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  • Engaged to the Heartless Heartbreaker ✔
    48.8M 1.4M 67

    Highest Rank: #1 in Romance, #1 - painting, #1 - heartbreaker, #1 - one-sidedlove, #1 - unrequitedlove, #1 - engagement *********************** Still not satisfied with our physical contact, he leaned his face down to meet mine as his fingers gripped my chin. "Fiancée?" he asked, whispering the word. I nodded as the t...

  • Merciless
    217K 6.3K 45

    LA DONNA SERIES #2 This was my first night with my first love ! I mentally squealed. He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears . I could smell that he freshened up by the different manly perfume that hit my nostrils. It was oddly familiar but I couldn't put a finger on it . Before I could sa...

  • Insane Romance [ UNDER MAJOR EDITING ]
    882K 34.6K 51

    Ruhi Rawat got married with a guy who need time to move on from his past. She is kind , a shy girl belongs to rich family. Discipline and sincere. Yugant Singh Hathwal immature guy who was still stuck in his past. He got forced to marry a girl whom he doesn't even know. He cleared everything on his first night that...

    Completed   Mature
  • That Imperfect Addiction
    1M 37.7K 46

    Highest rankings - #1 Controlling #1 Perfectionist #2 Boss *** "Let's say, sometimes things don't go the way we plan" ••• Felicity Miller is the definition of imperfection...

  • Unconditional
    304K 14.9K 42

    Unconditional means doing something for someone without expecting anything in return.... Can anything make people do such things??? ofcourse love could... Kavya, a famous writer by professional in London becomes a housewife for the sake of her husband and daughter. She never expected anything from him. But his care...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Arranged Marriage. (romantic comedy and drama)
    170K 2.3K 17

    Arabella, daughter of the wealthy and successful Michael Donovan is arranged to marry the Andrew Aidan Gray. He's already confusing as it is, but add in his looks and personality, she has it in for herself. Enter Ashley Parker, a beautiful happy-go-lucky redhead, Nathaniel Samuels, childish rich-boy friend, Genevieve...

  • Always | ✓
    1M 34.5K 42

    #1 in Teen Fiction - 26.03.2020 #10 in Romance - 04.10.2020 #1 in Unrequited - 21.02.2020 #1 in LoveTriangle - 01.01.2020 # 14 in Angst - 20.20.2020 Loving someone who doesn't love you is hard... But watching someone you love, fall in love with someone else, is harder... Serena was waiting for the moment that Liam wou...

  • Kismat
    3.6M 180K 56

    Shourya Singhania - The 26-year-old heir of a multi-million dollar company, a protective gentleman who looks after his family. He's harsh, straightforward and not one to mess with. The last thing you want is to be on his bad side. But on the inside, he's a total softie. Never even thought of marriage until. . . . . "A...

  • Revenge Marriage
    1.2M 37.6K 30

    Zayan Ahmed, one of the richest man of London.When Zayan found out that his brother committed suicide because a girl Alishba rejected his proposal.He got married to Alishba Abdul to get his revenge.He tortured her,making her life a living hell.Alishba on other hand was unaware of everything,tried hard to save her marr...

  • Stranded Bickers | ✔
    250K 20.5K 30

    "Shut up, stupid! Do you want to pay that huge amount of fine?" "As if they're standing outside our door with their ears pressed to it." "They could be." "Are you for real? What kind of psychos do that? People can be doing God knows what in their rooms." ❝In which an arranged couple falls in love while being stranded...

  • The Workaholic's Wife
    19.7M 784K 71

    Now available as audiobook on Audible India. Scarlet Ray and Evan Parker are polar opposites of each other. She is a bubbly bakery-owner while he is a workaholic businessman. She is a hopeless romantic while he has no time for love in his busy life. She is an optimist who believes in the healing power of a warm smile...

  • 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐌𝐫𝐬. 𝐀𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥𝐨 (✓)
    321K 15.9K 56

    PLAGIARISM/❌ #1 Saanvi Roy, an Indian girl who left her country, her parents and everything behind her and flied to London with one phone call from her lover; to marry him; to become his bride. As soon she landed, her dream was shattered without any warning When he denied to marry her & cheated on her. Then, how she b...

  • 14 Nights In Emeliano's Bed
    18.4M 620K 47

    Forced to spend two weeks with a monster like Emeliano Alfredo, Innocent and determined Rebecca Lewis's life changed for the worse. *** Traveling back to the town where she was born, Rebecca Lewis had a toe to toe argument with the most ruthless bastard in the city; little did she know that her not-so-clever act would...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love is in the rain [COMPLETED]
    233K 18.5K 21

    "Did you just touch my door knob with your hand?" she asked disgustingly looking between his hand and the door's knob. "I didn't know we touch it by leg" he replied rolling his eyes. "What do you want?" she queried making distance from him. "Actually, I was making a cake but didn't realize I was running out of dark ch...

  • IZHAAR E MOHABBAT | (Completed)
    349K 17.5K 29

    𝐅𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐢𝐧 𝐦𝐨𝐡𝐚𝐛𝐛𝐚𝐭 𝐬𝐞𝐫𝐢𝐞𝐬❤️ •°•°• Hashim Parivaar- is a tale of the elder cousin who is busy with all responsibilities of his younger cousins and the business he had to develop a lot made him so engrossed that he forgot that a man comes in a age where he should be...

