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  • Lycaon's New Child (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    268K 9.3K 23

    Well, I was thinking that this one is hardly ever done. So, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. It isn't done yet, of course, but I have been debating about putting this up. I didn't know if it was good enough or not. Right. Lycaon is tracking Perseus Jackson, let's see what happens! Disclaimer:...

  • (Baby) Bump, Set, Spike!
    21.9K 747 6

    Hinata wants a baby after seeing his friends start settling down and having kids of their own. Of course, Kageyama can't say no to his short, adorable husband, so they begin trying. A/N: Hi everyone! This is a kind of side-story to my other fic "Our Little Family" about Tsukishima and Yamaguchi. You don't have to read...

  • You're Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile (cont.)
    157 10 3

    Soo.... I was reading this story that had been discontinued previously, and since I fell in love with the whole thing, I asked if I could continue it. They said yes!!!! So here we go and I hope this will be just as good.

  • Sinbad X Reader
    206K 7.1K 31

    After years of hiding, Princess (Y/N) gets a lucky break. A mysterious man shows up offering her a way out, and she takes it, hoping she'll manage to return to her friends she left so long ago, and see what one man in particular has created. She's dreamed of reuniting with him for years, and now she might get the chan...

  • Professor Who
    69 6 3

    I turned around and there he was The Doctor his little brother...

  • Ladybug in Fiore
    150 2 4

    Ladybug and Chat Noir are on a school field trip to Fiore. They happen to find a town that is on fire. How will Natsu respond to someone putting out his flame? ON HOLD

  • A Story From 400 years ago ( Acnologia x reader )
    183K 5.6K 33

    What fueled his determination to destroy all dragons? This story is about (Y/F/N) and her relationship with Acnologia before the fall of the Dragons. Please do not steal my work. This is my first fanfiction so if thr are any errors or any way to improve, do tell me Thr will be short chapters but I will update as soon...

  • The Potter Triplets (Avengers/PJO/HP Crossover)
    69.9K 2.7K 19

    Harry doesn't think much is going to happen in his final year at Hogwarts, how wrong he is. Percy has finally finished the wars and he believes he is done, but there is still another battle to be fought. Loki doesn't think his future is very bright, with chains wrapped around him in Odin's cell, but he will once again...

  • To Be Female
    14.8K 1.6K 31

    ❝You lit my world on fire, so now I'll happily burn yours.❞ The werewolf population is going to die out in the near future due to the endless mistreatment and breeding of all females in existence. It's a known fact, and a tragedy that Dahlia blames purely on the monarchy and their disappointment of a Goddess. When sh...

  • The Art of Ink
    23K 749 6

    Percy's always lived in the shadows no matter what he did. Nobody saw, nobody cared- and when they paid attention, he didn't get any good attention. He never cared what they thought, so why should he now? Living with someone that only hurt him, he struggles to cover up the scars. Makeup can only go for so much-it's ti...

  • Race With the Wind
    53.7K 2.3K 52

    My mother told me when I was a newly born filly 'show the humans what your made of my little one. I want you to prove that a steeple chaser like you can fly. My little girl I want you to race with the wind'. I will go out and succeed to race with the wind like mother told me. I was told by a lot of horses and people t...

  • There's no nerdy girl in this one, but there may be a bad boy or two.
    32.5K 1.1K 6

    Josh was tired of all the nerdy girl and bad boy love stories that you tend to see EVERYWHERE. They were the cheesiest, most cliché things he could think of and coming across anything relative to one made him sick. He was tired of it! But what happens when he finds his own bad boy? Maybe he was just jealous of the ne...

  • The good boy is bad (boyxboy)
    30.2K 1.1K 6

    "How did you find out?" He growled at me. His normally charming smile nowhere in sight. "I-I-I I'm sorry it was an accident," I squirm, I never wanted to come across this weak. "Someone tipped you off- tell me who!" He spat the words out like they were acid. Impatient: he punched the wall behind my head. *_*_*_*_*_*_...

  • The Double Life [BxB] Book #1
    111K 4.8K 21

    After moving across the country from London, Noah DiMarco became Prince of Wails' favourite bullied nerd, despite being below average he can't fight off the spot light that follows him around at school. It was all negative attention of course, so he did what no one thought he would ever do. He created a persona so he...

  • Secret Life of a Model (BoyxBoy)
    33.5K 1.5K 6

    Alex has many secrets: he is gay, he collects teddy bears, and oh yeah, he's a model. Life should be great, right? Wrong. Alex had always been bullied, always been ugly, always been worthless and unwanted, but what happens when his long-time bully, Jason, finds out that Alex has a secret life? What will Jason do when...

