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  • My Supernatural Mate(BWWM) (UNDER EDIT)
    178K 6.2K 23

    hello to whoever is reading this book, this is first time ever writing a book so please don't write any rude comments and tell what I should add to this story. Shaniyah is your natural ghetto girl from brooklyn. She have a killer body girls would die for and makes boys fall in with her in a snap. One day she came ho...

  • The Loving Alpha Meets the Party Girl (Bwwm)(Werewolf)
    10.2K 456 16

    This is a Werewolf/Bwwm/Interracial Tori is badass werewolf who is not waiting for her mate. She's been through many relationships but they only wanted her for her body.she feels as if all guys are assholes. Most girls say she's fat but everyone knows she's not. She has a small waist, big boobs and and decent size bu...

  • Taming the Wolf
    1.3M 15.4K 7

    Long story short, she hit a wolf with her car.

  • (1) Puppet (Preview)
    377K 8.6K 23

    BOOK ONE of THE CURSE SERIES When Isabella Calloway saw the wolf outside of her window, she felt safe again. Then, he left. Years passed, and all that she could do was wish that her guardian angel would return. Instead, a man with a tormented smile and familiar golden eyes appeared. When deaths stir restlessness int...

  • The Alpha's Curve
    982K 33K 23

    Amelia Sparks has been bullied since she arrived at her new pack, it has damaged her both mentally and physically. It seemed like everyone was against her, even her own Brother. All she wants is a way out. But where and how, she has nothing. When Amelia gets her Knight in Shining Fur, can he still fix the damaged that...

  • Alpha Nico
    128K 4.4K 41

    He had started backing me into the corner with his canines butting down on his lip. "Okay let me mark you and we will be done here." "No!" "Okay guess I'll do it by force." "No, you can't because. . . I Valthea Moon of the Moon-Shadow pack reject Alpha Nico of the Moon-Light pack!" ************************************...

  • Half-Breeds
    1K 121 25

    With a world controlled by Supernaturals, Humans are consider weak beings with a limited lifespan, however that doesn't stop any of the Supernatural from creating more creatures. There are the Witches, the Werewolves, The Vampires, and others, but the main Supernatural race...the Immortals. I guess my parents didn't...

  • RISK
    150K 8.6K 28

    Alexander is the Alpha of one of the strongest packs in the nation. He kills for a living and that's just his lifestyle. A mate is the very last thing he's interested in, as his title deems him unfit for something so full of commitment and vulnerability. However, in the werewolf world, every single person is given a s...

  • The wolfs bite part 2 (completed)
    479 33 15

    Realistic werewolf story

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha Twins (Completed)
    238K 10.6K 29

    What happens when two twins find out that they have the same mate? Well they fight till the death??? Who knows read the book and you will find out :)

    Completed   Mature
  • The Wolf Inside
    2.3K 77 22

    They turn pain into power. Their power creates alliances. Their alliances makes enemies. With true blood, comes with a whole lot of blood, fighting, betrayal, and lust. It's a battlefield and the Wolves come out to play.

  • Alpha's Mate
    620 47 4

    "Keep running! Don't stop. I know it hurts, but we will be safe when we are out of the territory." Darria said running while breathing heavy. Phoenix is a 14 year old girl, that is a werewolf along with her sisters. She and her two older twin sisters, Darria and Danni, are running day and night for their lives. They...

  • My Beautiful Mate
    2.2K 206 14

    Just read.

  • I'm A Bad Thing (BWWM)
    139K 8.1K 33

    Blossom is a homeless young girl with her baby sister living in the city. She has struggles most of her life but was alway a happy nature loving girl with high hopes. She never though much of the powers she had till she finds her new mate. A big, mean, angry werewolf with things to hide himself. She finds herself runn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Second Chances Do Happen
    41.4K 1.2K 12

    Bwwm - Under Construction Hi Guys, I'm so sorry for the inconvenience with this story but I have been incredibly busy with moving, sickness and etc however this book is still being edited it's just going to take some time. - Elisa

  • Plus Size
    52.1K 2.1K 7

    Colton is the ruthless alpha of the Dawn pack. Everybody basically warships the ground he walks in. Despite his good looks and money he's lonely and desperate for a mate. Imani has been bullied for so long she's given hope of ever loving herself. Then one day they and lets just say things will never be the same for li...

