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  • Top Wing-The Dark Side Of Big Swirl... (Kind of creepy)
    2.7K 55 9

    The cadets keep hearing voices somewhere but they don't know where. They decide to investigate without Bea and Speedy alone at night. When they notice the voices are coming from the dark side of big Swearl, only Penny and Brody hear voices. They try to find out where the voices are until they know to much of the past...

  • Random Top Wing
    82K 1.8K 123

    Only a few random things about top wing, I post anything including comics, fanart, and any stories. And yeah... I'm first here and this is my first story :D And my english is bad so I'm sorry about my grammar LMFAO 🚫CREDIT MY ART IF U WANT TO SHARE/USE IT🚫

  • (TopWing) "El Origen Del Virus" [CANCELADA]
    718 25 5

    La continuación de la historia de @BrandonixR7,la haré yo ya que el se dedicará a historias de PawPatrol... "Que pasaría si lo que puede parecer el fin,sólo es el comienzo de algo peor" "Su poder se intensifica,algo inesperado pasara,entra a la historia y mira lo que pasará"

  • Top Wing y el virus mágico
    1K 55 6

    La historia se va a tratar de Top Wing y es mi primera historia y mas que todo se va tratar de un virus magico

  • 🌟My Art Book🌟
    33.3K 2.1K 188

    Updates,Arts and Stuff❤💛💚💙💜💖

  • Jangan..!!
    338 14 6

    "Tolong..!!" Gw mendengar suara rintihan itu. Gw pun mulai mencari-cari darimana asal suara itu,ketika gw berjalan mencari asal suara rintihan itu. Suara rintihan itu berasal dari balik pintu yang sekarang tepat dihadapan gw,pintu besar berwarna hitam

  • Tangled the Series: Go The Distance (Varian x Reader) Book 1
    454K 12.9K 85

    It's a bit of struggle living in Corona when you have a hard time remembering. That didn't help especially when you feel like you don't belong there. The events don't change, but what if you being there changes it for the better. Whose to say; maybe you were there not only to help yourself through this journey, but to...

  • SONAMY Boom: "Stuck in a cage"
    97.7K 3.5K 33

    《•●♢•♢•♢•♢•♢•♢•♢●•》 It was a normal day in Bygone Island. One of the gang's crazy yet helpful Badger, Sticks, was building something. She was building a cage for the evil Egghead. After that, she went for a stroll. Sonic and Amy as the "friends" they are, were hanging out together. Sonic spotted Sticks' weird contrapt...

  • Top Wing: The Love Connection
    513 6 1

    Their are 2 New Cadets at Top Wing Academy: Shiro & Roxy. Shiro Is a Blue jay like Swift & Roxy is a road runner, a new species that came to Big Swirl. I hope you like my Romantic story. Enjoy ^^

  • Top Wing Oc's
    3.3K 43 7

    what it sounds like

  • || ° • Top Wing Things: Quotes, Ideas, Doodles, Draws?, Etc. • ° ||
    37.1K 523 104

    I know that idea is already very used but I wanted to do it in this series , it's very fun to do this. I will also be planning fanfics, fanarts, etc about this series since I like it. For now I will start with this :v Inspired by: @Dekubo Read her quotes and memes:

  • Love- Evershall
    10.9K 116 10

    the story of how everest and marshal fall in love.

  • Top Wing: Make Me Worse
    822 9 1

    In this story, Swift has a depression and wants to kill himself after he finds out that his Family died on their way to visit him at Top Wing HQ. Penny wants to help Swift from killing himself but his depression is so strong, she can't cure him. Everyone on Big swirl Island wants to help Swift beat his depression but...

  • Sonamy Boom: Baby (On Hold)
    103K 2.9K 58

    Amy got kidnapped by Eggman. After Sonic rescued her she started acting strange and Sonic got all overprotective of Amy. Now Tails and the others want to find out why the two of them acted so strange. Everything get's even weirder after Sonic and Amy found a baby in the jungle, which happens to look a lot like Sonic a...

