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  • Strange addiction
    329 50 7

    Amelia Wells wanted to have a peaceful life , after all the things she's gone through or is going through but little did she know that there's a certain someone who won't let that happen anytime soon. Jace Stanley was well known throughout the business world, even though he had everything a little bit of something or...

  • Immigrant
    591 31 3

    "I still remember my old life. A life away from the red telephone boxes and roaring cars of London's streets, but instead one of poverty, violence and struggle." Omar Abbad always wondered what life would be like, away from a war torn country. He soon stopped wondering this once he undertook the journey to a better...

  • Between us
    3.2K 676 45

    (Warning: Mature language and themes) (Also dont judge me this was my first book when I was 13) Rose Sage is willing to do anything to take over the family business, but that comes with a cost. Her father wants her to do one thing before she can take the business, the thing is she has to marry Logan Morth the son of...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Heart Bleed Ink | Poetry Book
    2.4K 1.3K 30

    Everyone's life is different and has different perspective, but maybe connected in one way or another. My Heart Bleed Ink is my third poetry book which I've written out of my deep thought to create all kinds of different emotions. Most of them are heart touching poetry and written in free verse. The most beautiful thi...

  • Two Shades of Thoughts (COMPLETED) √
    2.5K 918 46

    •There are feelings, and there are thoughts • ★Highest Rankings ★ #1 - young poet out of 143 stories #1- Originalpoetry out of 20 poems #1- oblivion out of 1.37k stories #1 - poetry2020 out of 20 poems #3 - Tranquility out of 303 stories #3 - bookofpoems out of 987 stories #5- serenity out of 1.26k poems #5 - cliff...

  • Our Destined Connection
    3.2K 645 22

    "Zoya! Wait ...Kaha Kaha jaa Rahi ho tum? (Where are you going?) Let us also come with you... please...?" Vikram and Karan followed while I continued walking without stopping for their words...I just wanna go somewhere where no one could disturb me...All I need now is to be alone. "Please leave me alone...I don't wann...

  • Falling for Florence
    2.6K 664 27

    When Troy Davies and Florence White are brought to work together under the same project, it is a recipe for disaster. After all when two hard headed and egoistic people crash, hell is supposed to break loose.

  • Broken Without You
    4.1K 1K 27

    Love has always been something Emily Brown read about in books. So when Axel King sets his eyes on her, her world is shaken up. She must do everything she can to protect her heart. Because he will do everything he can to win it.

  • Love, Fate and Us
    25.5K 3.4K 61

    College was the first place where they met, Or rather say collided with each other!🥀 Hatred, that was what they had towards each other! They never wanted to see each others face again.✖️ They were young when the fate brought Them together one more time unexpectedly after so many years . They were unified by the Nikah...

  • Silent Screams
    3.2K 1.2K 48

    everything is so damn real !! :( after a long time realized i should write something on the things that were written to be with me till death !!

    2.6K 312 7

    Highest ratings.. #2 in kidnap out of 13 stories #281 In care out of 14k stories This is story of Albina and Imran U took ur REVENGE now leave me Alone I never thought of taking someone life so I thought to take care of his life .

  • Iᴍᴘᴇʀɪᴜᴍ (Bᴏᴏᴋ 1) (editing)
    2.5K 672 34

    He did not move from the spot where he stood. He did not hear Jace calling out to him. He did not notice the key slip from his fingers, making a little clang on the cobblestone floor. The only thing that crossed his mind were the words that he whispered out loud. "You're alive." _______________________________________...

  • Royal Bloodlines [Lesbian]
    10.7K 3.3K 21

    {HIATUS/IN EDITING} Luna Jones-Hollisworth is a princess: A half Angel, half Vampire hybrid. The world's first Angel-Vampire hybrid in all of immortality. Nadia Harrison: A Vampire guardian. She's all that Luna had left. Nadia was one of the best guardians out there, fighting and protecting the princess from Blood C...

  • Under The Stars
    220 61 7

    Ranger was a teenage boy. More than one third the girls that knew him, that were around his age, were attracted to him, and some even in love with him. But Ranger didn't want all this, he was waiting for someone special, a true love. Ranger was a boy of honor, a boy of power and high status. He was respected by all hi...

  • ~forever my feelings ~ Poetry
    2K 1.2K 32

    all of these poems I've written myself! some are good and some are just for fun lol i hope you enjoy these!! but a lot of these are basically my feelings expressed in a way where most can relate towards xx

  • Inyanga's Star and Other Constellations
    14.2K 2.6K 72

    EDITORS PICK 2020. A new student doesn't think her mother understands how magic works. Inyanga Numbia will be the first in her family to go to Magicians' College, and she's going to find out. "Why doesn't Magicians' College just let anyone in?" "Won't they make more money if they accept everyone?" "If magicians get be...

  • Wattpad VS Reality
    12K 2.1K 19

    WARNING: This book tends to stick with reality (Cliché characters: *Faints*) Read at your own risk, any ideas of clichés are welcome! A/N: Intended to humor, apologies in advance if your fan fiction obsession is being shed in the most unpleasant way possible. But I'll try my best not to throw up on my book plus less...

  • 🆄︎🅽︎🅲︎🅾︎🆅︎🅴︎🆁︎
    3.9K 419 11

    °_Her eyes were the key to his destruction.° ────── ❦•: :• ❦────── Luka Vintalli never had a problem with following the rules - He made part of them myself - As an Italian mafia boss he was bound by it. His bestfriend, Ivan Novinch ruled the mafia world earning the name as the cold hearted devil king but that didn't s...