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  • Bumble ♡ Joshler ♡
    94.7K 2.5K 20

    Tyler wants a daddy. He has a crush on Josh. but is Josh a daddy?

  • drum line kid. || joshler
    173K 7.4K 60

    Tyler is the star of the basketball team, Josh is the head drummer, when the drumline performs at the basketball half time Tyler is intrigued by the pink haired boy, not realizing they have language arts together ft. some other ships written 2016-2017 edited 2019 (im constantly making little changes tho)

  • Celebrate [a Joshler story]
    101K 4.7K 60

    Tyler Joseph, worldwide popular solo artist who plays 20K arenas around the world, has been mentally spiraling down lately, mainly because he can't be with and misses his family. His crew tries anything to make it better, but no one can help him. That is until one day, a guy asks him if he's alright, when he finds hi...

  • 𝙗𝙞𝙩𝙚 𝙢𝙚 » 𝙟𝙤𝙨𝙝𝙡𝙚𝙧 ✔️
    43.7K 1.8K 32

    *this is my first book I've written that's gotten a shit ton of reads and it's really bad so read at your own risk* a singer goes missing for 4 months till his body winds up in a ditch 25 miles away from home everybody thought he was dead but boy could they be any more wrong [lowercase intended.] [started April 30...

  • control ↣ joshler ✓
    24.7K 1.8K 22

    "It's that house. That fucking house, Lina. He hasn't been the same since he moved in there." "My abuela used to tell me stories about that house before my ma told her to knock her shit off. She used to say El Diablo lived there." "El Diablo?" "The devil." ©nicosniners

  • Tyler, not Taylor {trans!tyler × josh}
    29K 603 47

    "I can't help falling in love with you." Trans!tyler × josh (vv short chapters) © lilac--sky 2016

  • Truth or Dare, Boy [TYSH]
    17.9K 779 34

    When a rebellious Tyler and an innocent Joshua start a game of truth or dare, things start heating up. What trouble are these boys up to now? ◇Mentions of drugs, cussing, mature actions◇ ♡stay safe♡ innocent!sweet!josh! rebellious!flirtatious!tyler! #48 in joshler #20 in truthordare

  • lollipops (DISCONTINUED)
    68.8K 2K 49

    "josh." "yes, ty?" "your hair matches your eyes." "it does." "and your eyes match your lips." who knew a lollipop could start such thing. middle school buddies turn into- well 🍒🍭🥀 🍒🍭🥀 disclaimer:': don't worry, they don't frick in middle school. but there's quite a bit of smut in here so,, (in high school) and i...

  • 𝘮𝘺 𝘥𝘢𝘥𝘥𝘺.
    97.9K 2.5K 23

    tyler was in love with his daddy. josh was infatuated with the little boy from heaven. *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* sometimes updated multiple times a week, but once a week is the norm ! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* highschool fanfic ! sub!tyler dom!josh

  • prosthetic leg ⚣ joshler [✔︎]
    50.2K 1.7K 39

    fuckboy!josh feminine!tyler tyler is too ashamed to tell his best friends about his prosthetic leg. he hides it under his thigh high socks. nothing makes him as frightened as just the thought of someone finding out. then he meets josh. josh doesn't change this, no. josh just happens to be a little too interested in th...

  • Daycare (joshler) (COMPLETED)
    36.6K 1.9K 32

    Where two boys meet at daycare.

  • Intimidation ♡ joshler
    112K 3.4K 83

    Tyler would be lying if he said he wasn't intimidated by this new kid; his first day of school hasn't even really started yet and he already managed to get in a fight with fucking Pete Wentz of all people, and he didn't even seem bothered in the slightest when Pete was screaming in his face. It should probably be in...

  • Crush (Joshler)
    27.9K 951 27

    when crushes turn into relationships and relationships turn into break ups.

