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  • reader ー ksj (on hold)
    1.8K 136 10

    when you think closing time will be smooth-going yet find a man hidden between the book shelves. "Can I check you out?" "Well, go ahead." A story full of food, confidence, mario, books, bangtan and windshield wiper laughs. 🚫15+🚫 ☆No translations/reuploads allowed under copyright laws☆

  • Domino's (BTS Jin x reader)
    6.2K 347 19

    "Cut the bullsh*t I see a slice in your hand" Pizza can bring pizza together. Could it be the reason for this not so magical fairytale? (Some curse words here and there)

  • Meanie Jinnie | Kim Seokjin x Reader
    77.8K 5K 37

    In which, a broken hearted Kim Seokjin thought you were a boy and asked you to teach him how to be a bad boy. "Did you know that the good guy never win the girl's heart?" - A compilation of short chaptered Seokjin stories and his little journey to bad. Spin off to Wolf Allergic.

  • Strangers - BTS Jin x reader (ONE SHOT)
    471 18 5

    You meet a mysterious man on the street one night. Who is he? You don't know, for you are only strangers. (This is a second person one shot fan fiction about BTS Jin)

  • 24/7 || Seokjin x Reader
    3.2K 275 32

    COMPLETED! What if your mother pays a handsome, rich young man, who happens to be her ex-student, name Kim Seokjin, to babysit you for a 3 months, for she has to leave for a business trip? Interesting right? #9 worldwide handsome

  • My Dark Angel (BTS Jin x Reader) (completed)
    4.8K 136 7

    YN was a finally free. She moved away from her overly rich parents and lived a normal life. She had a afforable apartment, and as job as an artist. One day, she had a man walk into her shop, he held a kind smile, and wore warm colors, but his story was the opposite of his appearnace, not to mention, he wasn't even ful...

  • Don't Leave Me || BTS Jin X Reader
    7.7K 323 35

    OMG!! Highest Rating: #1 in bangtanimagine on 16/01/2019; Just a sweet love story between the school's popular guy, Kim Seok Jin and a normal girl, you. Just stick till the end to find why they broke up and travel with the characters to the past.

  • Friend Request (Jin x Reader)
    4.2K 131 11

    LeJINdary sent a friend request

  • Our Song (BTS's Jin x Reader)
    1.2K 21 12

    "I like this song" "Me too" "This could be Our Song" ----------------------------- What is it like to meet your bias group? How about being able to see them everyday as well as work with them? Hard right. Not to mention they're all day in love with you secretly. Well, Y/N L/N, A girl who moved to Korea with no Korean...

  • [✅]Recipe For Love [Seokjin X Reader]
    11K 494 23

    A small twist of fate that lets you meet him. He is someone you didn't expect will change your life, but will it undo all the hard work that you've done to achieve all that you have so far? A SeokJin x Reader AU

  • Your SMILE 《BTS Jin x Reader》 【COMPLETED】
    14.7K 455 9

    Who knew that a beam of your smile enlightens me? Who knew your smile could be the ray of my own sunshine? Who knew your smile could instantly send butterflies to my stomach? Who knew your smile could bring out my real happiness? Who knew that your smile meant the world to me? Who knew...? I did.... ••••...

  • Can you love me ? || BTS JIN X READER FF ||
    18K 499 32

    " I'm your husband. " " What? " " I'm Y/N husband " " WHAT THE H**L " The appearance of a man who has an equivalent face with a model that can melt the heart of any woman with only his smile. This is not acceptable to Y / N. She hate him but its change from Jin's private villa incident. What is that? How does she ove...

  • The Heartless Maid ||JIN X READER||
    58.7K 2.3K 25

    "Why don't you talk? Why are you here?" Prince Seokjin asked her again. She didn't say anything just stood there. "Tell me (Y/N)" he tries to get her to speak. "Who is he? Why is he here for you? Why did he say-" "My mouth is close" she said walked away leaving Prince Seokjin in shock. "The Heartless Maid spoke" he s...

  • Kim Seokjin x reader || SMUT AU [Finished]
    41K 590 9

    You were sitting on the toilet seat, more to hide yourself than to actually use it, when the door opened on that man you had never seen before. "I've been looking for you .." he muttered as he locked the door. Who was he ? How did he open the door ? Why was he in the girl's toilets ? And more importantly.. what was h...

