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  • Vicky's Guide To Wattpad
    79.5K 3.7K 7

    Welcome to the Big Wide Orange world of Wattpad. Here are a few handy tips on figuring your way around this pretty awesome website, and having a blast.

  • Trailer Making 101
    98.1K 1.9K 15

    Have you always wanted to make trailers but just have been stuck on what to do? Have you had questions that need answers? Wondering what's the right software or how to get clips? Well wonder no more! I'm here to help! This book is filled with tips, suggestions and opinions from trailer makers for trailer makers. ...

  • Novel Writer's Toolkit: Revised Edition
    125K 1.5K 20

    Writing a novel and getting it published: That's your goal. And nothing will keep you from making it happen. Such a goal, of course, presents a number of challenges. Make sure you have the tools you need to overcome them and succeed. In THE NOVEL WRITER'S TOOLKIT, NY Times Best-Selling author Bob Mayer shares a vetera...

    100 44 18

    Let us take a walk down the road to the mid-eighteenth Century where we meet Laura Kenwinsky. She is a young lady who fights against all odds for her safety, feminism and above all for her mother's vengeance. Laura is among the few mid-century girls to stand up for herself and fight against the chauvinist men of thi...

  • (CLOSED) Requirments + Info
    122 12 3

    All the info you'll need for banners, reviews, and book trailers.

  • Writing Tips, Prompts, and More
    952 61 3

    Since I get questions all the time asking me how I plan and write my stories, where I get inspiration, how I make my characters, and etc. I decided to make a "book" dedicated to that. So in here I'll answer all the questions you have as best as I can and take you through step by step on ways to write/plan your story a...