  • Handmade Heaven ~(J+T)~
    88.5K 3.2K 33

    Josh is a badboy trying to be friends with the shyest kid in the school 3/18/19 - #1 joshler +1000 reads 5/9/19 - #7 joshler + 10,000 reads 7/1/19 - #6 joshler + 20,000 reads 8/3/19 - #7 joshler + 30,000 reads

  • lockers // joshler
    71K 4.1K 27

    tyler is too scared to tell josh how beautiful he is, so he leaves notes in his locker instead. ♡ safe story, no triggers ♡

  • glory days ↣ joshler ✓
    115K 6.1K 49

    "It's okay to get a little irresponsible, cause we're making up the blueprint as we go. We're on our way to the glory days." Josh and Tyler are two best friends who want to help each other complete their summer bucket lists before Tyler leaves for college ©nicosniners

  • Mute || tyler joseph
    4K 187 6

    "My best friend died because of me. I've never been able to talk since." in which Dallas, a 19 year old girl, tries to find her voice with tyler, a 19 year old boy.

  • Before You Start Your Day
    91.3K 3K 27

    Bri is a shy but kind heart girl who loves to help others, even though she never had much help herself. She recently started volunteering at the hospital her mother works at to help with troubled patients. She meets a kind boy who she thinks is too "normal" to be there. She then finds out more than she thought about t...

  • thunderstorms, clouds, snow, and a slight drizzle
    317 15 13

    Whether it's the weather or the letters by my bed, Sometimes death seems better than the migraine in my head. Arum lost her twin brother to cancer. Trying to live life without him is difficult, even more so already having depression. Maybe this new boy she meets will help her try and live without the constant pain...

  • slow // tysh
    117K 5K 25

    a criminal breaks into a sad boy's house lowercase intended

  • Prove Me Wrong
    5K 306 23

    [Book One of Rose Colored Boy] If there was one thing in life that you regretted, it was agreeing to play truth or dare. All it took was one revealing question for your relationship with Tyler to be forever changed. From that point on, Tyler would always know about the feelings you had developed for him when you were...

  • flowerboy(j.d.)
    12.2K 314 76

    *COMPLETE* josh: hey babygirl

  • Battery // Joshler
    7.6K 588 11

    The first time Joshua meets the boy, his battery is at eight percent. // also known as The Charger Fic // Joshler Dystopia AU // Copyright 2018, all rights reserved ©

  • Dreamer. [joshler]
    27K 1K 26

    Joshler//COMPLETED Josh was a struggling teacher, Tyler was a student with one dream. Josh wanted to pay his bills, Tyler wanted to become a photographer. Josh feels like giving up, Tyler doesn't want to give up pursuing his dream.

  • more than friends//joshler
    305K 14K 19

    tyler watched as josh leaned forward, kissing her. "i love you." honestly i would edit this but also it's cool to leave things in the past. enjoy my old writing. ©2015

  • confess Ξ tyler joseph x reader
    50.9K 1.5K 35

    It'd been six years. Six *years*. Since you'd seen each other. After they were signed, you kind of got distant. Life got in the way, you finished college... and Tyler? He was successful. You were happy for them, both of them. And then one day, you run into each other. Quite literally. And you realize how much you've m...

  • siren// tyler joseph
    889 50 8

    [miniseries] a boy from ohio and a girl sentenced to stay silent for one hundred years cross paths. [based off of the siren by kiera cass]

  • ✔ babyface - mel & ty
    43.9K 3.4K 65

    ♤♧♤♧ and the prince of the playground whispered in her ear all the sweet little things she wanted to hear "I've got you under my thumb, baby girl" crybaby x blurryface trigger warning

    Completed   Mature
  • accidental love (COMPLETED)
    17.7K 434 84

    tyler joseph, 16 and joshua dun, 17 are in a car accident. both have full intentions of suing until they each lay eyes on the other boy.

  • from the beginning (COMPLETED)
    18.5K 681 95

    tyler and josh have been best friends since they were only a couple months old. when feelings other than friendship start to fly, they're forced to separate. but what will happen after 5 years of being apart?