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  • restaurant Boyvers Countryhumans
    164 12 3

    ya ini hanya restoran para boyvers dan countryhumans UwU Di sini akun yang author pilih akan masuk cerita ini UwU

  • Mati hidup semula ( Boboiboy)
    40.3K 2.5K 16

    Boboiboy ditimpa kemalangan kereta api selepas sampai ke Pulau rintis. Dia boleh dikira mati tapi ada sesuatu yang jadi kepada diri dia dan menyebabkan dia hidup semula. Selepas kejadian itu boboiboy boleh melihat benda ghaib dengan mata kirinya.

  • Prototaip ( Boboiboy AU) (Complete)
    6.5K 437 5

    ??? : Eh? Kenapa ni? ??? : Biar Saya tolong! ??? : HATI HATI!!!! Nak tahu? Bacalah! Credit cover ke NurLini26

  • Power Of Elements | Book 3 | The Elemental Stones
    7K 404 18

    {Sequel daripada cerita AU "Power Of Elements 2"}....Setelah seorang ahli sihir telah mendapatkan Batu Angin, Kerajaan Elemen menjadi huru-hara kerana mereka menjangka dunia mereka akan musnah di tangan ahli sihir itu. Boboiboy dan rakan-rakannya berusaha untuk mendapatkan semula Batu Elemen Angin dan juga melindungi...

  • Power Of Elements | Book 2 | Secrets Of The Element Kingdom
    8.3K 485 15

    {Sequel daripada cerita AU "Boboiboy: Power Of Elements"}...Tiga tahun kemudian selepas Boboiboy dan rakan-rakannya mengalahkan Kai...Mereka ingat segala-galanya sudah berakhir dan pengakhiran yang bahagia, tetapi ianya hanyalah satu permulaan bagi mereka...sesuatu yang membawa mereka ke dalam masalah yang lebih besar...

  • Boboiboy - Power Of Elements | Book 1 | Revenge Of Kai
    10.5K 599 13

    Cerita ini mengisahkan seorang elemental jahat telah terlepas dari penjara yang telah sekian lamanya terkurung di situ Dan berhasrat untuk membalas dendam. Tiada sesiapa yang boleh menghalangnya kecuali seorang daripada keturunan kuasa elemen terakhir Dan Boboiboy termasuk dalam golongan tersebut...Jadi Boboiboy mesti...

  • Behind Her Smile [Discontinued]
    103 6 15

    Eliza has gotten into a University of Indonesia, She is a Normal Introvert Girl, One day, one of her friend asked her about her happiness and fake looking smile, Eliza decided to tell her about what happen in her past or you could say, her backstory

  • KIDNAPPING ( Countryhumans Indonesia)
    11.2K 774 14

    Cerita khusus untuk countryhumans Indonesia, Indonesia Bukan untuk Malaysia atau sebagainya Cerita ini sudah di akhiri... Jadi lebih baik kalian cari cerita yang lebih baik lagi dari cerita ini, karena author depresi jadi cerita ini sudah di tamatkan pada episode 12

  • Blood on my stride || countryhumans AU
    4.8K 168 6

    hi there! ^^ it's me Sarah_ Milo from Youtube and this is my very first story so hope you like it and yes if you subscribe to me at Youtube you will know this AU I decided to make a story of this AU here because I feel like people don't really understand the story by only watching the videos so i make this book warnin...

  • Countryhumans: Somalia
    2.7K 65 20

    In this story my east-African country will be getting some love! High school AU Who will she befriend? Who will betray her? Will she fall in love? Find out in this story! It may contain a few disturbing scenes Yandere stuff Pedo stuff. And the characters and their purposes are purely for fiction and entertainment I do...

  • Indonesia vs European Union ✔️
    47.8K 4.4K 31

    Dikala wabah sedang merajalela, ASEAN meninggalkan anak anaknya kepada UE. Kepergian ASEAN itu tidak memberikan alasan yang jelas, membuat Indonesia curiga pada UE. Dengan kerja sama antar saudara, Indonesia bersama saudara seperjuangannya berjuang untuk mengusir sang 'Penjaga' dari teritorial ASEAN. Apa saja yang aka...

  • top wing: bad dream
    1.7K 43 3

    hello enjoy this story because this is first time im made a story so have fun

  • Top Wing the lost five panzer crew
    2.5K 228 14

    Hello i hope you Enjoy my story if there's have wrong bad spelling grammar or words comment me.

  • Top Wing: Campfire stories
    4.9K 97 14

    The cadets are out camping in the high mountains for their mountain badges. They then decide to sit around the campfire and tell stories. It has some Swenny in it but also boy×boy! Disclaimer: Top Wing belongs to Nickelodeon.

  • countryhumans picture,comics,arts,drawing,etc.
    6.5K 256 5

    hey,hey guys its me dini the humanoid skeleton and here im gonna open a second book about countryhumans picture,arts and more and the pictures will be funny,angst,backstories,meme,and cute arts,welp see ya this is dini the humanoid skeleton OUT!!

  • Miraculous X Top Wing: World Clash
    296 9 2

    Two words are Clashed! Now They Must combine their powers to defeat Hawk Moth and Akumized Baddy and Betty!

  • Shimmer and Shine: I hate myself.
    546 8 2

    Shine hates her self because bad thing that happened to her.

  • Top Wing "Love Petals" [Hiatus]
    1K 12 3

    A story of a young Top Wing cadets with their journey of their feelings, what will they do?

  • Sonamy Boom: Nightmare (One-shoot)
    1.9K 35 1

    Amy has a nightmare and can't get to sleep at night. Can Sonic help her get back to sleep again?

  • Equestria
    2.2K 30 17

    Sonic is an anthropomorphic blue hedgehog who discovers that his home of Ponyville has been overcome by a horrible malady that is killing nature and making the creatures unable to use magic. With the help of Chip, a flying creature and a dragon named Spike he attempts to find Elsa, a Guardian. He's challenged along th...

  • Attack of the 50 Foot Hedgehog
    4.1K 83 10

    Sonic The Hedgehog have a happy life. He have house, family, friends. That's all he needs to be happy. But when he finds a meteorite..his life won't be normal as it used to be.

  • Top wing: conversations
    23.6K 584 58

    so about this story, this is only a short conversation, no narrator. Funny or not, sweet or not, one thing to remember, don't judge my story..

  • 4 Musheteers
    154 5 1

    Sonic is a young country hedgehog boy headed to Paris to pursue his big dream - to become a musketeer! Never could he imagine he would meet three other boys who secretly share the same dream! Using their special talents, the boys work together as a team to foil a plot and save the princess. Come along on an action-fil...

  • The Prince and The Pauper
    1K 27 5

    Prince Sonic finds an unexpected friendship when he meets a pauper, Tails. Will the Prince and the Pauper thwart the plans of the King's scheming advisor, Adagio?

  • 12 Dancing Princes
    10.8K 465 48

    Queen Elsa sends for her cousin Duchess Adagio to help turn her sons, Prince Sonic and his 11 brothers into better gentlemans. But the Duchess takes away all the brothers fun, including the brothers favorite pastime: dancing. Thinking all hope is lost they find a secret passageway to a magical land were they can dance...