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    - new post from @kang_young.hyuns ↳ @lezgetit commented on this post: " EAT ME " kyh + pjh started: 10•8•18 ended: 5•6•19

  • Lazy // p.j.h + k.y.h
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    The two had nothing better to do ~~ Another onlinefriend au that no one asked for nor wanted

  • dog teeth | jaehyungparkian
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    [COMPLETE] DAY6 JAE + YOUNGK. ::::: my body's covered in teeth marks. your bite's worse than your bark. ::::: in which younghyun falls for the serial killer that kidnaps him. ::::: WARNING ; if you're uncomfortable with stockholm syndrome, murder, death, and blood, don't read this ::::: SHORT STORY ::::: STARTED: N...

  • Forced Marriage {Jaehyungparkian}
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    "I'd never marry a guy like you if I had the choice" "A guy like me wouldn't even look your way if they had the choice."

  • ideal type | p.j.h.+k.y.h.
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    "there's no point of an ideal type, your hormones don't care, you fall in love, you fall in love." "i will not fall in love with anyone outside of my ideal type, that's that." in which two guys who think differently fall in love. its a bit too impossible. ;lowercase intended;

  • one way ticket | jaehyungparkian
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    brian: i want a one way ticket to you ( DISCONTINUED) +.° -jaehyung and younghyun © 2017, verraten -highest rank #45 in jae

  • Coffee >jaehyungparkian<
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    Coffee wasn't the only thing jae needed to get a kick start in the morning

  • HOT; jaehyungparkian ␌(ON HOLD)
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    "we will never be friends."

  • Out Of My Mind [k.yh + p.jh]
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    jaesix: are you sure you're not a fuckboy?

  • How Can I Say? // k.y.h + p.j.h
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    "baby you tell me with a bright expression that you love me, I want to tell you the same„ ~sequel to lazy~

  • The Same as I do
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    jaehyungparkian #91 Day6 #5 hanahakiau #3 hanahakiau

  • insanity || p.j.h+k.y.h[COMPLETED]
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    in which Kang Younghyun[Young K} is insanely in love with Park Jaehyung{Jae]. __________ started: 2018 February Twenty-third end: 2018 December Eighth

  • One Shots ((Jaehyungparkian))
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    ♡Some random Jaehyungparkian one shots♡ All of these are going to be unedited and most likely short

  • i'm not myself || jaehyungparkian
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    just your average jaehyungparkian instagram dm au that no one asked for but with a surprising twist ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ---- started: 31.5.2018 ||vERY slow updates|| #8 jaehyungparkian (i love y'all wtf)

  • INSTAGRAM; jaehyungparkian ␌ √
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    "is it okay if i kiss you?" |best rankings| #2 in jaehyungparkian #1 jae #7 youngk

  • boy of my dreams {𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘱𝘭𝘦𝘵𝘦!}
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    Jae had been having these dreams were he met up with his dream boyfriend, Kang Younghyun. What happens when his dreams become reality?