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    It consumes you. Devours every ounce of positivity. Until it has nothing but fear to live on. Leaving you to be an empty, emotionless shell. ~~~ I have personally suffered with anxiety for most of my life. I've learned that writing about it helps to cope and I can only hope that sharing my words could help someone els...

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    Keira Hong, noona to Joshua Hong (Seventeen) or basically known as BTS 8TH MEMBER was a 3rd older in BTS and this story will exposed all Keira journey as the one and only female member in BTS✨ I (J)Hope you enjoy this story and I purple you, ARMYs -Keira- Status; On Going Request (✔)

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    just how I feel on a daily basis

  • For Those in Pain
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    Everybody hurts at one time or another. Life is filled with pain and sorrow. It is the darkness that clouds our minds, and attacks our hearts. Sometimes, the pain can not be adequately expressed in words. But we try to find the words to explain ourselves despite that, so that nobody has to feel alone. These poems are...

  • 2. Weird and Fun Facts List of PHOBIAS
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    A phobia is a fear of something, someone, and somewhere. Some are weird. Some are funny. Some are interesting. And this, Weird and Fun Fact List of Phobia, let you know what phobias you never expect its exist. ---- This is the continuation of Weird and Fun Facts List of PHOBIAS. To read the first part just search the...

  • Depression and other Diseases of the Mind
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    I am only posting this series of poems, stories and quotes because it makes me feel a little less alone and makes me a little less likely to kill myself if I have something to do or a goal to reach. Most of these are NOT MINE but some of them (specified*) were written by me. These could be triggering as they deal with...

  • Types of Phobias, Rare Diseases and LGBT
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    If you read the title you will know what is this about. Phobias are the first that I am going to write, then Rare Diseases and then the LGBT

  • Mental Disorders/Phobias
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    these are the real definitions of these mental disorders and phobias

  • A Book Of Phobias
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    In alphabetical order, hopefully I'll cover all of the phobias. Do you have an interest in learning about severe fears? To be precise, phobias. Look no further.