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  • Nash's Twin Sister
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    Im Hannah Grier. You probably dont know me. Nobody does...Yet

  • Cameron Dallas's Little sister
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    Hi I'm Lacey Dallas and I'm 11 years old turning 12 I'm Cameron Dallas's Little sister now you might think it's all fun and games but we had a bad start to our childhood and Cameron is really over protective but I got to love him I mean he's Cameron Dallas what's not to love PLEASE READ I HOPE YOU ENJOY

  • instagram :: jack johnson
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    jackj started following you. all rights reserved by ©mielpapillions | 2017 {book one of my social media series} highest rank: #11 in fanfiction #3 in jackj

  • Espinosa's sister (Magcon and O2L fanfic)
    14.2K 65 51

    18 year old Sky Espinosa and Matthew Espinosa moves to live with their long time friends Sammy Wilkinson, Carter Reynolds, Taylor Caniff, Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky in LA. Sky ends up loosing her virginity too one of the guys. She gets into a long term relationship with one but brake up when he moves back to his h...

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  • Cameron Dallas Instagram
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    @camerondallas liked your post _____ Title's pretty self explanatory

  • Adopted by MAGCON
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    Jasmine is a 14 year old adopted girl Her life completely changes when one of the MAGCON boys adopt her She meets new ppl, friends enemies hot boys I hope u all like this book

  • Adopted By Magcon
    47.2K 528 44

    April lived in an adoption center since she was 4 her. Her parents were abusive and came home drunk every night just to abusive her. Her cousin came to New York to visit April and she she found out April was abusied by her parents. Later she took April away to give her up for adoption, but what happens when magcon c...

  • Adopted by Magcon
    7.2K 105 34

    Tegan is 6 years old when she gets adopted, she has been at the orphanage every since she was 1 year old. One day when Sammy sees a commercial on tv for the orphanage down town will his life start from there or will it go down hill?

  • Adopted by Magcon and GLAMSS
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    Hi. My name is Destiny. My parents died in a wildfire while they were camping now i am left in the orphanage I'm hoping i get adopted before i am 10. Right now i am 7 . And i get chosen to be adopted by the best family that sticks together no matter what

  • Adopted By Magcon
    27.3K 486 44

    Lindsey has been in an orphanage for almost her whole life. She has never had high hopes about being adopted. But when a group of teenage boys come to her her orphanage, will her life get better? Will these guys show her he's worth so much more than she thinks?

  • Adopted by Magcon
    134K 3.2K 51

    "I don't have anyone else" "Darlin, Alexis, I will NEVER let you fall.You have me and the rest of the guys. Feeling down? Talk to me. Because I want you to know that I love you just as much as these guys. And the people that I love, I don't let fall." His voice said. Alexis, a street child for over 15 years, has never...

  • Adopted by MAGCON
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    My name is Destiny I am an orphan YAYA note the sarcasm so my mom died from cancer and it was just me and my dad one day he started Beating me and it got worse and worse He ended up whipping me he is now in jail and I'm stuck in this orphanage that is until 9 boys come into my miserable life.

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  • Adopted By Magcon
    372K 6.9K 52

    4 year old mackenzie has been living in an orphanage for her whole life, but will that change when four boys, Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, and Matt Espinosa make a decision on adopting her.. Will her life change in a good way or a bad way?

  • jack johnsons sister//jack gilinsky
    3.8M 65.8K 72

    Caroline Johnson is Jack Johnson's twin sister. She has know Jack Gilinsky for as long as Jack has. But what will happen when she starts falling for him. Will they become closer. Or will something stand in the way.

  • Twins ~ Hayes Grier
    15.8K 219 24

    Born on the same day 2 minutes apart

  • Adopted By Magcon. . . At Sixteen?
    3.3M 61.1K 68

    Sixteen years. Sixteen years Drea has spent her entire life in an orphanage. No parents. No money. No memories of her mother or father, just a note saying that they would always love her. Bullshit! Drea thinks she's not going to get adopted so she is eagerly waiting for her 18th birthday so she can get out of the orph...

