Redhead Commander(BNHAxTCF)
    241K 14.9K 23

    Cale Henituse. A well recognized commander in the entire continent-- the world who's back was always seen in the frontlines is now undergoing yet another 'God's Test'. The world was familiar yet a stranger at the same time to him, waking up to yet another younger body. "Aigoo, my poor life." The unlucky human will now...

  • Constellation's SSS-Level Test [TCF Fanfiction]
    100K 7.5K 38

    'I know that I shouldn't have trusted them' as that bluish half translucent screen hovers above his head, Cale realized that he really should learn to stop jinxing himself every fucking time. 《Just one SSS-level scenario that's way too long to be put in [Constellation's Test/Musing]》

  • Constellations' Musing [TCF fanfiction]
    90.1K 5.6K 20

    The Constellations are bored. Cale was sure they're on cracks. And the whole continents are witnessing more sides of the hero that shall never be seen again-- they surely won't ever see a hero like him. "Right. So, who said that he's simply a just and noble hero, again?" 《Linked story with [Constellation Test]》

  • What is Omegaverse? I will not care about It~ (ToCF fanfiction)
    35.2K 2.1K 7

    Suddenly he wakes up in a strange environment. super soft bed, very comfortable pillows, plush but comfortable silk blanket covering up to his stomach. "young master cale? are you feeling better?" he suddenly realized something- 1. I'm sure I wasn't this "Cale henituse" before. but why do i have all his memories? 2...

  • Trash (4)
    267K 47.1K 177

    "Las aventuras de Cale y sus amigos.." Temporada 4. [Capítulos del 601 al 776] Finalización de la primera parte 'El nacimiento de un héroe'.

  • Trash (3)
    309K 54.4K 200

    "Las aventuras de Cale y sus amigos.." Temporada 3. [Capítulos del 401 al 600]

  • Trash (2)
    345K 59.6K 200

    "Las aventuras de Cale y sus amigos.." Temporada 2. [Capítulos del 201 al 400]

  • Trash (1)
    361K 58.6K 200

    "Las aventuras de Cale y sus amigos" [Capítulos del 1 al 200]

  • El Regente que abdicó después de transmigrar.
    82.5K 13.9K 59

    Después de un sueño, Shen Mu se convirtió en el regente despiadado de una historia ambientada en la época antigua. En el libro, era tan poderoso que intentó convertir al nuevo emperador en una marioneta obediente; pero al final, fue asesinado por Xiao Fan, y sus huesos fueron arrojados al suelo después de que mil flec...

  • Me declaro Simp
    7.8K 820 11

    Reencarne en una novela BL llamada Lo malo es que tengo una enfermedad mortal que terminara conmigo y la medicina es extremadamente costosa. Ya no debo morir en vano, por lo que tuve que tomar medidas drasticas. -Maestro, no desperdiciare ninguna gota de medicina Disfrazado de sirviente cuido a un enfermo. -¡Sal!¡Sal...

  • ~Sobreviviendo en una historia Inmoral~
    126K 20.1K 73

    Nuestra Historia sigue a una Estudiante universitaria normal, amante de las Novelas ligeras que muere repentinamente al caer por unas escaleras, justo antes de morir deseo Reencarnar como las Protagonistas de sus historias Favoritas.... y así fue, pero Dios le jugó una Broma. -Dime que no es cierto... -AHHHHH NO!! QUI...

  • The Villain Just Wants to be a Salted Fish [Transmigrated]
    2.1M 82.9K 138

    Ye Zexi transmigrated as the big villain in a danmei novel, who shares the same name as him. Then, he found out that everyone regards him as an imaginary enemy. In this regard, he adheres to only one principle: Don't want to fight, take everything you want. In the boy group's audition show: The team member wanted...

  • Venus Rouge
    231K 10.5K 39

    A cold cynic dies after angering the goddess of love only to be reincarnated as a male capture target in a fantasy otome game (dating sim) with the added twist of a powerful attraction blessing and excellent magic aptitude. Now he tries to destroy the death flags of the younger sister fated to be the snobbish villaine...

  • The Little King
    857K 24.9K 68

    Title: The Little King (小夫君) Author: Amongst the Clouds (云间) _____ Tensions between the Kingdom of Xia and the Northwest Barbarians rise as they continue to fight on the border. To maintain a fragile alliance, the 'Princess' of peace Xia Xi was gifted as a tribute. He thought that the Barbarian King he was supposed to...

    Completed   Mature
  • [BL] I Noticed That I've Become A BL Game Protagonist's Younger Brother!
    98.2K 5.3K 63

    I remembered. In my previous life, I was referred to as a fujoshi. And that this world is a BL game I have played back then. Not to mention.. my big brother is actually the protagonist! What kind of blessed life is this?! However, it's a pity that my brother is already in a secret relationship with his childhood frien...