  • JAAN E GHAZAL | (Completed)
    330K 16.2K 24

    *under editing* °Rabbani's khaandan ke kuch daastan ° _________ Peep inside the book to know more :) ©All rights reserved (ENGLISH SUBTITLES PROVIDED)

  • His Kidnapped Bride(Completed)✅(Unedited)
    771K 62.9K 107

    ❤️COMPLETED❤️ Earlier this book know as"MINE ONLY MINE", but on demand of my readers I changed it. This book need major editing, but I am unable to do right now. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ She sits behind the bushes and can see him comfortably, he is trying to find her by running his eagle eyes everywhere but he is not getting a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Billionaire's Revenge | COMPLETED ✓
    887K 28.8K 54

    Anaya never wanted to get married. She was pretty sure that love wasn't meant for her. But her one mistake ruined everything. She accidentally killed girlfriend of the billionaire Arnav Khurrana in a car accident and now he was blinded by revenge to make Anaya suffer till she pleads for her own death. He finds a way...

  • Ten Minutes
    1.6M 59.5K 47

    "You have already ruined my life, what else do you want?", I barked at him. "Ten minutes", he muttered. "What?", I asked as I was unable to hear him properly. "I want ten minutes a week to spend with my daughter, just ten minutes, nothing else", he requested in a desperate tone. _______________________________________...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Beyond Love
    362K 13K 52

    I AM YOURS "The thing is, I love you but I love her..." ...... Italian magnate Drago Barzetti , a very powerful name in the business and stock market industry, has a heart of stone. But he has loved Gina Accardo since....forever. Even when she rejected him, took advantage of his blind faith in her, his love nev...

  • My companion | میرےہمدم
    1.1M 65K 65

    #3 in Pakistan ( 4-1-2021) #1 in Pakistan (19-1-2021) What will happen when two opposite souls are betrothed to each other? *But both are stubborn in their own ways, one doesn't want to hold on, while the other doesn't want to walk away. Faryal Ismail Khan is 21 years old; a kind, pure, and bubbly girl...

  • The Wrong Decision
    255K 11.7K 83

    "You can't do this to her. She is my sister!" I shouted at him. How could he do this to my sister. He pulled me towards him and my hands landed on his chest. Our faces were so close to each other. He didn't changed at all. Not even a bit. The only thing that's change is what was in between us! "I AM GONNA MARRY HE...

  • Neelakurinji (COMPLETED)
    154K 11.8K 35

    Thanks to Khushboo, Aaru for the beautiful cover and Malu for the beautiful banners ❤️ Dr Shravani who lost her husband 3 years ago was forced to marry Satyendra a divorcee farmer/businessman back in Coonoor her hometown owing to her dying father's promise. For Shravani Satyendra was still the same 20 year old Sattu h...

  • HER BLIND HUSBAND ( A Wattpad Featured Story)
    1.6M 153K 83

    Highest ranking #1 WATTPAD FEATURED STORY. He walked past her without sparing her a single glance. The one glance she had been yearning for years now. Yumnah's heart sank once again. But she couldn't blame him. The man she loved and yearned for was PHYSICALLY BLIND.

  • You are my Destiny
    401K 13.3K 32

    Sandhya, a middle class girl get married to the rich businessman named Gautham in the city. Her father arranged this marriage because of his own money problems, thinking his son in law will help. Gautham attracted sandhya's family with his charms and all the helps. But only sandhya is the one who knows his other face...

    6M 73.4K 20

    He stood in front of me, held my face between his hands and stared down at me. I waited, once again, I did. For what? This time I didn't know. But the moment he spoke, I knew, the wait was over. " You waited" He said. I gasped. " You waited." He breathed. ****************** This is a story of a wife who waited for he...

  • In love with my husband
    1.5M 67.8K 48

    "Is she your wife?" she asked hesitantly. "Yes", Avishek said no more. Is he not going to introduce me? I should leave. It's clear, they wanted to be alone, to talk about whatever the hell they wanted to talk. I managed a smile and said, "I'll wait in the car", and left before anyone said anything. I walked out o...

  • Devil For A Husband
    47.7M 1.8M 68

    Blayze Norman; A cold and ruthless CEO of Norman Enterprises has decided to take Caden Carter as his bride, not even the heavens was going to stop him. * * * Blayze Norman is the cold, ruthless and industrious CEO of the multi-billion Norman Enterprises. He's meticulous and calculative with his every step. The type to...

  • My Four Eyed Husband
    857K 55.6K 55

    Every girl dreams to marry a prince charming. Who takes her to his kingdom and makes her queen of his heart ..... But all these dreams come crashing down to her head when she married off to a normal-looking man. Who takes her to his home and made her queen of kitchen and laundry... Still, I think it must be be...

  • Stuck With Mr. Billionaire
    16.1M 535K 51

    "Curiosity killed the kitty Miss Adams." My body stiffened. Slowly I turned around just to see Mr. Parker standing in front of me with hands in his trouser pockets. I bit my lip. I thought he would be angry but when I looked at him. His face showed no emotion. He then started walking towards me I moved back. This con...