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  • Forced Bonds
    23.6K 804 58

    Robin starts to think about Batman when Father's Day is approaching. His friends don't know that he ran away from the superhero to join the Teen Titans after a fight that they had and never made up for. While trying to help Robin, Raven accidentally hears his real name, and despite Robin's warnings, researches it. Me...

  • You're Never Getting Rid Of Me (MaxPres)
    442 11 3

    Max is a sophomore. Preston is a senior. It's the start of the year and nobody in Campbell High is ready for drama, broken hearts, and they definitely don't expect one of their teachers to be a murderer. Of course, Preston and Max don't even know the other exists, either than the both of them being in the same camp al...

  • A Long Way From Home
    117K 3.1K 14

    Actually save yourself from this. Leave now do not even click on this piece of crap I wrote it when I was 12 and would delete it if it didn't have so many reads. Really though spare yourself {FORMERLY KNOWN AS THE DAY NICO DI ANGELO WENT TO HOWARTS} After the war was over, and things settled down, Nico went back to b...

  • Professor Nico Di Angelo [DISCONTINUED]
    53.8K 889 23

    It was a couple years after the Battle of Hogwarts. A lot of people were finally getting over their shock of the war. Well, most. There were still plenty of people who were still grieving their friends or family's or people they just knew's death. George, for instance, hasn't told or did a prank in months after his tw...

  • A New Teacher At Hogwarts.
    33K 779 5

    Since the end of the Giant War, everything's been pretty calm for the demigods, but when hades comes to a certain ghost king with a strange offer and mysterious quest, the quiet ends. Join an 18 year old Nico Di Angelo as he attempts to become a teacher at a certain school named after a pig with a skin disease!! Disc...

  • Professor Nico- DISCONTINUED
    136K 4.1K 15

    Professor di Angelo goes to teach at Hogwarts after the war with Voldemort and a few years after the second giant war. I really hope it's better than the description. I am also not a middle aged guy nor a British woman, so I do not own PJO or Harry Potter.

  • solangelo as hogwarts teachers
    24.6K 632 9

    solangelo go to hogwarts to teach the students what they missed because of the war. they have been dating for about 4 years, Nico is 18, and Will is 20. Harry has changed ever since the war. people think its because of the war. they diagnosed him with PTSD. Draco has no fear from Voldemort, so he loses his attitude an...

  • Talons
    5K 201 10

    "You thought you could get to the sidekick so then this way the heroes could welcome you with open arms,what an idea" Talon!Dick Au Warning Violence Blood #1 in Birdflash[5/3/20] #18 in Court of Owls #1 in Talon

  • Work Through The Pain (Birdflash)
    24.8K 721 5

    What if Artemis was really killed? After the death of his girlfriend, Wally West swore never to be friends with Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. Well, it just so happens Nightwing has a crush in said speedster. Only time will tell what happens. All trademarks and canonical characters used belong to their rightful owners

  • Married To An Assassin (DISCONTINUED)
    10.3K 393 8

    Richard Grayson is the son of the leader of the Court of Owls. Wallace West is the right hand man of Ra's Al Ghul, the leader of the League of Assassins. They are to get married to form a truce between the two assassin leagues. However, there is one problem; Wallace West isn't to friendly to Richard Grayson and Rich...

  • Little Bird
    9.7K 464 9

    A hit on the head whacks the Boy Wonder back into his real personality. What has he been hiding from the Titans this whole time? Better yet, what will these secrets do when he denies revealing them? And what about when old trouble comes into play? Will Robin remember these secrets in his new reality, or will they alo...

  • Princes of Juvi
    80.3K 2.5K 21

    Highest Rank: #1 in Birdflash The team only consists of Artemis, Aqualad, Superboy, and Miss Martian. Kid Flash and Robin aren't a part of it because they never became heroes. Here's why. Contains Birdflash

  • Shadow (Young Justice fanfiction)
    16.4K 924 35

    Wally West escapes from the speed force and attempts to catch up with everyone he used to know. Except a certain someone is no where to be found. that someone is Night wing. he's disappeared. what kind of jerk does that? Night wing is, in fact, flying under the radar. specifically in Bludhaven. Where he's having some...

  • Flying No More
    27.7K 977 16

    I know this sounds sad and really evil, I'm sorry. But this is about Robin(Young Justice) dying and the team's reactions to his death. Disclaimer: I do not own Young Justice! Or that really amazing picture on the cover!

