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  • The Lit Awards 2019 🌟🎆
    3.4K 370 29

    Open [] Closed [🔥] Judging [🔥] Want to get your books recognised? Want to know if your book is good enough to win? Want to take part in several mini-contests and expand your comfort zone? Well, my friend, you've come to right place! It's time for the first edition of 'The Lit Awards!'

  • The Undiscovered Books Awards 2019 (OPEN & JUDGING)
    14K 1.2K 22

    Welcome to the first edition of Undiscovered Books Awards Over 1000 Entries!!! 130 Shortlisted books 13 Winners 2 Runner-ups 1 Grand Champion! The Undiscovered Books Awards aims at making beautiful undiscovered stories popular Read the first chapter for more details. Cover by @Fallenaengel

  • The Alien Knight Book Club
    8.2K 390 47

    Currently accepting new members again! The Alien Knight Bookclub is a book club for writers of Fantasy, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Paranormal, Horror, and Adventure stories. This is not a book club for novice writers. It's for those who have been writing for a while and want to take their writing to the next...

  • Lunar Reviews [OPEN]
    417 31 13

    Currently accepting review requests, but please read the rules before requesting! OPEN [] HIATUS [⚫] CLOSED PERMANENTLY [] Cover credits to the amazingly talented @plasticparadox!

  • Bookworms - Our Reviews
    725 63 12

    Do you want to know how you can improve your story? Some feedback to know what you're doing well and what you should work on? Then what you're needing is a review. And you came to the right place.

  • World Of Champions Awards IV ✔
    8.4K 733 31

    The Fourth Edition of WOCA is closed! Thank you all for participating! ✖️Open ✖️Judging ✔ Closed

  • Punk Rock Awards 2019
    6.8K 487 35

    Welcome to our first annual Punk Rock Awards, proudly hosted by @PrettyInPunkBookClub! Are you Punk enough to enter? #Awards now closed for judging#

  • The Astrologists Award 2020 (CLOSED)
    9.4K 760 49

    Open ( ) Judging ( ) Closed (🎆) ENTRIES ARE CLOSED!!!!! Cover is made by @AhjiB12 The AstrologistsAward is an award where readers can just express themselves, acknowledge how good they are at writing and have the motivation and support to keep on writing these great stories. It's also a good place to start if y...

  • vintage awards [closed]
    6.9K 489 26

    -lower case intended- status: closed

    7.5K 588 14

    Open || Accepting Submissions

  • Jerk Reviews - Closed
    4.4K 273 27

    Welcome from the Circle of Jerks. We're a group of snarky friends who enjoy humor and sarcasm. However, we also love serious writing and often spend time critiquing each other's works. If you're interested in having you work reviewed, along with a few other awesome prizes, and/or if you're interested in reviewing work...

  • The Mint Awards 2019 RESULTS
    693 47 3

    The results of The Mint Awards 2019! Good luck to all participants, congratulations to all the winners, and thank you for participating to everyone! Hosted by @nnightdday and @chronic_dreamer

  • The Golden Awards 2019-20
    3.5K 240 8

    Tired of being that author whose books never get reads? Do you think you deserve more... gold? Then flip on these pages and you might have the chance to finally shine!!! If interested in judging, please head over to the "Golden Staff Book" in our profile. Thank you. [ ] OPEN [☆] JUDGING [ ] CLOSED

  • Acheron Awards (2019) [results are out]
    6.2K 641 33

    Here it is! The first edition of the Acheron Awards! Want your story to reach more readers? Then this is the place for you. Want to ensure a better afterlife? Then this is the place for you. Whatever you are looking for, THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU

  • Lollipop Awards 2019 |• CLOSED ✔
    4.3K 500 39

    Open [ ] Judging [ ] Closed [X] Closed. •Get the Recognition you deserve! You don't have to tag in order to participate!!!! • The Original Lollipop Awards will be featuring Best Books Ever and Skittle Reviews.🍭 The Awards will remain open until most genres are full. This is your chance to promote your boo...

