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  • ℱℴ𝓇𝒸ℯ𝒹 ♡~𝕂𝕪𝕠𝕪𝕒 𝕩 ℝ𝕖𝕒𝕕𝕖𝕣~♡
    126K 4.4K 34

    (Y/N) Shirubanaito, the only child and the successor of the Shirubanaito company never wanted more than anything to be like the others and attend school. But of course, as the only child, her parents would do as much as to keep her safe and locked inside her dull, quiet, empty, and lonely house. It wasn't until her pa...

  • Moris sister
    115K 2.6K 64

    Your moris sister your a 2nd year Your starting late in the year because of a reason you'll find out When mori brings you to the host club you find your ex there what will you do? Make up or stay apart

  • The Lost Demigod (A Percy Jackson X Reader) [One]
    329K 8.4K 30

    You were just a normal girl waking down an ally in New York... The bad thing is that you are being chased by a manticore and you thought they have been scented in millennia, not even by the goddess Artemis. Find out what happens next.

  • Safe
    51.8K 2.1K 57

    When a mysterious stranger unexpectedly arrives at the Ben Bow inn, at first Jim wasn't so sure about her, but then when her life becomes threatened by her own mind, he does whatever he can to make her feel safe. ~•~•~•~ You wake up in a hospital with no memory of how you got there or who you are. You arrived to the B...

    Completed   Mature
  • To each master a loyal servant [ Loki x Reader ]
    349 10 2

    A fan fiction focusing on a female reader wielding an unusual abilty, sharing Loki's outlook on the universe and desperate in helping him bear his glorious purpose, staying beside him and helping him no matter what. The story starts at the beginning of "The Avengers" movie. The development of this story might be s...

  • humanity's hope// Levi x eren's sister
    100K 2.4K 35

    I couldn't believe it my mom died because of a Titan and my dad is missing I only have my elder brother by 1 year Eren and my kind of adoptive sister Mikasa, and I decided to join the survey corps so I can save humanity

  • Boy or Girl? (Levi X Female!Reader)
    47K 1.2K 17

    You wanted to join the scouts and you did. But you were seen as a boy. You wore a wig that is the same color as your brother Eren. And you use your middle name as your boy name, Yukinae. Eren, Mikasa, and Armin are the only people who knows your secret. But what if Captin Levi finds out? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Heya! A st...

  • MY FAKE BOYFRIEND ( draco malfoy! )
    5.2M 159K 64

    ❝WOAH, WOAH, WOAH, THERE'S NO WAY IN HELL IM GOING TO DATE YOU❞ in which a two enemies agree to fake date one another. [draco malfoy x reader] © 2016 sameezyy

  • [Newt Scamander x Shapeshifter!Reader]: Intriguing
    40.8K 1.3K 13

    This was a request from a friend! It's difficult to write since its a unique topic but I am really enjoying it. Hopefully you all like it. This does not fully follow the whole story line since I don't know what happens past the first movie haha.

  • Love Bites (female reader x Luka)
    29.5K 988 10

    You had always loved Viperion, I mean what would you expect from the head of the Viperion fan club, but you were more than just a fan girl you were sure he would love you too, if you happened to meet. Then you join Françoise Dupont High School, and meet Luka. A boy who begins to sway your love for Viperion. Torn bet...

  • White blood cell x Reader or Red blood cell
    40.2K 649 18

    A romance, scratch that, it's a smut :^ From the show Cells at work.

  • Love in a black book (kyoya x reader)
    14.8K 466 4

    You are a new girl in school. You come from a mysterious family that doesn't believe in not having money. You however, are a different story. You hate prissy things, rich snobs (like the ones she's related to), and criminals ( which your parents happen to be). what happens when you meet kyoya, a rich boy who helps run...

  • {A Cinderella story} Kyoya X Reader plz read description
    10K 265 9

    This story is about Kyoya and the reader and the reader is the new girl Who she hates is kyoya because can XD

  • Humbly Yours (Kyoya X Reader)
    54.1K 1.8K 10

    Meet (y/n) Morinorzuka she's the younger sister of the very quiet Mori Senpai. But never did she know she'd end up having to move from an island at Japan to going to the Ouran Academy. Where she meets none other than the host club and their very dark demonic shadow it love at first sight or is it a battle t...

  • Another Guitarist (Luka x Reader)
    70.5K 2K 27

    You had just moved to Paris from America. On your first day at your new school, five days after you moved to Paris, you fall in love again. With Luka. You hope it won't be the same. Falling in love. Left heartbroken. Then you would have to move again. Problem is, the last one came to see you after finding out you were...

  • Wanting More
    65.2K 850 52

    You and Shayne are particularly close but somehow you've always been left wanting more especially after a one night stand that seemed to repeat itself over and over again.