  • A Look Into The Life Of Birdflash
    16.7K 615 6

    A look into the lives of one Dick Grayson and one Wally West. Basically a book of unrelated Birdflash one-shots since I had no where else to put them. Warning: Slash, Male x Male, Mentions of suggestive themes, Cursing, Alternate Universes, etc. etc. Paring: Richard Grayson/Wallace West (Birdflash) All trademarks a...

  • Bat Family Mayhem
    1.7K 44 4

    So basically this is a whole lot of stories involving everyone in the bat clan. I like to write but I never thought I would actually post it so I hope you like it. I like writing in reverse order but I put Terry Mcginnis as the oldest of the brothers and sisters.I also put Barbara in she is also one of the sisters wi...

  • Family
    2.1K 57 3

    Clark and Bruce have kids and chaos follows. So much chaos.

  • Goodbye Brother
    1.8K 129 1

    *ONE-CHAPTER ONLY* Another sad story. It won't end happily though.

  • Hacker R (Book 1)
    60K 2.8K 16

    Let's cut to the chase. You love Dick Grayson, everyone loves Dick Grayson, and Wally West especially loves dick. Oh and Dick Grayson. Now let's switch that around a bit. The name Robin? Doesn't even exist yet. This is all about the hacker called R. And how he got Gothams Clown Prince to put him on their hitlist. Hen...

    Completed   Mature
  • Characters Watching Spiderman
    15.6K 171 1

    It was a peaceful night on patrol for Spiderman aka peter Parker. That is, until he's zapped into a movie theatre and forced to watch his own life unravel before both friends and enemies eyes. Must be the Parker luck. Spectacular Spiderman This show is not mine. I don't own anything except the computer I'm writing thi...

  • The Death of a Bird
    14.8K 286 30

    Dick grayson a.k.a the first robin now Nightwing dies after a mission with the YJ team. He gives flasdrives to the original YJ team, the bat family, (Bruce, Jason, Tim, and Damian)the titans (movie titans), Barbra, Alfred, and Roy. *** Sorry for crappy description. please read this. Also I do not own the DC charact...

  • What family means
    5.8K 229 12

    We all know that Roy has a child, Lian. Well, Roy and Jade want a Godfather, in case something happens to them. When the man finds out, he is thrilled and bonds with Lian immediately. This is a series of oneshots about the duo. All different stories unless stated otherwise

  • Savage Owls
    234 17 2

    When Batman, Black Canary and Red Tornado stepped into the cave, everybody was none the wiser. Until they attacked the team and kidnapped Nightwing, that is. They have more important things to worry about than sixteen hours.

  • New (Teen Titans/Young Justice)
    4.6K 155 5

    Robin is hurt. He thought he could depend on Batman. Turns out he couldn't. One mistake on a mission was all it took for Batman to blow his top. So Robin may have overreacted, but at least he got to keep one of his suits and make a new one. Plus on the bright side, he has a new team. And he is the leader.

  • Robin The Boy Wonder
    5.1K 211 6

    I am finishing this story that was originally written by @princessalyyy. What if Batman wouldn't let Robin meet Young Justice or any of its members? Robin is lonely and wants friends what happens when one of the members spots Robin? I am finishing this story that was originally written by @princessalyyy.

  • The I dont know fam story from my one shots
    15.4K 728 17

    Okay so I rewrote this story so it shouldn't be as bad anymore Reverse Batfamily. They've got a new little brother but is there more than meets the eye?

    Completed   Mature
  • Protecting Robin (YJ story)
    8.1K 363 15

    🔸Completed 8/23/20🔸 The team thought the mission would be easy. I mean how hard is it to watch one rich kid? Does have mentions of Abuse I do not own any of the digital artwork unless I say otherwise in the chapters I also do not own any characters Thank you all for reading this work I'm not the best writer and...

  • When did Spider-Man get a Twitter?
    6.7K 137 9

    I wanted to do one of these for so long ;w; this is all social media I'm sorry :/ most of the Advengers will show up get mentioned eventually but there is so many heros that I can't keep track of them all. I'm sorry.

  • The Betrayal
    132K 3.4K 65

    Peter Parker thought the Avengers would always be there for him. He was wrong. But it's ok, he'll show them. Along with someone new yet old. Warning: Brief mentions of abuse and rape, swearing, and gay relationships. Disclaimer: I do not own Marvel, I am merely writing fan fiction. The photo above is not mine

  • Peripatetic (Countryhumans Fanfic)
    11.4K 439 11

    Peripatetic is a word that describes a person who travels from place to place. Philippines, a third world country, accidentally travels to another world. He encounters near death experiences, but eventually gets along with them. Will you join Philippines as he travels to a different world? Created at March 21, 2020 DI...