  • Sonamy Boom: Lost (On Hold)
    2.4K 63 5

    Sonic and Amy were on a mission to find one of the ancient crystals. But while looking around in a jungle they never were before they got lost and someone is following them, waiting for the right time to attack the two hedgehogs. I don't own any of the Slnic characters, they all belong to SEGA.I just own the story and...

  • Sonic Boom: Evil Heart
    17.6K 408 13

    Sonic and his friends found an ancient black heart gem from the tomb chamber. They just thought it was an ancient artifact but when Sonic touches it, an unknown black entity enters his body. Sonic goes through different changes for days, the unknown entity takes control of his heart and his body.

  • Sonamy Boom: Camping trip
    8.5K 164 5

    Sonic and friends are going on a camping trip.

  • Sonamy Boom: Amy's secret
    21.1K 484 10

    Amy was at some old ruins from the ancients. There, she found a necklace, after she put it on, she got a new ability. Scarred of what her friends will think of her new ability, Amy kept it as secret. But Sonic noticed Amy's strange behavior and trys to find out what she's hiding. All Sonic Characters belong to SEGA, I...

  • Top Wing: The Surfing Mystery
    501 8 1

    Something strange has been going on, on Big Swirl Island. Surfers have mysteriously been going missing. Brody isn't pleased with this. It's now up to the cadets to earn their wings and solve this mystery.

  • Tails X Reader
    12.5K 140 5

    This is a Tails X Reader you shall not pass unless you are Female/Gay/Bi here are the characters: Name: (Y/N) Tail, Nick Name: Goggles, Animal: Fox, Extras: has two tails always wears goggles Name: Max Powers, Nick Name: Tails, Animal: Fox, Extras: has two tails (AND THE OTHER SONIC TEAM!!!) Back round story: it was a...

  • Smarties (Tails X Reader) {Finished}
    128K 2.3K 32

    For 12 years you were alone. Then you met Sonic and the gang and your life instantly became better. But what happens when you fall for a certain 2-tailed fox? (Sonic Boom) (Tails and you are 15, Sticks and Amy are 16, Sonic is 17, and Knuckles is 18).

  • Everything Changes (A Sonic Boom Fanfic)
    11.3K 453 23

    *BOOK 6 OF 8 IN THE "EVERYTHING" SERIES* Kay was once the Emerald's Chosen. She once knew everything about Mobius. But things are different now. Gone are the Chaos Emeralds and expanding Eggman Empire. In this world, all is peaceful. No major threats, no constantly traveling around the world on missions. Sonic and his...

  • swift x penny :the other dimension
    9.9K 158 31

    this is my first time making this so pls forgive me for any mistakes also if you do not like the ship do not read( cadets can be any age you wish )(i'm also inspired by some other story writers)

  • Sound From The Past / Top Wing Fanfic
    2K 32 5

    (The story may be a little creepy, just saying) Roses are red, Violets are blue, The Title sucks, The book does so too.

  • Top Wing: Nightmare Vision
    27.1K 230 8

    'Penny has a nightmare that had to do with Swift, and asks him if she can sleep next to him. But what will she do when her nightmare becomes real?' There aren't many Top Wing stories. This popped into my head, so here it is. This is my first story on Wattpad.

  • The Six Fairy
    2.9K 141 4

    Cerita Ini Diambil Dari Winx Film Yang Berada Di Nicklodeon

  • Barbie™ in the 12 Dancing Princesses (Bahasa Indonesia)
    8.6K 191 4

    12 Putri Menari (Barbie 2006) Kehidupan para putri kerajaan yang terkengkang setelah kehadiran sepupu dari sang Ayah. Dilarang menari.. Dilarang menyanyi.. Dilarang ini itu.. Apa mereka bisa mengatasinya?? Tranlate by (ig) Penulis script bahasa indonesia by @princess_ashlyn12( ig)