  • Levi X Reader Oneshots 2.0 (Requests Open)
    106K 1.6K 17

    Romantic situations and sexual scenarios focused purely on Levi Ackerman. Dedicated to my saviours: @Lord-ofthe-Fandoms & @VMarinaKatrinaV Cover by: @sleepynusrat Preview: "Do you remember me?" His features were familiar, that I couldn't deny. The man who sat opposite me was short- a little shorter than I originally a...

  • Valentine's Day : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 2
    6.6M 352K 71

    *CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 2* FIRST DRAFT Lila receives an ominous Valentine's Day card. Cupid & Cal are keeping a dark secret. Fate is being interfered with. And a sadistic, and extremely powerful banished cupid is intent on stealing Lila's heart. Literally. In the eagerly anticipated BOOK 2 OF THE CUPID'S MATCH SERIES - Ar...

  • Cupid's Match : CUPID'S MATCH BOOK 1
    55.3M 2.6M 83

    [IN BOOKSTORES NOW!] What if you were matched with the original love god? --- When Lila goes to the Cupids Matchmaking Service it is to tell them to stop spamming her. Instead she finds out that cupids are real, she has been matched with a dangerous love god, and that he is coming to find her. Soon arrows fly, myths...

  • Cupid's Match Special: The Boy POVs
    332K 13.4K 8

    CUPID: If the world must end for us to be together then so be it... CAL: I would rather destroy my heart than destroy her... MINO: Did you know the mind is a labyrinth....? KLAUS: All I want to do is pull her onto my lap, taste her kisses, feel her body against mine... *** Discover what some of the male characters...

  • Mirror, Mirror ♦ Loki X Reader
    367K 12.1K 73

    Book One of Mirror, Mirror//Loki x Reader ~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~•~°~ "I'm not a The Hero, but I'm also not The Villain. I'm a crazy in between...." ~Y/n Love... Is a very confusing subject. Some say it makes you feel like you're...

  • The Bridge Between Us - Loki X Reader
    41.3K 1.5K 14

    "There is a legend passed around by the Asgardian people that says if two persons were meant to be together and both stood on the rainbow bridge at the same time, the bridge will light up and connect the two." - (Soulmate AU) - Disclaimer: I only own the story! All the characters and the universe belongs to Marvel - T...

  • 🌷 The Suitor 🌷// Loki x Reader
    38.9K 1.4K 14

    You and eleven other women have been chosen to be suitors of the prince Loki. Unfortunately, you have no interest in being involved what so ever. But when a servant with the most alluring green eyes quite literally bumps into you while you read your book, you find a friend in the least likely place. (And of course, th...

  • Loki x reader
    42.2K 826 13

    You're a fresh member of the avengers and he's living there only because Thor is a big and scary man. At first you liked him, until he started to ignore you. Sometimes it felt like he forgot that you exist. But he's like a kid, pulling his crush's hair, because he doesn't know any better. -My first story, it's not go...

  • The Broken Princess (Loki x Reader)
    60.3K 2K 12

    Reader is a princess of a kingdom with a culture where women sit at home, cook and keep being pretty. She was never like that no matter how much her mother wanted her to be like that. However she gets engaged with the Asgardian prince, Loki. They don't like to be forced into it but not for the same reason. Find out wh...

  • As one. Always. (A Loki fan fiction)
    1.9M 57.2K 35

    What if Loki was supposed to attack Earth? What if it was a prophecy? Noelle is the offspring of a demi-god and a human. Raised on earth, the halfling was close to death when she woke up in Asgard. Her life will never be the same, especially after she meets Loki, Odin's second son. From the moment they met, their love...

  • Making Me Crazy
    107K 2.3K 19

    (Y/N) is the daughter of Steve Rogers. Even though her father and Tony Stark fought in Civil War, she is very close to both of them. (Y/N) is sent to go to Midtown High as her father suspects that there a terrorist there. With her super strength and agility, it is possible to track down the terrorist in the school, bu...

  • Perfectly Broken [ Shoto Todoroki X Reader]
    146K 4.1K 84

    "Test number 312 went successfully. Patient has adapted well to the foreign quirk, unlike previous test subjects. This adding to the 4 to the other 3 already placed in test subject 82." Another recording, another success, this only results in my life continuing instead of ending. How much more could I hold? The tormen...

  • Levi x Reader Oneshots Book #2 (REQUESTS ARE CLOSED)
    1.7M 34.6K 100

    This is my second book dedicated to the lovely Levi Ackerman. Usually updated 2-3 times a week unless I'm super busy. I do write smut or lemons. Not accepting requests. Book #1: Ranked #838 in Fanfiction Ranked #782 in Fanfictio...