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  • Bungou Stray Dogs Boyfriend Scenarios
    261K 7.1K 48

    So... I found another obsession. 😂 I do not own BSD or any of the art used in this book! Started April 18, 2020

  • DEAD STARS [ ✓ ] | Bungou Stray Dogs
    37.3K 1.4K 14

    While wearing her iconic mask and long dark robe, she was known as the most heartless, ruthless, and merciless creature alive. "Show no mercy," it was her remarkable line as the Grim Reaper, the legendary member of the infamous underground organization, Port Mafia. But without her mask, the Grim Reaper is just a fifte...

  • Levi x Titan! Reader (Original)
    333K 10.9K 18

    You have been a titan for as long as you could remember, but you don't exhibit the typical behaviour of a titan. You chose to actively avoid humanity until one day, where you meet a blonde haired boy. This is a re-uploaded fic from DeviantArt, where I originally posted it. THIS IS THE ORIGINAL FANFICTION, AND I AM THE...

  • Out of Every World... Demon Slayer x Reader
    734K 44.2K 115

    Out of every world, it had to be this one? Join (Y/n), a modern girl from our world, in her journey across the Demon Slayer universe. Will she be able to survive and save her favorite characters from their deaths? Well, that's up to her. She's going to have to work hard to gain the skills and trust she needs to be ab...

  • Home [Beastars Legoshi x fem!reader]
    306K 13.5K 51

    When you tradgically die in an attempt to save a stranger and suddenly wake up very much alive in a world full of anthropromorphic animals, your life turns from crazy to absolutely insane. Dealing with feral carnivores, racist herbivores and an awkward love life as the only human in Cherryton Academy, you also cannot...

  • Try Me, Bitch |BnHA| |Reader Insert|
    834K 35.2K 77

    bad·ass /ˈbadˌas/ INFORMAL•NORTH AMERICAN noun noun: badass; plural noun: badasses; noun: bad-ass; plural noun: bad-asses 1. a tough, uncompromising, or intimidating person. "COME AT ME, TRICK ASS HOE I'LL PUT YOU DOWN LIKE A HORSE WITH A BROKEN LEG!!" I'll be blunt. You're in prison. For various reasons. You killed...

    528K 18.9K 64

    My name is Isana. I am what you would call a fujoshi and otaku(the ultimate trash). Recently, I got addicted to this manga/anime called Black Clover. I loved it because i ship the protagonists AKA YUNOXASTA together!! I mean they could go more than just rivals right??? I really want them to have a yaoi scene >~~< P...

  • Same As It Never Was (BNHA/Naruto x Reader)
    35.1K 1.9K 22

    (BNHA and Naruto crossover) Love interests: Keigo Takami (Hawks) Aizawa Shouta (Eraserhead) Kakashi Hatake (And 3 more) The two class clowns of UA hero course's 1-A suddenly became the most competent students. With the two fifteen-year-olds being possessed by Konoha's two most capable jounins, it should be expected.