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  • The Heaven God Slayer
    83.3K 1.7K 27

    Meet Stella Eucliffe, ex-member of the guild Sabertooth and now an independent S-Class mage. What could possibly go wrong when she walks into the guild hall of Fairy Tail? Highest Rank: #1 in Sabertooth

  • Fairy Tail One Shots||HIATUS||
    174K 3.7K 42

    My first one shots are over 3 years old so are kinda shitty, I promise my newer ones are better and longer tho, so yeah. This was completed but I decided I will try to write more when I'm bored :) Enjoy and welcome back! Hiatus: I am going on a hiatus because my health is not good :( I have been getting sick every oth...

  • New Girl ~ Sting X Reader X Rogue
    244K 9.2K 42

    So she could be protected from Achnologia until she was powerful enough to take him down, the dragon princess was sent to Earthland from the Dragon Realm. All magic comes with a price, especially large amounts, like sending a powerful wizard to another world. ~ The New Girl, now going to the Magic Academy of Fiore, is...

  • Rogue x Reader
    28.9K 784 10

    You and Rogue met on a mission. The more you guys hang out the stronger your feelings grow for each other. Read more to find out~

  • Fairy tail x reader Imagines
    20K 438 11

    Different stories about you with the fairy tail guys

  • Zodiac Signs | ✎
    7.3M 258K 135

    A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.

  • Mine » Sting X Reader X Rogue ✔️
    112K 3.2K 17

    (Y/N) the newest guild member of Sabertooth after the GMG where they lost. Apparently you joined Sting and Rogues team as a trio of dragon slayers. Secretly, two dragon slayers are crushing on you. - I do not own Fairy Tail, it characters, or you!

  • Let it Be ( Rogue Cheney x OC Fanfic - Fairy Tail )
    59K 1.6K 37

    A girl. Lost. Abandoned. By two dragons. Her Mother and Father. She's a puppet. His puppet. Emotionless. A puppet without her strings that connect her to the puppeteer. Wandering with her companion exceed, Vivianna. Them both staying hidden from the sun's hidden rays for as long as possible. Navali and Vivianna. Drag...

  • Black Dragon (Rogue X Reader)
    12.7K 211 16

    Y/n replaces Natsu in the last day of the grand magic games. During the battle ageist the dragons she meets future rogue and he says something that throws her off. Shadow is killed saving her life against the dragon. At the ball hosted by the king, something drives her into joining Sabertooth. Not knowing of the dange...

  • Hero (Laxus x Reader)
    106K 2.6K 24

    {Completed} Laxus has always been your first love, he is the one that saved you after all. You've been dating for 8 years but your relationship has been on the rocks and the only reason you stayed was because of her it's always been HER. When the Battle Of Fairy Tail happens all your love for him might run out, but y...

  • Countdown [Natsu x Reader x Gray]
    3.4K 143 14

    Natsu, (Y/N), and Gray - best friends since the sixth grade. Now, they're seniors in high school - about to graduate and become adults - but over the years of being best friends, both Natsu and Gray have developed feelings for (Y/N). They want her to pick who she would like to be with before they graduate. That gives...

  • Fairy Tail Boyfriend Scenarios
    9.8K 152 9

    I know there are many of these but I wanted to do one too. This is my first story and I am very excited about it!! I hope you enjoy!

  • Starlight Blue (Gray x Oc)
    105K 2.8K 56

    Vyra has been in Fairy Tail for as long as she could remember. The guild is her home, but there's so much unanswered questions about her that leaves her to be mysterious. #1 In GrayFullbuster Updating every Friday! DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT KNOW ANYTHING FAIRYTAIL ONLY MY OC. 2018

  • •Ice Cold• Gray Fullbuster x Reader •Fanfiction•
    7.4K 174 25

    Disclaimer: I do not own Fairy Tail or any of the characters in this story unless it is my original plot. This is just a fan fiction I've written for your pleasure. (Or cringe, however you feel about it). Also, vulgairty. (Swearing) Thank you and enjoy the book. ♡ ●○● A rumour has been going around the town of Mag...

  • Gray Fullbuster X Reader
    1.1K 67 19

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fairy Tail, the original plot, characters, locations or some of the quotes featured in this story. However this is my fanfiction and as such, events and results have been rearranged... "Sorry Lucy, nobody really knows anything about her except for Gray. Heck Gray's the only one who knows her r...