  • The Duck Awards {Judging}
    3.8K 194 15

    { } Open {X} Judging { } Closed Do you ever feel like your book has that spark, that thing about it, that makes it the greatest story ever? Is your beloved story underappreciated and looked over? If so, you've come to the right place! The Duck Awards is designed to give every author a fair chance at having their book...

  • Violet Book Reviews (CLOSED FOR CATCH UPS!)
    894 100 17

    This is a place where you can request for your novel to be read and discussed. We will give you 100% straight feedback with no sugar added to it. If you really would like some real feedback, you are in the right place! Cover design by @fallenaengel

  • Workshop | Tips, Suggestions, and Growth • Close •
    1.1K 148 23

    Workshop consists of insights, recommendations, and tips to help with your work in progress (WIP). The purpose is to give encouragement and feedback to provide growth. | Open | | Close | •••

  • The Discovery Awards 1
    4.8K 477 38

    Open [ ] Judging [ ] Closed [💡] Where the undiscovered get discovered! This Wattpad contest, run by DontYouWantToKnow was organised to help recognise amazing talents in this Wattpad multiverse. Enter for a chance to shine bright!

  • fire | book review
    1.1K 66 10

    [closed to catch up] . . . are your books ready to be thrown in the fire? in which i do honest book reviews. . . . *warning: SELECTIVE applications *double warning: i won't be nice all the time

  • Rebel Town Reviews [OPEN]
    15.3K 1K 113

    Hello and Welcome, We are proud to be hosting a place where you can receive a good honest opinion of your book. Our goal is to help our fellow Wattpaders improve their writing skills by giving them a platform where they can receive honest and constructive feedback. Love, xxRazmatazxx & Rasha007 Leaders of Rebel Town...

  • The Writer's Oscars {OPEN}
    6K 579 23

    Open(✅) Closed() Judging(✅) Hello fellow wattpaders or wattpadians! (whatever we call ourselves 😁) ✴We accept books with under 10k reads! ✴ This contest is run by two authors just like you! Yes, you that is reading this. Are you looking for some recognition? Or do you just wanna have fun? Is that a yes? Just c...

  • Jada's Reviews & Critiques
    350 58 7

    |Currently Open| Ever wondered what others think of your work? Well, you've come to the right place. Here you can receive reviews and critiques from myself and others who view your work by finding out about it through me! Here you can find recognition and honest opinions by asking others questions and simply listening...

  • Black Table Reviews
    244 14 7


  • Lilo Reviews (On Hold For A Health Break)
    622 96 17

    Got a book? Need someone to review it with some constructive criticism? I think this is the place for you! I want to help your book be better! Whether you're an author looking for help or a reader looking for something new, Lilo Reviews has got you covered! Open for requests of book reviews. #1 in constructive #2 in...

  • The Smitten Awards!
    280 30 5

    Are you an undiscovered writer? A hidden jem in a sea full of beautiful ones? Join the Smitten Awards! A place where all the little and small jems get discovered! Open= {✔️} Judging={❌}

  • Free Reviews
    2K 188 30

    I will personally read and review your book, giving it both a person and statistic grade as well as giving several tips on your book on how to improve it! If you can wow me with less than 100 mistakes, you earn votes and followers from me! No payment required (though greatly appreciated!) I will try to finished you...

  • The Soul Awards {CLOSED}
    4.6K 319 27

    Drumroll for ... The Soul Awards! ✔ CLOSED ✔ SHORTLIST WINNERS ANNOUNCED ✔ WINNERS ANNOUNCED Hey everybody! This is an awards book, hosted by @XttargetX to push undiscovered books on their path to glory (or at least help with it). If this sounds like you, come on in and have a try! (Promise no stings attached ;) {Or a...

  • The Visionary Awards
    1.6K 99 4

    Open [✔] Closed [] Judging []

  • The Glitter Awards (OPEN)
    1.6K 91 16

    Looking for somewhere to show your book? to help get it noticed, and get something to show for it? You have come to the right place! All you have to do is sign up, and fill in the form! :)