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  • The badboy and his nerd
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    Emberly Stinson is Alexander High's most shy, helpful, pure and innocent girl. On the other hand, there's Asher Colton. Alexander High's bad boy. He was graced with a gorgeous look, a Greek God's physique, all girls wanted to be with him and all boys want to be him. However, Emberly and Asher are enemies since childho...

  • His one and only ✔️
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    "What makes you think I'll let you leave?" he asked and took a step towards me. "Because I'm not into guys?" "Well then why did you date your ex-boyfriend?" he asked and I froze at the mention of my ex. "Because ...uhhmm...I-I," My ex was a touchy subject. "You can't fool me, Bella," He said and rolled his eyes. "I al...

  • My Daddy, The Devil {under construction}
    321K 8.2K 27

    ~|~Highest Rank: 4 In Baby doll, 6 In Mysterious, 108 In Romance, & 11 In Love Story~|~ 17 year old Natalia has watched almost everyone in her family pass away, or leave her. She thought her life could not get any better, or worse for that matter. Ajax Malachi is determined to change her mind about that. It's been 11...

  • He Chose Me
    1.3M 19.2K 35

    "No matter what, you have to be respectful. It's always Yes Sir." I just changed schools and now I'm in trouble. Both with myself, and now with my Dom. Who knew high school would be like this? A/N: Warning, it's kinky. This book is a very FICTIONAL story of my own fantasies that I enjoy. This is supposed to be an alte...