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  • look after you ( andrew bazzi )
    53K 2.5K 27

    in which, he falls for his daughters kindergarten teacher. ☾ °☆ . * ● ¸ . ★ 1/3 COMPLETED !

  • The Hybrid Son
    160K 4.3K 57

    With Nora beginning to adjust to her new life here in 2018 things couldn't be better, until a new speedster show up to hunt her down. Who is this mysterious new speedster, and why is he here? Could he carry a BIG SECERET that could change their fate?? Read to find out.... *I don't own The Flash or it's characters. All...

    1.7K 767 52

    No matter how hard I tried , i just ended up failing . No matter how much I pushed him away , the closer he kept coming. In his bed, we both had lain, caught up in our lusts. He's shirtless and so am I. His hands trail dangerously down my naked back as the other one pulls at my hair, sending undescribable pleasure all...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sweet Little Sinners
    665 186 18

    I'M WARNING YOU NOW: 1. DON'T let THE WITNESS live. 2. DON'T move TO THE BEAT with a handsome stranger. Please don't. 3. DON'T find out THE THING ABOUT VICTORIA. It's too late already. 4. DON'T befriend the two charming women in the train on their BUSINESS TRIP. It would be fatal. 5. DON'T take A SIP of the poison Dor...

  • Fatal Attractions
    17.9K 1.9K 53

    Scientists have discovered how to transfer an animal's DNA into humans, leading to Miracle Juice; an injectable serum filled with heritable animal traits. The DNA strands of an Aldraba Tortoise will triple humans' lifespans. The sleeper shark will let us go without food for months. The Pompei worm and artic fox will l...

  • I'm Jamaica
    514 126 35

    Jamaica's an ordinary girl. She lives with her parents and siblings. A happy family, a best friend, tons of friends, an awesome crush and the "perfect life" what could go wrong? My name is Jamaica Tariq. I'm just an ordinary girl, if you believe in the word "ordinary". I think my life is all a story so I summed up all...

  • Silver Jungle
    726 196 33

    Dani Linds has always felt like he's missing. It's always been attributed to the fact he was found at age six, without any memory of where he came from. Eleven years later, when the tour guide from the school trip to Mexico matches exactly to the women in his dreams, Dani learns that his life in Arizona is never going...

  • When Hell Runs Cold
    1.4K 285 25

    "What does it take to be a hero?" Alysia Lockheart is not a hero. Lurking in the shadows as the infamous thief Lux, she's exactly the opposite of one. But when dead bodies start showing up, bodies who look eerily similar to Alysia, and a new villain reveals himself, she finds herself teaming up with Ziren City's resid...

  • Young Ben 10 & Danny Phantom: Heroes United
    5.7K 157 9

    The biggest hero in the world meet and teams up with the ghost boy to stop a common enemy.

  • What Happened That Summer
    1.8K 283 23

    (COMPLETE) Camp Eagle Ridge was where it all started. At the age of fifteen, Darcy Quinn was sent to Camp Eagle Ridge, a camp for delinquents and the troubled over the summer of 2009. When the summer ends in tragedy, Darcy, along with five other teenagers, vowed to never speak about what really happened that night and...

  • The Rightful Owner
    720 564 12

    She finally found her parents and he killed them, and took everything she's suppose to inherit now she's back for revenge cause she's THE RIGHTFUL OWNER

  • The Guardians
    82 6 4

    The last of her kind, that's what she was. And people were out to kill her for it. Neither hiding nor running was an option anymore. She had to fight. She was the last of the Guardians.

  • Brothers Till The End
    13.9K 214 8

    When Sonic, Shadow, and Silver Find Out they are brothers what will happen when the others find out? Will they be able to protect their friends from their so called father? Will Sonic, Shadow, and Silver be able to protect each other? Relationships Sonic and Amy Shadow and Rouge Silver and Blaze Knuckles and Tikal Tai...

  • The Prophecy
    23.2K 737 33

    The prophecy was Wrong Fake Lies False truth This is the true story of how the royal triplets and their friends defeated Dr. Robotnik But in the end the real villain is destroyed, but who is it? ~ please read notifications for any information Hope you in joy Dream7896

    Completed   Mature
  • True Past
    17.6K 374 12

    What happens when the ultimate life form discovers that he was not created But he had parents, a brother, an uncle, aunt and cousin. A family Shadow has been lied to, by the people he called family on the A.R.K And he must find out the truth about his true past or everything could come crashing down Sonic never batt...

  • My World
    5K 123 5

    Sonic the hedgehog isn't from this world, but from another, driven by war his world is chaotic and falling apart, but yet he is here, trapped, unable to find away home but what happens when his enemy from his world tries to take over the one he is in now? and what happens if the resistance is here as well?

