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  • Fairy Tail School of Music
    10.8K 237 26

    (WARNING: THIS IS MY OLD UNDETAILED WRITING. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK) I don't want to live like this. My mother, the one who loved me most, is dead. My father is an alcoholic. He beats me after getting drunk on seven bottles of beer almost every day. When will I get out of here? Before I knew it, my life takes a turn. F...

  • Removing the Mask (Book Two)
    16.6K 555 32

    This is a sequel to Behind the Mask. If you haven't read that book yet, please do so before reading this book. Adrien struggles with his depression after his father was thrown into prison. Akuma attacks never happen now that Hawkmoth is in prison. However, a powerful new villain arises when they least expect it. How w...

  • Behind the Mask (Book One)
    23.1K 745 21

    Adrien Agreste may seem like he has everything together. Being a famous model, all the girls crushing on him, secretly living a double life as a famous superhero, saving everybody... And most of all, having the perfect smile. But a smile can hide so much pain. He is broken. Lost his mother. Abused by his father. Weari...