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  • A Writers Guide (Tips And tricks)
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    There is the reader. The one who reads every word of the story. The one who takes every detail of the story and imagine themselves living in the world of the story. Then there is the writer. The one who creates the world many of us could only dream about.

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    If you need any story titles you can take mine!! Message me and tell me you're using it so I can read it:)

  • funny comebacks (pickup lines, insults, and comebacks)
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    you're in need of funny comebacks? insults? pick up lines? jokes? you have reached the right place then! read on! (YOU MAY GET A PUNCH IN THE FACE OR A KICK IN THE JEWELS AFTER SAYING THIS SHIT!)

  • A Part-By-Part Guide To Writing Warriors Fanfiction
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    The longest title ever.. but it is pretty self-explanatory. For the record, this is Warrior Cats fanfiction. I wrote this ages ago, and it might not really be the best advice, so.. keep that in mind?

  • Ice's writing tips
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    Hi fellow wattpad writers! I've gotten a ton of messages on to give out writing tips so here it is. This is a book collection of my book tips that i feel that every book should contain. I'm here to help new writers and new people to wattpad get started! Feel free to critique my tips or tell me your opinion, i'm open m...

  • How to Write a Warriors Fanfiction
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    This book will give you tips on how to write a Warriors fanfiction series on Wattpad. Tips include: -how to create cat names (prefixes and suffixes) -how to create cat appearance -how to create a prophecy -how to create the territories -how to make the Allegiances list -how to write in cat language

  • Warrior Cats | Guide And Extras
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    Step into one of the wonders of the world you may not even know about! Wildcats that come together to form Clans depend on one another to survive - they are known as Warriors. Fighting for survival, they struggle each day to get by, with tensions between other Clans. Hunting, fighting, patrolling - it is all part of t...