    184 7 4

    Hey!!! I'm back! With book two! Changes: Danny and Ghostwriter/Andrew Riter are ship now. And so are Tony and Stephen Strange. But don't worry, I have Stucky to save Steve from loneliness. So, just continue as if these were the original ships.

  • Abstract Tales
    362 38 14

    These are my personal short stories. They are in chronicle order of when I created them(earliest to most recent). The most recent are definitely the better ones, but if you want to see my writing progress, start from the cringy beginning(HA)! They're different from my other works, please let me know what you think! En...

  • A New Family(Percy Jackson/Avenger's)
    394K 9.7K 30

    I've been reading a lot of these lightly, and I've gotten some inspiration. This fic will have some feels. And also spidey is gonna be in it. And let's say Loki turned a new leaf. Summary: The Fates are giving Percy a tough life. The War against Gaia is won, but at a cost. The seven except Percy are dead, including A...

  • Revenge (Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)
    129K 4.4K 11

    Tony Stark visits his cousin, Leo, for a family reunion. What he doesn't know is that Leo and his friends have a secret. When they are driving back to Stark tower they get attacked by monster. Leo and his friends intervene and help. How will the Avengers take this, what will happen?

  • Wind Runner
    29.4K 1.1K 7

    Have you ever dreamed that one day you could just run free? Well, for me that is a dream I don't think will be coming true anytime soon. My name is Rosalind Summer or Rosie for short. I'm not just a normal teenage girl, there are things that are seen and some that people wouldn't believe existed, but believe me they...

  • The Cruel And PowerFul Alpha
    122K 4.9K 178

    Alpha Emmett Xavier Cruel Heartless Hateful Ruthless Sexy Delilah Sweet Kind Beautiful Full of heart Mute Two complete opposite people. Delilah was sold to LunarCresent and lives as property. Emmett got the pack from his parents who were murdered in front of him. They are both so different but somehow end up as mates...

  • Draco X Reader ❦ His Pride [✓]
    2.3M 68.6K 87

    ✎ᝰ┊EDITING I walked away from him, having enough of the unnecessary drama. I was sick of all of this- of him. "Don't walk away from me, Y/n!" Draco demanded, calling after me. I faltered in my steps and came to a complete stop, looking over my shoulder. That was the first time he called me by my name. I didn't expect...

  • I'm The Alpha
    16.3M 478K 53

    "I don't want you to mark me" I said quickly. "Why?" he asked me, his tone seemed calm but i knew he was far from it. "I have a commitment towards my pack" I told him, hoping he'll understand but to my astonishment his eyes were dark now and he held his palms in a tight fist. "You are my mate Templar, you belong to my...

  • The Moon Goddess Daughters
    89.9K 3.4K 30

    The Moon Goddess watches as her children live in fear and chaos, she must do something to help them get back on track. She planed to make a sacrifice, when she gives birth to her very own daughters she will send them to earth where they will grow and make things right. It may seem evil to send her newborns to the m...

  • Moon Goddess Book 2 (Will I Learn To Ever Love)
    128K 6.5K 17

    ***COMPLETE*** Hope is a hybrid of Witch and Werewolf, she was born this way. Her parents left her at the age of 13. The pack abused her, along with the Alpha, Beta and Third in Command. People wish she had never been born, she feels like she should suicide sometimes. But all that changes, from one simple prayer to th...

  • Because Nothing Lasts Forever
    75.9K 2.1K 18

    This is a Percy Jackson fanfiction. It is a Thercy (Thanatos/Percy) story. I am just trying this out. Tell me what thou think and I'll continue it. It probably won't be as good as my other stories though. Percy is betrayed by everyone. I'm not going to go over how he was betrayed, not in the summary nor in the story...

  • The Primordial of the Hunt Meets Eragon
    36.7K 1.3K 9

    Percy and a few others have gotten bored. Zeus has stopped his bad habits that normally resulted in wars, Hera is on her best behavior and the wizarding world is at peace once more. The only people that could save Percy from his terrible fit of boredom are the most reliable immortal beings he knows. His sisters, the F...

  • The Disgraced Avenger (An Avengers Fanfic) [Completed] #1
    99.9K 3.3K 40

    Rebecca (Becky) Banner, alongside her brother, Robert Bruce Banner are the greatest pair of scientists of this century. Both specialising in gammer radiation. You may of heard of the hulk, but the Lunar Castor is much worse. Like her brother, Becky has a more powerful side. But hers is different, her abilities spawned...

  • 🕷🕸 Field Trip 🕸🕷
    65.2K 1.8K 5

    Typical Midtown field tripping to SI but Peter never gets a permission slip signed... plus plot twist. Also, other alternatives if requested. Cover by the amazing @MyShipsRlife ! I only own the plot!