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  • I Know What You Did (Lams Smut/Fluff Story) (DISCONTINUED)
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    I promise this one's real this time. This is my first time writing a decent, continuous story so don't judge lol. Also, I will take requests for Lams smut/fluff stories

  • Tag Book and Other Random Shit
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    The art is not mine. All credits go to the respectful owners.

  • Unexpected Family - Thilip ABO Dynamics
    1.9K 54 10

    This is an omegaverse, Hamilton fanfic I wrote. Art credit: Ziksua. Philip Hamilton was raised in a happy family - both of his parents are betas and he has a lot of siblings he loves. But when Philip presents as an omega, the government takes him into an Institute, away from his famiy. His only chance to live a somewh...