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  • Archer Blaze: Billionaire Gone
    89 8 6

    In the post-apocalyptic, utopian world known as Paloma , Archer Blaze, an attractive and world renowned billionaire, gets kidnapped by the government after he's accused of poisoning the world's oxygen. He's immediately injected with an unknown substance. After a few days the substance begins to change him. What has he...

  • Amelia
    27.6K 1.1K 32

    Amelia Larson. She's a four-year-old living a life no one ever should. Well, that is until Melissa Benoist steps in. ---------- Cover by the amazingly talented @Mendusbabe

  • His Little Girl
    25.8K 654 12

    What if Kara had been a little kid when she crashed onto Earth? And what if Dick Grayson has been the same age? When Clark is handed a tiny blonde girl, with no idea on how or raise her and no idea how to be a father. Bruce, with his newly adopted son, isn't much help. Clark and Kara struggle to learn how to love wit...