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  • Emerald's Pride
    1.7M 109K 33

    She has everything a woman could ask for in her life but why does she feel that there's still missing? Emerald St. Clair world's renowned supermodel had it all, wealth, fame and family who loves her. All of her sisters are now happily married, thanks to their prying Granddad. She isn't ready to marry and have family o...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Millionaire's Baby
    4.2M 121K 29

    Ariel Greene, an overnight millionaire, wasn't looking for it, it came to her. One night changed her life, and she wasn't prepared for it, but what's even worse is she may have to deal with it all alone. Highest Rank: Romance #15 (Dec. 26, 2015)

  • The Star With No Past
    702K 27.6K 43

    #7 General Fiction 05/08/2017 Angie Cooper woke up in hospital without any memory of her past or identity. She didn't had ID with herself and nobody was looking for her. Even after six months she doesn't remember anything and the police is stopping the search. She decides to leave her unknown past behind and move on...

  • Prince and Doctor (Royals Book 1)
    1.5M 46.8K 43

    #8 General Fiction 09/13/16 #61 ROMANCE 05/16/17 After forced escape from Spain two years ago, Eva a twenty eight year old doctor is hiding in London from her past. She works as pediatric surgeon in London hospital. She loves her job and she spends most of her time in hospital which she makes her safe haven after leav...

  • Amethyst's Scandal
    2.6M 146K 33

    She came from a wealthy family but rumors are still lingering about the mysterious father of her love-child... Amethyst St. Clair's life is complete with her son but until now everyone still wonders who is the father of her child, her cunning grandfather had managed to marry-off two of her sisters in less than six mon...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sapphire's Vow
    2.9M 133K 33

    What would the divorce heiress do if she's constantly crossing path with her ex-husband lately? Sapphire St. Clair always dreamt of fairytales that's why when the Greek hotel tycoon, Loukas Spiridakou, swept-off her feet she thought they going to have their own happily ever after. But she must know better that there's...

    Completed   Mature
  • His White-Tailed Mate
    455K 1.6K 10

    If you're a werewolf, would you accept your mate that is a fox? And what if it was a fox with eight white tails?

  • Different (Currently Rewriting)
    3.8M 95.7K 51

    Cover by @Miss_Sarcastic27 (I'm currently rewriting this book, but I am keeping the original version up until I finish the new version for anyone who wants to read it. Please keep in mind that I had no writing experience when I first wrote this and that I am aware that it is not very well written. I'm working on it...

  • His Runaway Wife [UNEDITED]
    5.2M 183K 35

    "What a disappointment it's going to be for all of them to learn you are married." He looked up at me. "Rebecca-I didn't tell them-" "Stop." I smiled. "I get it, Damian, you don't have to explain it to me." I paused. "I just don't know if it was a good idea to tell them I'm your wife when..." I trailed off. When we do...

  • The Greek Tycoon's Baby
    14M 289K 23

    Evelyn White is in love with her boss, Alexander Stefopoulos. Has been since the first month she began working as his secretary. One night she hoped there was something more than their professional relationship. But the next morning her hopes were crashed down. Only problem? Their night of passion left something behin...

  • The Rejected Wife (SAMPLE)
    21.3M 136K 33

    Heather Montgomery is a 23-year old woman. She has a kind and trustworthy personality that makes everyone love her. Well, except for one person. Her darling husband. He despises her. WARNING: THIS BOOK WILL TAKE YOU ON A ROLLERCOASTER OF EMOTIONS! YOU HAVE TO KEEP READING TO UNDERSTAND WHY......IF YOU CAN...

  • The Alpha's Expectations (#1) | Completed ✔️
    33.9M 1.1M 72

    Hudson doesn't really want a mate, but he knows he'll have one regardless of what he wants. So he decides that before he accepts her, she has to meet his expectations. And he has a lot. Alexis is the pack's joy and life. Everyone adores her as the Alpha's daughter. She is blessed by the Moon Goddess with a heart of...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Home (Book 2 Of Taking Her Home)
    568K 14.4K 27

    *This is book 2 you will need to read book 1(Taking Her Home) first. It has only been two months since Vincent left Rebecca standing at her door without looking back and neither of them has been able to move on. Now with their friends getting married, they are going to run into each other. What will happen when they...

  • Taking Her Home
    2M 44.1K 37

    | Highest rank #2 in Mafia | Currently Rewriting/Editing Feb. 2020 Rebecca was finally ready to start her life. She had just graduated from college, had a great job at the hospital in the city and a gorgeous apartment that was across the hall from her best friends. Everything was falling into place. When she goes out...

  • The Exiled Alpha | ✓
    10.8M 341K 37

    "It's like he's a different breed of werewolf. Something... beyond us." • • • Adrienne Gage has spent her entire life being shunned and punished for her mouthy attitude, and being loyal to a pack which doesn't deserve her loyalty. It's been a year since her last punishment, and she's been walking on eggshells to keep...

