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  • 50 Shades of Marichat
    827 70 7

    When Cat Noir is vigilante who saves Paris, Marinette just started working for Adrien's company, he thinks she hates him since they met in person for a interview for the first time as a secretary or personal assistant. He begins as a 'bad guy' and when he sees Marinette for the first time, he changes for the better...

  • Barry and Naldo One-shots {COMPLETED}
    29.6K 651 12

    One-shots about Barry and Naldo :P

  • Forever (Rilaya) {COMPLETED}
    61.6K 2.1K 27

    Riley Matthews is a girl who never grew up. A girl who still fantasizes about happy ever afters. The one who always smiles and tries to make the best of any and all situations. Riley is a loving girl who doesn't settle for reality. Maya Hart is a rebellious teen who always enjoys doing what she pleases. She's the unl...

    Completed   Mature
  • Don't Forget Me (Narry) ~ON HOLD~
    4.5K 189 8

    Barry Eisenberg and his family spend the summer at East Beach, in California. During the summer, everything seems to happen. Barry could have possibly found his soul mate.

  • In Time (Cydby) {COMPLETED}
    18.7K 636 21

    Cyd Ripley and Shelby Marcus are the best of friends. But when Cyd realizes it could be more than that, will she confess that shes in love with Shelby ?

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy To The Core
    485 47 8

    An AU where Adrien's Cat Noir and Marinette is just a normal girl. Adrien's innocent but is secretly in love with her as Cat Noir, the criminal and she thinks her eyes are on someone else because Adrien's also a bad boy (not like the other criminal Au) but completely different because Adrien started off the same good...

  • A Flutterdash love story
    10.3K 256 14

    Ever since Fluttershy was little, she was constantly bullied by other students which is why she was home-schooled. Now that Fluttershy is a teen, she is now going to school but is Scared she'll get bullied again which is what exactly happens. The same day, she met a girl named Rainbow dash who Fluttershy instantly fel...

  • Flutterdash
    15.8K 274 5

    Lesbian MLP Flutterdash story.

  • a Twipie love story (currently Editing)
    3.1K 61 5

    Twilight and Pinkie Pie are strangers at first. But when tey first meet, they instantly become friends. As they got more closer, they felt an attraction towards each other. Can they confess?

  • Rarijack: Purpled Hair Girl
    14K 440 12

    Rarity transfers to Canterlot High, people have already falling in love with her and her styles. She became popular in two seconds. Applejack sees the new girl, but doesn't think much of her, until one day, she fell in love with the Purpled Hair Girl

  • DDLC Natsuyuri One-shots
    6K 168 11

    I haven't written a fanfiction in a while, and I hope you enjoy this. I love the horror game and think they are so cute, this is the one-shots but, I will make a long story soon. sorry I just love Natsuki x Yuri Also some Monika x Sayori I have been reading other fanfics and I just want to write! :D (I don't own th...

  • Don't...
    6K 223 6

    Inside the Akademi High School, there were two specific clubs. Martial Art and Occult Club, in reality those two don't get along Do they? Thats when two members meet each other. Shin. Budo. Shin wants to act serious while Budo just want the two club to get along. While... does he get more than he wanted?

  • I Want To Be Loved (Budo X Shin Fanfic Yandere Simulator) Completed
    8.5K 269 30

    Done editing, some plot has changed. I hope it's more enjoyable now. Not as much cringe. Story about Shin and Budo. Yeah..

    Completed   Mature
  • Misunderstood °Completed°
    152K 4.6K 42

    Hello I'm Ashley113101 I wanted to make another Starco book I know I have two out and you guys actually like them so I'm inspired to write more In this book the roles are different and by different I mean personality wise and plot almost.. Marco Diaz is The Bad Boy... Star is the Polite Princess she was supposed to be...

  • Love Notes (a StarCo fanfic AU)
    2.5K 126 22

    Star arrives at Echo Creek as a shy girl, even if she was the reckless princess back in Mewni. She meets her guide Jackie, and becomes best friends. Then Star stumbles upon Marco, which she immediately falls in love. She thought of ways to confess because she wasn't the type to bottle up her feelings. So everyday she...

