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    You move to LA to become a model. What happens when Your whole world changes all because of one notification well three ? @kianlawley liked your post @kianlawley started following you @kianlawley comented:

  • JC's little sister(Kian Lawley fan fic) COMPLETED
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    *COMPLETED*Jc caylens little sister Rilee, aka R to some people, kitten to Kian sometime.... Jc and his best friend Kian, sense 1st grade always picked on Rilee, jc cuz she was his sister but why did Kian do it? Has he had a secret crush on her? Find read and find out Guys I made this when I was in middle school. Ther...

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    Kianlawley start following you! One message request from kian lawley.

  • Little Rebel
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    Jordyn Lawley, is Kian Lawley's little sister. They were really close, until he moved to California with Our Second Life. He promised to Skype and call, but as time went on, the calls were further and further apart, until they stopped. Since then, Jordyn has done drugs and just become a bad person. She dyed her hair m...

  • WDW Text & More
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    Completed!! ||Why Don't We|| 路Groupchat路Private Message路Imagines 路Preferences脳More脳

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