  • Magcon Adopted A Dancer
    32.8K 421 33

    Marie is a 13 year,old girl who is a dancer and has a big dream but there is a slight problem she is a orphan meaning no one wants her but that doesn't stop her no. One day a big thing happens will she make her dream happen or will it be lost forever, will she meet her old dance/cheer partner. I guess you would just h...

  • Adopted By Cameron Dallas
    140K 2.7K 43

    Okay this was my first book and its pretty bad. But hey, read if you want :) When Hannah is put in an orphanage because of her abusive parents, she is bullied by the other kids. When she is adopted, she is more than shocked. What will happen when she falls inlove, has a new dad and has many ups and downs. This is one...

  • Adopted by Cameron Dallas
    88.7K 1.9K 100

    Isabella or Izzy is 14 years old. She has been in the orphanage for 4 years of her life. Her parents were in a fatal plane crash. What happens when someone special comes into the orphanage? Will she get adopted by him or will he choose someone younger like everyone else?

  • Shawn Mendes Little Sister (Magcon)
    20.9K 383 30

    Katie Ray Mendes left Canada when she was 7 years old to go to boarding school in London. Shawn has never wanted her in the spotlight and I guess that's why he never told anyone about her. What happens when she comes back the surprise her family?

  • Sophia Mendes-Secrets
    147K 1.7K 81

    Sophia Mendes is the less famous sister of Shawn Mendes. When Sophia and Shawn's parents have to go on a work trip and Shawn has to take care of his 15 year old sister on tour. How will Sophia react? Well when she hasn't been contacted by Shawn in 6 months, she is not doing to well. But will she be able to hid the sca...

    Completed   Mature
  • Being Shawn Mendes Sister(Taylor Caniff)- Editting
    293K 5.4K 32

    A girl named Raegan has a brother that just happens to be a little bit famous. You know Shawn Mendes. Yes... the Shawn Mendes. well he has this friend named Taylor Caniff and he has a tiny crush on Raegan. But after they watch a movie and he posts a vine of them cuddling everything goes wrong. she falls and hits her...

  • Being The Rowland's Sister | BRR & Jacob S
    92.2K 2.2K 70

    Think being Brandon Rowland's twin sister would be easy? You thought wrong! There are a lot of things on the bright side, but don't forget, nobody/nothing is perfect ;)

  • Stayed A Secret {A Magcon Fanfic}
    84.1K 1.5K 26

    Is Nash keeping a secret from his fans? Does he really have a twin sister? Samantha Grier, Nash's twin sister has been kept a secret forever. Only the magcon boys know her existence but no one including Samantha knows why she's kept a secret. Read to see how Samantha feels and why she's a secret.

  • The sister
    665K 11.9K 54

    Cameron Dallas has a sister, Riley, the one behind the camera, the one no one knew about until her protective brother finally lets her meet his crazy group of friends. But when Cameron and his friends turn into the magcon boys and start going on tour, Riley convinces him to let her come, sending her into a whirlwind o...

  • Adopted by Magcon
    169K 4.1K 53

    Melanie is 7 years old. She isn't very social but everything turns around when she meets Magcon. Melanie falls in love with one of the Magcon boys. See what's happens next!

  • Adopted by Magcon // c.n
    407K 7.9K 46

    Alex is just an ordinary 14 year old girl and wants to get adopted but when she meets Cameron Dallas her whole life changes forever she goes through deaths and tragedies how will she manage to stand up again?

  • The Other Dallas
    231K 4.1K 49

    Warning - Really bad, especially the beginning Hi, my name is Madison, but most people call me Madi. My last name is Dallas. Yes you heard me right, Dallas. As in Cameron Dallas. He is my older brother and I honestly don't know what I would do without him. I am 13, turning 14, years old. Our parents died a couple mont...

  • After magcon ruined me (Completed)
    222K 4.6K 35

    **Sequel to cameron dallas little sister**. After two years of not being around the boys, she lost touch with them. She is no longer a viner she is a youtuber. She's also going on tour with her best friends and some old viners will be there. Will Hannah see her old friends again? Maybe have feelings? She has a boyf...

    Completed   Mature