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  • PPGZ & RRBZ Mixed Pairings (ON HIATUS)
    3.3K 111 10

    Color Coded People should LEAVE! My Brickercup, Butchubbles, and Blossoomer story. Currently on Hiatus.

  • Brickercup
    2K 65 7

    Lets just say theres good bad and slot more so if you want to read ead if not well i really dont know brickercup and on with the story

  • Red and Green equals fate?
    10.5K 287 21

    :P plz read it's cool I know all you ppg and rrb fans out there will love you won't believe it it's so amazing so check it out XD

  • love and kindness
    126 3 2


  • Over Before it Began
    1.2K 33 9

    Cover pic belongs to BrickercupMasterX3 Buttercup and Brick's clandestine encounters are leaving her with a lot of questions about what they mean, as well as conflicts with her feelings towards Butch and Brick

    Completed   Mature
  • Fate: Cruel and Sweet
    6.1K 225 15

    Read the first chapter, and you will figure it out. As you can tell by the cover, it is a Brickercup story. So if you are a same color x same color person, you may not like this. (Besides Boomubbles)