  • The Past He Tried to Leave Behind
    16.8K 436 16

    Sonic dug through a box of his old things. "Why are we selling our old stuff again Tails?" He asked as he pulled out some old sneakers "It's either this or you get a job." "Okay geez..." Sonic continued to dig through the box "No way..." He pulled an old medallion out of the box, it was shaped like a guitar "I haven't...

  • Another Prophecy
    19.8K 408 15

    My twist on a Sonic X/Underground fanfic! There's no Chris, and it's completely original from where I make friendships. It's a bit AU. Includes some OC's. Orrrrr. Sonic disappears, time goes by, Sonia and Manic search for their brother who's already found a missing piece of their family. The Oracle keeps watch of the...

  • Sonic and the Secret Rings
    2.2K 95 5

    On a perfectly normal night, I met a Genie of the Ring named Shahra that decided to show up in the middle of nowhere and beg me to come into the world of the Arabian Nights to defeat an evil spirit. I followed her into the book, and I thought it would be a quick trip in and out, but it turned out there were a few thin...

  • Injustice: Year One
    191 0 9

    Superman is Earth's greatest hero. But when the Man of Steel can't protect the thing he holds most dear, he decides to stop trying to save the world... and start ruling it. Now, the Last Son of Krypton is enforcing peace on Earth by any means necessary. Only one man stands between Superman and absolute power: Batman...

  • Destiny
    19.7K 407 27

    Legends fortold a legend of a hero. The legend was passed down generation to generation until one fateful day. Out of nowhere, a peculiar cobalt blue blur protected his homeland from the mad scientist's wrath and made friends and allies along the way. But nobody know of the blue blur's past. And nobody knows that it...

  • The Guy Next Door
    415 61 13

    After a past relationship filled with lies,tradgedy and betrayal.Amber Ambrose decided that this term she was going to be a different and better person. She wasn't going to let anyone hurt her again but she still wasn't going to give up on love.True Love Everything changes for Amber when new neighbours move in next do...

  • "Your Pregnant!!?!" ~ Miraculous Ladybug Fanfiction
    40.9K 557 3

    Marinette screamed at herself, staring at her worn out face in the bathroom mirror. This is not how her life was supposed to go!! She was supposed to marry Adrian Agreste, become the worlds famous fashion designer, and have a loving family with her husband and her beautiful children. Not become pregnant at 16 with th...

  • Pregnant By The Enemy
    88.9K 1.8K 9

    The Dupain-cheng company and The Agreste company are rivals and have been for years and their children Marinette and Adrien accidentally hook up one night and Marinette ends up pregnant what will happen

  • Heroes and Villains <Chat Noir Fanfiction>
    30.3K 982 17

    "I held the gun as I pointed at the ridiculously dressed role playing cat guy in front of me. "And who the fuck are you?"." Break was never one for magic, in fact she would be pretty magical in the villain world. Named "Grim Reaper" and holding the killing streak of 43 agents that were sent to kill her, who knew she w...

  • Unexpected
    5.1K 483 21

    Vanessa is a strong headed and independent young woman who refuse to submit to what is expected from her. Jered, a devilishly handsome man has set his attention on Vanessa. He wants her as HIS and nothing will stop him. ********* "Yeah, chocolate. You know, usually sweet, brown food. I love i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken (Marichat/Adrienette fanfic)
    2.9K 51 13

    Marinette is a young girl, about 14, she was one of the most kind hearted people. She is a simple girl who lives a happy life, that all changes one day when a fake video about her goes up. (The video says something about her saying she's using her friends) Her friends and classmates, who are also her friends, don't kn...

  • Miraculous : Universe Timetraveler
    1.3K 35 30

    A girl named Emma Agreste who has the ability of timetraveling ,thanks to her parent's mistake in the final battle, she make a wish NEVER see her Mother Ever again. Now she has to face the consequences and in live in a different timeline in which she cannot escape! Futhermore she must not be spoted by anyone. Fate ha...

  • Someone there for me||A Miraculous Fanfiction
    706 6 13

    "Please..just go away Cat noir. I'm not in the mood for your games.." "No. Like I said Mari, I will always be there for you," Cat noir came in for a warm hug. Marinette accepted it, sobbing into his shoulder. "I wish things didn't turn out this way.." #85 in IdkAnymore as of 1/4/19 ((amazing right..?)) ((ART IS NOT...

  • Forbidden | Avatar the Last Air Bender
    223K 7K 30

    Raised in the North Western water Tribe, Ayuzawa Tasha was an extraordinary girl. She was a strong willed, powerful water-bender and warrior of the tribe - many admired her outstanding fighting skills and bravery. But no one knew that her powers were fueled because of her powerful spiritual past; a past that even she...