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  • Change of Heart (A Weasley Fan Fiction)
    42.4K 1.4K 47

    The name is Kayley, sometimes I get called Kay for short. I was taken hostage by death eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts. That's where we meet, should know my back story to understand what's going on. So this is the story about my life, or at least since I was sixteen. Read more if you wish to, but my lif...

  • A Vampire Among Us (Fred Weasley Romance)
    106K 3K 50

    Alexandria Desmond was turned into a vampire two years ago during her years at Hogwarts. She is now a Seventh year and only has her best friend Vic to confide in. He knows and the Professors know but that's it. But when the part Veela and Vampire girl runs into trouble at the end of her seventh year, fighting off Deat...