  • Why? (Jin x Reader)
    29.8K 1.1K 26

    Kim Seokjin, the CEO of a successful restaurant chain has just noticed your creative cooking skills and wants you on his team. You gladly accept, knowing his high rank in society and figured you could get some money for your family. You had always wanted to help your family with their financial issues, and this was yo...

  • ✔️ | Awake | Kim Seokjin X Reader
    23.3K 655 12

    You fell in love in weird circumstances, circumstances that could mean the loss of your soulmate. Kim Seokjin was an idol, you were a waitress but in these circumstances you were equals, friends, lovers. But would you find each other and leave happily when the circumstances changed? - BTS Series book 1 ...

  • Love Lost (BTS Jin x Reader)
    34.4K 732 7

    Hi! This is my first xReader story! It will have two parts! I hope you like it! (Name) had been dating BTS' Kim Seokjin (Jin) for a while. Suddenly, Jin found out that he will have a forced marriage. Of course, because of it, he had to break up with (Name). What will happen to (Name)? Will Jin go along with the marria...

  • Boy In Luv (Kim Seokjin x Reader)
    39.3K 1.2K 12

    Sana is a student in the same school as the 7 bad boys. And alas! She has been crushing on Kim Seokjin - The most handsome bad boy of them all... She wanted to be more than friends with him, but how is that possible when the new transfer girl is rocking all of their hearts? Highest rank :- #4 in boyinluv (23/11/19) #4...

  • His Cinderella (Jin X Reader)
    28K 752 36

    Since the death of (Y/N) 's father, she is badly treated by her stepmother and stepsister. She created a YouTube account with the nickname "Sweet Carry". It has over 1.8 million subscribers and it's getting more by the day. But everything changed when her stepmother wanted a change in Seoul. From then her life will co...

  • coffee ; jin x reader
    65.2K 2.4K 31

    you're a girl who meets a guy running from crazy fangirls. warning: cringey newbie writing currently editinggg #35 in coffee #10 in roses #13 in café #65 in korea #5 in seoul #367 in chicklit #828 in seokjin #945 in comedy

  • Past Love (Jin X reader)
    65.6K 1.9K 13

    Your childhood best friend who you grew up with told you he loved you and that he'd never leave you, the next day he moves away. Without a goodbye. 12 years later you are the assistant for a new and upcoming band in BigHit entertainment. When you meet the 7 boys you will be living, eating, touring, practicing with you...

  • Abominable [Jin x Reader]
    25.4K 554 8

    (Y/n) and Jin has been best friends since their both were 5, until he got into dates with girls as he got older. They both separated their friendship and ignore each other because of his 'girls'. But not again. (Note: I don't know how old Jin is in the movie, so I'll make it as a 16, and you're the same age as him but...

  • Bts Jin x Reader [COMPLETED]
    538K 10.1K 143

    "@kimseokjinofficial followed you" •were Jin meets a girl over Instagram. •αn ínѕtαgrαm ѕtσrч [book completed✔️] ©esravdw

  • Social Media ( Jin × reader)
    280K 10.1K 73

    In which Jin has a famous YouTube cooking channel and you are a simple fan. What if your friend sets you up with him? (An alternate universe in where BTS are famous on YouTube, Twitter and / or Instagram) || all pictures and videos belong to the right owners || might as well have some errors or not right grammar beca...

  • [ LUCK ] Jin X Reader
    38.7K 849 9

    What will you do if your bias's your guest of the night? Just a Jin x Reader love story

  • Moon | bts jin x reader
    17.3K 800 25

    bts fantasy au| Y/n liked to visit the small lake near her house at night to listen to music and relax after a stressful day. However, one day when she happens to visit the lake on a full moon she finds something unbelievable. ~ "meeting you was like a gift and a curse" "I wish I could hold you just once, I wish I c...

  • Tell me now (Jin x reader)
    144K 4.3K 40

    You are a girl who moved to seoul to become a Backgrounddancer. You are working hard on yourself and make it to a "special event" for a secret show organized by bighit and cube -entertainment. You get to dance with Kim Seok Jin aka Jin from BTS. But you soon realize that you are more then just a danceduo for a show.

  • Mute | Kim Seokjin X reader
    296K 9.2K 29

    A normal College Girl who finds interest in the Mute boy

  • Pose For Me [K.SJ]✔
    106K 3.8K 40

    "I can show you more than just a smirk" -- Started: January 31,2018 Completed: July 5, 2018

    Completed   Mature
  • Texting Jin. || Text 7 || ✔️
    339K 18.8K 24

    A night out has unexpected consequences