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  • FIRSTS. | changlix
    2.1K 79 2

    {one shot} he was always there for him and felix couldn't have asked for a better best friend or changbin is felix's first everything --- straybiz©️ p.s this is legit my first one shot so i apologize if it's bad

  • Soap | Sope ✓
    1M 63.3K 19

    ❝ I'm not afraid of it anymore. ❞ In which Jung Hoseok's shower breaks so he needs to use his neighbor's, Min Yoongi. Highest Rank: #80 in Fanfiction ©blurryseok | 2018 ↳ COMPLETED.

  • Secret Flower Boy (NamJin)
    84.7K 5.4K 13

    Fanfiction Seokjin has a secret admirer. "A weed is but an unloved flower." ~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox

  • Eternally♡Namjin
    32.2K 1.6K 11

    "Hyung, what does eternally mean?" "It means forever. Why do you ask?" "Is eternally more powerful than always?" "You could say so. Why?" "I want to eternally be with Seokjin hyung." °•~♡~•° •Sequel to: Always• 《Completed》

  • Being Awake (Klance) [Voltron WA 2017]
    210K 10.3K 10

    The Paladins of Voltron are joined by Princess Allura on a mission to retrieve an artifact on a planet that reminds the Paladins of Earth. The planet is full of traps, the biggest one being that the water, if touched, would put you into a sleep-like trance and give you vivid dreams of your truest desires. But Keith d...

  • Last Spoken Words (UkaTake FanFic-ONE SHOT)
    3.1K 127 1

    Haikyu! Fan Fiction Ukai Keishin x Takeda Ittetsu Boy's Love "Ukai, do you remember your last spoken words to me?" My last question seems I finally won his attention. He quietly waited for the next words I will say. "That rainy night, inside your car, in front of my house, did you really intended to say it on that v...

  • Holding Hands (Prinxiety)
    7.5K 415 1

    Everyone ships it. The fans, the viewers. Dad. Even Logic. And now apparently Thomas does too? Prince and Anxiety won't ever get together, Anxiety knows this. There's literally no way ever. Even though everyone ships it. Prince and Anxiety are enemies, they don't like each other! Anxiety would never even think about...

  • Fools (KageHina)
    4.3K 241 3

    Once upon a time, Kageyama and Hinata fell in love with each other. But it seems like not every love story ends with a "happy ever after". (Inspired by Troye Sivan's song - Fools)

  • Never Have I Ever
    10.1K 628 1

    "Never have I ever, a game devised for children and teens to reveal their secrets. A game that ruined my life." A Kuroken (Kenma x Kuroo) Short Story

    Completed   Mature
  • Closer || Reigisa #animewriting2016
    78 7 1

    A little high school spat, four years with no contact, and a fateful meeting late at night, at a bar nonetheless. What's the worst that could happen? "We ain't ever getting older."

  • Late Night || Reigisa
    138 7 1

    The stars may always be there, but Rei-chan won't be.

  • Do You Love Me?
    549 39 1

    A reigisa oneshot for my dedicated followers who have been waiting 9736374 years for an update on my fanfics. love you guys <3

  • K.I.S.S.I.N.G.
    2.4K 133 1

    Freed and Laxus, sitting in a tree...

  • Music To My Ears
    1.7K 97 1

    Haikyuu story: KageHina one shot

  • Chocolates And Misunderstandings
    524 40 1

    Haikyuu!! Valentines Day one-shot! Pairing: Kageyama x Hinata ❤ Will a simple misunderstanding on Valentine's day ruin the entire relationship between Kageyama and Hinata? (Warning: foul language included in case that's not your style man)

  • I Feel So "Gwaaah!"
    30.2K 1.5K 1

    Haikyuu Story: Kageyama x Hinata one shot

  • Nightmares and Daydreams [Reigisa Oneshot]
    7K 328 1

    Nagisa was the last person Rei expected to have nightmares. When the nightmares start to take a toll on Nagisa's health, his boyfriend does everything he can to help.

  • Color (UsUk)
    6.1K 378 2

    SOULMATE AU Arthur Kirkland never thought his life would be more than a lifeless gray world until Alfred F. Jones came along, and the circumstances of their meeting is all but normal.

  • I've Lost You
    146 16 1

    I've lost you... And I can never get you back

  • My Only Hero
    520 30 2

    In a series of continuous nightmares, Alfred could only watch Arthur fall into the hands of death. Is this truly the end of their story? ((Yes, KagePro inspired. Yes, newly improved. Yes, much better. Yes, please read. •w•))

  • Sleeping GerIta one-shots
    34K 1.2K 13

    Collection of one-shots centered around GerIta and sleeping/nighttime. Fluff. Pictures (inside and cover) and APH not mine :)

  • Passion Brewed Tea (Hetalia: USUK One Shot)
    2.4K 105 1

    While on a business trip in America, our favorite British boy, Arthur, stumbles upon a Starbucks in the midst of a snowstorm. Of course, anyone in their right mind would want a warm beverage in such weather, so he goes inside to find a strange American boy who is very delighted to give him free tea. Where will it go f...