  • My Caramel Beauty (BWWM)
    335K 13.5K 85

    Annalaishia is a 20 year old college student who is now a senior, she's been a housekeeper since she began college 4 years ago. Nikolai is a Lycan from Greece on a mission of finding his mate who just happens to be his new housekeeper (Annalaishia). He will help his mate learn what she is and how to live with being a...

  • My Sexy Badass Alpha
    180K 4.4K 21

    Tyneisha is a twenty-two year old girl who had a horrible pass when Michael meets her and changes that. What she doesn't know about him is that she's his mate and that he's a wolf. Will she find out or no?

  • Finally Queen {Completed}
    67.1K 3.8K 26

    Sequal to becoming Luna. Read becoming Luna first then this. Brittany is back and ready to take charge of micah pack. She's taking care of Aurora and a lil baby that's inside of her. Yep, a lil baby. Micah on the other hand is busy trying to protect his family, but gets caught up with Brittany real parents who are...

  • Seeking Revenge {Completed}
    41.2K 2.8K 35

    Book three to becoming Luna. Read becoming luna first then finally queen.

  • Blade
    120K 5.2K 37

    "I swear to god!" Blade pleaded and cried, trying to break free from the masked man's grip, "Let her go! It's me you want...not her." "Sadly," The hooded man, "I need you both," all Blade could hear was his wolf kill him...protect the mate. He couldn't show her his wolf....she'd never seen anything like that before. "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Princess for 3 (INTERRACIAL BWWM WMBW )
    99.5K 4K 22

    When the quiet girl start a new school year at a new school. She starts to discover she can see some weird thing and some strange things start happening. Along the way she meets 3 alphas who are searching for their mate, what happens when the 4 of them meet?

  • Tears of a tiger (ON HOLD)
    4.7K 257 28

    Bella seems to think she is some sort of genetic mistake. after all she did turn into a tiger on her 16th birthday. Yeah, her foster parents never took that too well. forced to flee from her old life she now seeks acceptance. only when she comes to meet Tom, a gorgeous, tall and handsome guy who seems different, sme...

  • I'm A Bad Girl (BWWM)
    148K 8.8K 34

    ***I will edit this story once I finish it, sorry if its not 100 right now*** Amara's not just to big girl, She's not just a bad girl, She's one of the only fairies on earth.She is starting her first job and getting away from her troubled pass. She has always been a bad girl always up to something but after the death...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alphas Kitten (BWWM)
    50.3K 1.4K 18

    Have to read and see :)

  • His Property
    120K 5.1K 15

    Bet. A simple harmless word. You bet on a car or a horse but have you ever bet on your life? ⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫ JoAnne is a 23 year old gambler- not an addict. Because her father owed money to a dangerous group of men, she goes to get money the best way that she knows how. After a stupid mistake, JoAnne finds herself as physical...

  • Alpha Werewolf is My Mate....Wait he must be joking.
    37.4K 496 30

    He aggravates her , annoyes her and even makes her jealous. But she loves him with all her heartso does he.But can she take it when he tells her he is a Werewolf and that she is his mate. Read to see can this Love last forever. Their very different she is black he is Native American can this love make it.

  • Toxic~Beta's Poison (Multicultural Romance)
    111K 5.1K 52

    Caleb Monti, 25, is the leader of the "Blood Rose Rogues" They are respected by most upon by many. Caleb being next in line for Beta, but has been on his own since his pack was attacked which also involved all the packs in the Northern Hemisphere. The four largest and strongest packs in the world The surviving packs...

    Completed   Mature
  • Shadows (Book 2 of the Zara's Wolf Trilogy) BWWM
    559K 32.1K 35

    [Complete] Now that Zara and Evan have consummated their relationship, it's time to meet Evan's family. Despite Evan's best attempts to reassure her, she's still nervous about the upcoming meeting--especially when it means meeting another, much larger, pack of wolves. However, as Zara is about to become aware of, all...