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  • The Way To My Heart
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    You lived in Auradon, your parents weren't necessarily royalty or whatever, but they were still considered the good guys. "Yo-You can't be serious, Ben." "I'm-I'm Sorry, but there's no more room (Yn), you're the only one without a roommate." "But he's-" "I know we don't do co-Ed, but... until we're able to make more...

  • The Apocalyptic World | Rilaya
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    Everything Maya Hart was, Riley Matthews was not. "She was popular, I'm not. She has friends, I have a friend. She was beautiful, I am not. She would never love a girl like me." High school is a scary, apocalyptic world full of gossip and drama. When Farkle accidently starts the zombie apocalypse, the 'apocalyptic wor...