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  • Magi: The Adventure of Hana, Begins!
    351 32 1

    This is a sequel to Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas. "You're not alone, Aladdin," Fulfilling King Solomon's will, Hana is in search of the Fourth Magi that is said to bring changes to the world. The adventure of Hana continues as she joins Aladdin and the others. Fate brings her and Sinbad together again. However...

  • Let's talk. ;; Magi The Labyrinth Of Magic [ SinJa : Sinbad x Ja'far ]
    952 41 1

    This is my first fanfic EVER. And my English dictionary isn't 10/10. But at least I tried~ I hope you enjoy this low-key angsty Sinja fanfic. <333

  • Savory
    1.7K 85 1

    Ja'far moaned in complete bliss as Sinbad shoved something into his mouth. He couldn't believe something could taste that... A short one shot about Sinbad and Ja'far...

  • Sinja: Where it begins (From: The Adventures of Sinbad)
    1.4K 35 1

    Ja'far and the rest of the company are celebrating thier friend's return from the dark content. Everyone is drinking and haveing a great time until Ja'far gets himself into a predicament that threatens to reveal a side of himself that only one other person knows about. Sinbad of course steps in to save the day! CAUTIO...

    Completed   Mature
  • SinJa: The Scars You Face.
    1K 42 1

    Judar has come to Sindria. He wants to cause pain. This can't be good. Ja'far-centric. Angst.

  • Magi Texts
    31.4K 1.5K 48

    This is just some texts from the anime Magi, Scenarios I've thought up... Hopefully they're funny! Requests are always welcome! (Cover photo by me) DISCLAIMER: I don't own the anime or the characters!

  • Although It's A Miracle: Sinja
    1.7K 181 33

    I know, I know... Magi isn't well known but I love Sinbad and Jafar. The two really have the duo of; the outgoing, extrovert, and the polar opposite "I'll kill you if you touch them," introvert. Ok, ok. Jafar isn't really like that- ok, yes he is. Anyways, just an AU of where Sinbad met Jafar later on in life and I a...

  • The Small One
    1.1K 99 16

    Basically an Au where Sinbad finds a cat in on his usual stroll around his palace and decides to keep it. Little did he know what troubles this kitty cat would do.

  • The Blind Prince
    32.4K 1.3K 32

    Amir, King Sinbad's son, and prince of Sindria finally gets to leave the kingdom to travel along side his father. They travel to the trade kingdom of Balbadd where they meet a young boy. What will become of the young prince after meeting the fourth magi? ~~~ Rankings #2 in Magi #230 in Manga #4 in Aladdin #1 in Sind...

  • Small Curiosity [Sinbad x Reader]
    58 6 1

    Sinbad has never seen them before, a technology that only exists in the modern day. Complete: 18th July 2019 [1/1] 549 words.

  • King and Advisor Scenarios
    9.4K 437 30

    This will be an ongoing booklet of scenarios between Sinbad and Ja'far. Modern and cannon universe's. The setting will be put in each title.

  • To Meand The Broken / Sinbad x Reader [Modern AU]
    17.7K 843 9

    (Name) works as a sitter and her agency sends her to a new job. She must take care of a 10 year old call Aladdin, who's parents died in a car accident 2 years ago. Aladdin is under the care of his uncle, Sinbad. He's the handsome CEO of the largest training company in the country. But (Name) will also find out about...

  • My Heart of Hearts- A Sinbad x Reader Fanfiction
    14K 421 10

    (Y/n) (l/n): A member of Sindria's college orchestra. She's been crushing on her social studies Professor, Sinbad, for a for a long time. What will happen when a sudden twist of fate caused her to move in with him!?

  • The Wolf (Sinbad x Oc)
    3K 51 7

    A girl who appears weak, a girl who is wanted by many, a girl how's tribe has crumbled to ash, a girl that will bring it back from the dead and be the new queen, a girl how will protect this purple headed boy who one day is to be a king.

  • The Chiming Of Bells [Sinbad X OC X Kouen]
    155K 7.5K 49

    Perhaps Rin was living a pretty well-off life. But not everyone was perfect as one of the things she held dear was a manga; Magi. And it was weird because when she died, she happen to be reborn in that world of magic and fate as Je'hel Reinhardt. The one who went against Kouen and proved Sinbad's beliefs wrong. The on...

