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  • Dragon of Another Kind
    111K 3.9K 14

    When Percy thinks it's over, he is hurled into a world full of dwarves, elf and dragons! To make things worse, his a dragon! All rights go to Rick Riordan and Christopher Paolini!

  • Rare Collection
    199 9 1

    During a small trip to the park with Mii-kun, Sora is kidnapped by a collector who believes Sora is the 'ultimate collection' of anything related to creatures due to his knowledge. Mii-kun manages to escape the kidnapping and goes to seek help of Sora's friends to save him.

  • Harry Potter and the Dwarves of Erebor
    191K 6K 31

    Harry Potter died after the final battle. But the Valar took pity on him and decided to grant him another chance at life in Middle Earth, as a Dwarfling. Now alone in a strange new world, but still armed with his magic, Harry meets up with a Company of Dwarves, a Hobbit and a Wizard that are on a dangerous quest that...

  • Lilacs
    8.7K 394 12

    When Lotor comes back from a reality he's found a home, he isn't alone anymore, he has generals who have his back, a genius he can call family, a Druid that is his second in command and a secret weapon. But the war continues after his failed attempt to stop another war in a different reality. He takes his fathers su...

  • Whispers of the Wind and Shadow (On Hold)
    24.4K 668 13

    Royal Klance AU Shadow King Keith X Wind Prince Lance The shadows dance and the winds sing in the spotlight of the moon. The shadows silent as they reach their hand out to grab winds freezing hand. Their eyes lock and the singing slows. Their meeting soon ends when the sun rises, ripping shadows out of winds reach. Th...

  • Untouched- klance
    68.1K 2.9K 27

    The king of death... he lurks in the forest of suffering. people fear him, for everything around him dies. the more he cares, the more everything falls. he's lost all sense of emotion, and legend says hes immortal. his body doesnt age, and he cant die no matter how hard he tries. eye witnesses say when he sees you, he...

  • A Soul Reborn
    7.9K 194 17

    The battle WAS over, but was it won?. The Gangs back in business with a whole new story to tell. After the events of Corrupt Heart, Jestro and Clay are happily living together, but Mircuol is STILL after Jestro's body. The knights have been warned, but Clay has something more on his mind that may lead to his downfall...

  • Snow, Storm and Stones
    1.6K 46 8

    After the colossus incident happened, everyone in Knighton has lived their lives, apart from Clay. Who is still struggling with his powers and the fact that his mother is well evil. "Mal Clay Mourighnton, will you join my side?" Clay tried to say 'no' as usual. But, this time he said "yes, with pleasure", Ruina was...

  • The Wolf : Fanfiction (Nexo Knights) [Finished]
    1.4K 120 17

    rewriting history in English Crossover ninjago x Nexo knights imagine Ruina who meets a wolf who is not ordinary because of the powers in him and who agress to help him. What plan is she planning ? Info: After Season 4 Nexo knights After Season 10 Ninjago. Does not contain Season 11 In some places in he chapt...

  • NEXO Knights: Power Rangers
    2.3K 88 11

    Clay, Macy, Lance, Aaron, Axl are five people from the Human world and are chosen by Merlok himself to battle the King of Monsters, Monstrox, in order to protect the magical and human world. Can these ranger knights work together to defeat Monstrox?

  • Merlok's Nephew
    7.7K 243 17

    Clay was frozen along with Ruina many years ago. They both came to life when the Cloud of Monstrox zapped them. Clay didn't turn evil. Instead, he ran off into hiding in fear of his mother and the monsters surrounding him. Several months after the defeat of the Colossus, the knights get reports of a thief in the villa...

  • Ruina's New Plan
    8.2K 247 14

    As part of another plan to get Clay to join her. Ruina turns clay into a five-year-old with no memory of the other knights except that Merlok is his uncle. Can the rest of the Knights take care of a five-year-old Clay, cure him, and stop Runia from taking him and turning him evil? Postseason 4

  • Remember This Moment (Claystro Lemon)
    1.1K 24 1

    In this AU Jestro finds stone Clay first before the knights do, Clay of course can't remember anything meaning Jestro can make clay do whatever he wants and well I'll leave the rest to you to read Cover by J-E-S-T-R-O on DeviantArt

  • A Side Not Meant To Be Discovered
    3.5K 131 13

    After the battle with the Colossus of Monstrox, Merlock revealed that Clay had magic inside of him, but because Merlock hid his magical heritage from him, he didn't know. Now, as the knights found peace within their lives once again, a dark secret will be discovered...

  • The monster inside me
    4.9K 100 10

    All of the nexo knights have been living in peace after the destruction of the Colossus, well all except one. Clay stopped sleeping and when he does he only sleeps for an hour because of nightmares about his mother and sometimes he just gets angry and does not know why. Merlock and the knights are worried about him bu...

  • The werewolf knight
    4.4K 146 7

    (Another clay one cuz my bro doesn't seem to wanna make this XD) Clay is bitten by a wolf when he and the knights go on a mission Little did they know that some "side effects" could come from that bite

  • Voltron and ninjago
    922 22 7

    This is a voltron and Ninjago book full of both these best shows (to me atleast) but Yeh check it out and enjoy bye~

  • Galtean (A Klance AU)
    134 6 2

    Lance, crown prince of the Galra Empire, is forced to flee his planet with his family and half of the population when Daibazaal faces an invasion from an alien species called the Revgeth. Keith, crown prince of Altea, on the other hand, is being forced into a marriage with princess Allura despite being gay. When the...

  • I'm Sorry- the story of a Blue Paladin
    89.5K 2.6K 27

    He felt pathetic. He felt worthless. His fellow paladins had no idea how much their words hurt Lance until he was gone. ........ (Not a one shot book) ps the art cover is mine that's why it isn't that great but whatever......

  • Vrepit Sa (Voltron Fanfiction) - Completed
    15.4K 780 38

    Lance was captured by the Galra Empire during a diplomatic mission, losing track of the team. After a year and a half of no search parties, he caved into the brutal ways of the Galran prince, Prince Lotor. Over time, Prince Lotor gained Lance's trust, and Lance grew feelings for the prince. Many colonies and planets...

    Completed   Mature
  • You Deserve Better (Lotor x Lance)
    24.7K 812 16

    Lance always gets the short end of a stick in the team. He works the hardest, always pushing his limits and trying to succeed every day. The only issue is that no one sees what Lance does and only pays attention to his failures. Since he wasn't able to attach the spy bug Pidge created, the team had the "bright idea" o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spirit of Voltron
    33.6K 687 17

    ~On Hold~ What If instead of Lance escaping the blast the glara ship shot at him and red, he got hit and hurt very badly and wasn't able to pilot the Red Lion anymore. what is the other thought he couldn't be a paladin anymore and retired Lance to just being a Cuban boy who used to flirt and make everyone happy? what...

  • River of White tears(LANGST)
    27.2K 653 8

    This was just a short story I wrote for my blog, but decided to publish it on Wattpad. The team has been treating lance like dirt, making him feel worthless. Finally, they kick him off the team! But lance is allowed ONE LAST RIDE in Blue. What will he find? Forgive the really bad description.

  • White Paladin
    162K 5.1K 35

    What does it feel like? For people to actually care about you? To actually make sure that you're okay? Lance has forgotten that feeling, ever since team voltron had been formed he was he seventh wheel, even when he did something Keith would always be patted on the back for it, becoming the eight wheel after they resc...

  • One Paladin Too Many
    23.7K 594 6

    "There's no room left for me on the good side." Lance sighed, looking up. "That's not true! Lance we need you." Keith protested angrily Lance stood up, clenching his fists. "If you can't trust me, you're better off without me, right?" Cover art Copyright: -pupycat on Redbubble Cover text Copyright: -Sparkshower on Wa...

  • The New Blue (A Dark Lance AU)
    22.3K 951 19

    (After season 3). Has Klance, slight Keitor, and lots of Lancelot. The Paladins had found Voltron, and had defeated Lotor for now. Keith should be happy, he didn't have to be the Black Paladin anymore. Except that's not exactly how it played out. Lotor had different plans. What really happened to Shiro? Well, Keith wo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anarchy
    3.6K 172 8

    A king will always need a queen, but a empire isn't finished without their joker. But when they all flee their white coats and florescent light kingdom of hell, they are no where near safe and they know it. But a small town that has three strangers enter and things start to change, some find it peculiar of what a ki...

  • Orion
    14.7K 1K 48

    -updates on Wednesdays- It could be a coincidence, or it could be fate, or a tragic tale. But not everything is as it is to the eye... Was it a coincidence when the loner of the school gets bullied and kicked down every day but never had the thought to fight back. Or when the bad influence who was loved by many in the...

  • Naruko Daughter of Thor
    32K 594 18

    Naruko is the daughter of Thor and meets her father after her mother is murdered.

  • Õkami Naruto
    34K 980 9

    after naruto was born and the death of his birth parents... what would happen if someone found naruto before the sandaime? see how naruto is raised by the lost spirt of moro. Naruto crossover between princess mononoke.