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  • Unexpected Happenings (Ao No Exorcist Fanfic)
    85.7K 3K 29

    With his flames yearning for more dominance and wrecking his body, Rin is at a spot. What's worse is when Satan returns for him. Will Rin stay strong, or succumb to the pain and the power of his flames? Story cover credits: @saniyamoosvi

  • Shiro X Keith
    30.7K 271 12

    ⚠️Waring ⚠️ you have to be +18 to see this or not ? this is a story of: sex and kissing will that all I have to say Edit:slow update

  • A Little Bundle of Drama
    34.9K 1.2K 26

    Eren is pregnant and that's honestly not a very good thing. (cover art by

  • Our Little Miracle
    151K 4.1K 11

    After five years of the titans being defeated, Eren and Levi fall in love..which soon led to them getting married. But during their honeymoon, Eren becomes pregnant. And now Levi is doing the best he can do to help Eren out with his pregnancy. tbh this is my first ereri/riren fanfic, so I really hope that it doesn't...

  • Our Growing Family✔
    76.6K 2.7K 20

    Sequel to Our Little Bundle (slow progress)

  • How I got to see a miracle
    19.9K 498 8

    It's finally here, the sequel you asked so many times for~ As usual I won't spoil anything, so please enjoy those of you who likes this type of things like mpreg and riren~ Book two of "the story of how I got pregnant"

  • Grown Up Fighters
    5.5K 252 8

    ~~~~This is the sequel to Our Little Soldiers. I will try to make it so you don't have to read the stories in any specific order.~~~~ After seemingly many years, Wall Maria had been retaken and the threats inside the walls eliminated but all the Titans not all completely gone. Isabel and Farlan Jaeger have entere...