  • The Dungeon Capture Of The World
    5.7K 131 22

    Could it be true? Another Vessel user in the magic world? Sinbad, the King of the Kingdom of Sindria, has a secret or more of a forgotten, secret. A girl of the Unknown has appeared so suddenly in a kingdom and has what Sinbad is looking for. Could this girl be the key to Sinbad's' memories and the key to this world...

  • Hana and Sinbad of the Seven Seas (Sinbad No Bouken)
    96.5K 3.7K 34

    This is a story of Hana and the miracle of the world. "When I get older, I will make you my wife!", The child smiles widely. His golden eyes brim with determination. It's only a child's dream and yet she accepted the flower and smiled back at the pure, innocent little boy in front of her. They get to know each other...

  • The Sailor and the Dragon-Sinbad x Reader
    4.2K 143 8

    There were 2 born for each other: one who could read the waves of life, the other who could control the sky. One was a sailor destined to be king, and the other was a dragon warrior fated to be his queen. Alone, they were formidable, but together they were unstoppable. But can they face the many hardships and heartbre...

  • Fulminaton ( a Sinbad x reader story)
    24.3K 915 24

    'It's funny how things change..' She once was an assassin Once fell in love Once betrayed her 'mother' Until finally she crashed And now she's back with a different attitude different personality and different looks But why are her feelings the same.. For him? ...

  • Will you conquer the seas with me?(Sinbad x reader)
    18.3K 530 15

    Sinbad from Magi \(•///•)/

  • Political Marriage (Sinbad x Reader)
    150K 2.5K 11

    Sinbad and You having an Arranged Marriage but you object. Magi : The Labyrinth of Magic© Ohtaka Shinobu Magi : The Kingdom of Magic © Ohtaka Shinobu Sinbad © Ohtaka Shinobu You © You Plot /Story © Me Ratings : R18 (for Lemon)

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinbad X Reader "His Peronal Maid"(Complete)
    96.7K 2.4K 11

    Hi everyone this is the FIRST stort I made called "His Personal Maid" a sinbad x reader I really like sinbad so I decided to wrote a story about you and king sinbad I hope you will like it^_^ And I'm really sorry if the story is bad! I don't know English very much so..if there is wrong grammar,spellings please forgive...

  • Passion (Sinbad X Reader)
    61.9K 1.9K 34

    A collection of drabbles and oneshots of Sinbad/female! Reader.

  • Teen Sinbad x Reader
    197K 7.5K 23

    Princess (Y/N) hails from the country of Tenrou, where she is known not only as an incredible dancer, but as the next to take the throne. When a pair of merchants arrive at the palace to speak with the Queen, (Y/N) takes it upon herself to arrange a deal, and in doing so, she creates a unique opportunity for herself...

  • Childhood Friends (Teenage Sinbad X Reader)
    57.3K 1.2K 8

    (Yn) and Sinbad have been great friends since they were just born, They were said to be two miracles that is very rare for two beings to be born with so much power. One of them were blessed with great magical powers, greater than any magi's, she was the embodiment of intelligence and magic. And the other whom you k...

  • Sinbad X Reader
    213K 7.3K 31

    After years of hiding, Princess (Y/N) gets a lucky break. A mysterious man shows up offering her a way out, and she takes it, hoping she'll manage to return to her friends she left so long ago, and see what one man in particular has created. She's dreamed of reuniting with him for years, and now she might get the chan...

  • who she is | sinbad
    563 24 3

    Showing graciousness to a kingdom ruled by stubborn kings and queens is hard. Especially if they're your parents and you're supposed to be like them when you take the throne. A solution? Run away with the first eggplant-haired teenager you see!

  • Waves - A Plan to Change the World
    2.6K 105 7

    It cannot be denied that Claire is a fighter. She's a solo sailor after all, exploring the farthest corners of the Earth with nothing more than her dignity, and a small ship left to her by her family. A family that she can't remember ever having, since they died during her infant days. Taking on the odd job in the por...

  • I am simply one heck of a Magi
    103K 3.5K 39

    Sindria's Magi is none other than me. Kayleah. I am just as powerful as Sinbad and Judal. Not only do I know magic, but I know other methods of fighting too. I guess it's right to say that I am simply one heck of a Magi. *HONORS* 1st Place in Magi Watty Awards 2017 All characters except OCs belong to Magi, an anime wh...

  • Magi: Child of a Singularity
    15K 660 14

    Sinbad looked into golden eyes that hid behind purple locks. How sobering to realize he knew exactly who she belonged to. The king's antics were bound to catch up to him. He just wished he saw it coming. The little girl that had his blood running through her veins would indeed knock him off his feet.