  • Frozen Heart ~ Fairy Tail Fanfiction
    10.2K 247 22

    "It's been so long, three years. I wanted to see if you're okay," Yukino murmured, but knowing Haven was able to hear her. "Three years to late to ask me that question," Haven snapped, before laying Lilia down, who passed out due to fear. Petting Lilia's head softly, Haven turned towards Yukino and gave her a sharp l...

  • Don't Tell Dad [Rogue Cheney x Reader]
    616 45 3

    ❝ Just... don't tell my dad, please. ❞ 一 All Rogue needed was a week to show his father that he was happy and healthy - and by happy and healthy, he means in a good relationship with a great girl. Problem is, he doesn't have a girl and his father disapproved of the last one. So he turns to his best-friend Sting and he...

  • latibule // jellal fernandes
    7.2K 312 9

    ❝every time, i would still choose you, every time.❞

  • Gray's Broken Dragon Slayer (Gray x Reader)
    2.8K 87 14

    (Y/N) Eucliffe is Sting's younger sister. She was 10 when she was separated from her brother. She is now 17 and currently looking for a guild. She want to join Sabertooth with her brother. But he didn't want her to. He told her to join a different guild. Sting told her that the master at Sabertooth was rude and didn't...

  • The Phoenix Slayer (Rogue Cheney X reader)
    6.4K 205 5

    For as long as you could remember, your childhood was dark, cruel, and lonely. It all changes when you meet Philomena, the elemental Phoenix. She teaches you elemental Phoenix slayer magic and raises you like her own. You then meet a certain shadow dragon slayer and become great friends. On the July 7th, in the year o...

  • Anime/Webtoon Oneshots
    171K 3.1K 167

    Basically the title. Requests will be explained in the story. Please, enjoy.

  • Fairy Tail Oneshots (x reader) [completed]
    780K 17.4K 76

    Fairy tail x reader one shots. Because fairy tail is my favorite Will be female unless otherwise specified [requests closed] Highest #289 in Fanfiction Highest #1 in Gajeel Redfox Highest #5 in Sabertooth Highest #1 in Gray Fullbuster Highest #1 in Fairy Tail Highest #3 in Natsu Highest #1 in Erza Scarlet Highest #...

  • Rogue Cheney x Reader Fanfiction
    643K 16.7K 52

    You've loved Rogue Cheney from the first words he ever spoke to you and he has no problem letting you know that you're all that's on his mind. A mission-gone-wrong somehow goes incredibly right because it's what brought the two of you together. Both your worlds were now consumed with each other and your journies were...

  • Weapon Wielder - Rogue Cheney x OC ( Fairy Tail )
    28.4K 892 21

    A lost magic that was said to be lost for many years. A lost magic known as Yakuma Fourteenth War Gods Magic. A magic bestowed onto a certain girl. "Your magic can destroy, you magic can conquer." That one sentence has been burned into this certain girls mind since she discovered it. Burning her home to the ground...

  • dancing with our demons; rogue cheney
    176K 5.4K 28

    (Rogue Cheney x Reader) This was my first ever fanfic so prepare for a million grammar and spelling mistakes and also for a lot of unlogical things popping up throughout the story. I honestly won't even try and review this, I'd have to rewrite the whole thing. Read at your own risk, I guess. completed: 12/31/2014

  • sister dearest ~ oc x sting x rogue
    9.1K 198 22

    Maybe being the sister of the famous fire dragon slayer Natsu wouldn't be so bad. if you were five years younger than him. I DO NOT OWN THE COVER PHOTO SOMEONE WITH SKILLS DOES.

  • Fairy Tail X Reader (One-Shots/Lemons)
    70.7K 707 21

    ⚠️ Mature Content ⚠️ It's lemons AND one-shots, I'm making them fairly long too. Request whatever you want. I don't own anything other than the plot(s).

  • Fairy Tail X Reader (one-shots, lemons, head cannons)
    30.5K 459 13

    Lemons, One-Shots, & Head Cannons with your favorite Fairy Tail characters. All lemons with be stated in the title so you can avoid them if you really wish to. Cover created by: @FoxcatAl ( Her graphic shop at: ) Also, one day, this was #1 in twindragons tag, and it made me feel c...

  • Fairy Tail One Shots ( X Reader )
    66.2K 1.6K 13

    The title is pretty self explanatory, but this is a Fairy Tail one shot book. I'll be taking requests on various types of one shots (unless otherwise specified), details are in the first chapter. Enjoy!

  • Collection of : Fairy Tail X Reader One-Shots
    158K 4.2K 32

    WARNING: You may cry or get addicted to Mystogan. I take no respond for your emotions so read at your own risk. Also, cute one-shots are there too NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS