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  • Living with the Billionaires
    87.1K 4.6K 42

    An accident that changes everything for Catherine Stone. When the famous billionaire's son Dario Simpson is met with an accident and is in a state the doctor called the vigil paralysis, the only way to ensure he wakes up was for her to agree to Mr Devon's deal to pretend to be Dario's fiancée. She needed the money and...

  • A Week of Batching
    72 30 4

    A week without his wife. A week of Batching. A week to find out the murderer. A week of tension and atonement. •°•~•°• After a week on a two-week vacation to Guatemala, Gamaliel Greenwood's wife travels out for a one-week business trip and he's left alone to his devices. The nex...

  • Silhouette
    2.9K 668 50

    Dave Coker, soldier turned cop is instinctive, a man of principles. A corrupt boss with tons of skeletons in his wardrobe and a serial killer on the loose is enough to torment him. When he unearths a conspiracy of catastrophic results, its a race against time to bring down the bad guys before the streets of Lagos are...

  • To Love And Be Loved
    12.9K 2K 48

    Victor -- The Vic, a global superstar seems to have everything. But he has a dark past that leaves him drained. Broken and drained. Even as he is topping charts, his past is slowly catching up to him. The only normalcy in his chaotic life is the girl he can't seem to keep out of his head. Can he hold out just long eno...

  • Improvised Plan #ProjectNigeria
    42.6K 5.7K 28

    PS. This is a sequel to Preordained, my first book. After a night of excessive drinking, an intoxicated Saheed gets help from a stranger. And for payback, she makes an unusual request. Curious and intrigued, he obliges her. What harm would it cause, pretending to be her boyfriend for two weeks? After all, he is quite...