  • The Bad Boy And His Princess (A Starco Fanfic)
    46.6K 952 13

    Star moves into town and her and Marco don't mess with each other....... Until there Chemistry teacher assign them to do a project together. Marco is the Bad Boy but he wasn't always that way. Then he begins to grow feelings for star and try's to make the moves on her. Star and Marco don't realize it yet but they ar...

  • Dear Yandere ( Ayano x Taro )
    1.5K 66 4

    Dear Yandere, I do not know you, but knowing you are here makes me feel safe. From Taro Yamada

  • The Butterfly Effect
    8.8K 380 4

    What if instead of sending Star to Earth to practice her magic, she was sent to St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses. She never met Marco, and vice versa. But being reformed into a common princess changed a whole line of events. But upon returning home, Princess Star Butterfly is forced to leave while he...

  • My Annoying Girl || YandereDev x Midori [COMPLETED] #Wattys2017
    37.4K 1.4K 29

    "Goodbye, YandereDev-- I mean, Alex" she whispered, a hint of sadness in her voice. I didn't answer answer and continued typing in my computer. As I heard the door closed, I sighed. 'I'm sorry, Midori. Someday, we'll see each other again soon...' ...

  • I Care For You - A YandereDev X Midori Gurin
    22.6K 447 6

    The one who hate you the most, is the who don't show. The one who annoys you, is the one who care for you the most.

  • Billdip scrapbook
    51.6K 1K 54

    In this story I will be showing some random pictures of billdip I find on the internet. Enjoy!

  • Soft//Tyrus
    61.1K 1.4K 29

    "You just kissed me" "I can do it again"

  • Sander Soul High
    29.3K 915 26

    Welcome to Sander Soul High this is a high school run by Thomas Sander. This is an Au where Logan is a counselor/teacher, Romans a drama teacher, Patton's a barista, and Virgil's a student. Virgil's uncle Patton takes him in as his family kicks him out.

  • The Adventures Of Kitty Virgil
    26.4K 1K 15

    Just some random stories/scenarios of cat Virgil that I made because I'm stupid. Also this is an AU where the Sander Sides live together but aren't the same person

  • model|milax
    2.1K 158 5

    "holy shit your the pretty boy from the magazines? aren't you supposed to be dead?" "shut up and drive now" miles lennox is a model at vogue. the type of model who everyone has fantasied about them at least once. he's everywhere. he's on every billboard and every magazine to be seen. he was perfect. too perfect if yo...

  • Boy toy||Prinxiety Highschool au||
    12.3K 547 20

    Virgil isn't seen. He's picked on by the popular kids and has lost all hope on life. Roman is a popular kid. He rules the school but is dealing with some stuff that is unknown What happens when their teacher pairs them up for a project? Tw:abuse, Self harm, bullying, homophobia (I think that's it)

  • Opposites Shouldn't Attract (Princxiety highschool AU)
    11K 448 6

    I started shipping Princxiety so I decided to write a highschool AU about them. I know I know I have a lot of projects that I haven't finished but I liked this one and I hope you do to so without further ado. Here it is- Lady_Vandelle

  • Chat Noir and Nathaniel: The story of a hero and an artist
    17K 626 18

    Adrien is a model. Nathaniel is just a boy who loves to draw. What happens when their paths cross? Adrien sneaks a peak at Nathaniel's book and finds a comic that includes Adrien in it. Or does it?Does Nathaniel have feelings for Adrien or is Adrien being paranoid? Most Impressive Ranks #1 in Nathaniel #1 in AdrienXN...

  • Adrien x Nathaniel (Part 2)
    4.2K 100 8

    Part 2 of my first book, Adrien x Nathaniel! ;)

  • Adrien X Nathanael One-Shots
    9.2K 214 2

    This is just a bunch of one-shots mooshed in this book. And if you like my writing then thank you.