  • The Orsini Bride
    30.9M 883K 42

    Italian playboy billionaire Marco Orsini has a dilemma. With the ultimatum to either marry or get disinherited, he must now find himself a wife before his grandfather's birthday--and he entrusts his fate on one woman to find him the perfect bride. ********** Twenty-nine-year-old Francesa Marcolini never expected th...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Luna's Protection
    1.2M 6.6K 7

    When you're every thing that reminded your mate of his parent's murder, what would you do? Natalia Skye is a gifted werewolf- an elemental- the only one left in her family; the only survivor of an unfortunate massacre making her a rogue. Everyday for years, she wished for companionship, to belong in a pack, to feel l...

  • We Meet Again
    1.4M 42.2K 23

    One doctor, the man who took her virginity and a whole lot of sexual tension. What could go wrong? -x-x-x-x- Socially awkward Katie Watson feels like she stands out like a sore thump. She has an eidetic memory, hates to party and is two years younger than everyone else due to being put forward two years in school. A...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Duchess [Completed]
    4.3M 173K 50

    Highest rank on romance hot list: #5. She is called The Ice Queen, due to her stoic non-readable features and her standoffish attitude. Angelica Taverron builds walls around herself from people she doesn't know or trust. She's secretly afraid to be used for her looks for others to use to their advantage, may it be ma...

  • The Wallflower's Revenge
    37.6M 1.2M 52

    Russian heiress Tatiana Rostova thought that her 'happily ever after' would be with her beloved fiance. However, the people she cared about most betrayed her and left her dying. Saved by a handsome Italian duke, a plan of revenge blooms. ******* Tatiana Rostova took upon herself to seek revenge on the two people she l...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Substitute Bride
    31M 890K 36

    Sicilian heiress Laila Fiorenza is ordered by her strict father to meet the Greek billionaire fiancé of her runaway twin sister in her stead in order to keep the Fiorenza's prestige intact. But can this prim and proper princess truly shoulder this sham of an arrangement as a substitute bride? *** The sweet and lovely...

    Completed   Mature
  • Blood Kisses
    3.1M 120K 35

    Highest Rank: #21 in Romance (12/30/15) Jewel was in love with life and her childhood friend Josh for the past four years. She felt she had found the one man that would truly love and cherish her. But when she comes home on her anniversary night to give Josh a surprise she gets a surprise of her own. Sometimes you do...

  • My Mafia Babysitter
    3.9M 131K 32

    Violet Maddox is the daughter of the leader of the largest American mafia in the country. Although she knows her father is a cruel man outside of their home, she has never seen that side of him. Talon Maddox has put all of his effort into preserving his daughters innocence, even in the midst of his criminal activity...

    Completed   Mature
  • Book 1✔️ Sugar Baby
    2.2M 15.6K 8

    Highest Ranking #1 adultthemes (01/05/19) #1 eroticromance (24/10/2019) #1 adultromance (26/06/2019) #1 sugardaddy (05/08/2019) #1 couple (16/08/2019) #1 mature (16/10/2019) #2 romance (2/11/2019) #2 ceo (23/03/2020) The lifestyle is not for everyone. That was the first warning, that she got from the woman. She's in...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Cop Next Door
    23.7M 696K 28

    "Stop it, Dax." I wouldn't meet his eyes, I couldn't. His hot breath trailed up my neck, his soft lips ghosting over the exposed flesh. He chuckled when my back arched involuntarily, my cheeks flaring hot and pink. "It's Officer Rivera, to you." His deep voice rasped quietly in my ear. "Besides, you don't want me t...

  • The Borrowed Bride [PUBLISHED]
    24.7M 758K 36

    They thought it was only a short love affair... Leandro Salazar, Conde de Parama, knew he had found the woman who will be his perfect mistress-sexy and wild in bed. But as soon as the summer ended the woman he made as his mistress vanished from the face of the earth like he had just imagined her. Now few weeks later h...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Foreign Bride
    452K 16.8K 29

    First Book Of The Bride Series; Annalisa Albrite, the German Princess, came to medieval England looking for an adventure to distract her. After losing her parents as a child and going through her traumatic experience, she was looking for something new to start her life with when she suddenly met the famous Edward Park...

  • Forbidden
    743K 23.6K 29

    He startled me when his hands gripped my hips pulling me into his body, my hands resting on his warm chest. I looked up to find him staring at me, but something was different, his bluish orbs sparking with lust. He leaned down until our noses touched and I stopped breathing, only to hear him say, "Mine." Serena had a...

  • The Billionaire's Heir
    19.1M 531K 28

    Luke couldn't stop thinking about Bianca Wilson and the night they'd shared. He wanted to find her so he could satisfy the itch to have her again. But he was a man who always kept it simple with women and made his intentions clear to them from the start. Bedding them more than once only made them feel like there was m...

  • Ruby's Secret
    4.7M 189K 34

    When the prodigal heiress comes home kept secrets were surely be revealed in a matter of time... At eighteen, Ruby St. Clair had run away from home and never bothered coming back again. After her parents tragic death the rebellious heiress had stayed away from the public eyes. Now six years later, she exchanged her gl...

    Completed   Mature