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  • Soft Dom, Hard Palms 🔞 (DD/LB Supernatural/Ongoing??)
    140 10 1

    Shane is a vampire who wears big cozy sweaters, irons his trousers every morning and kisses his sub on the forehead to wake him up. He loves being a good daddy to his little boy, Leslie. Leslie is Shane's tiny, often mischievous werewolf sub who needs a hard hand and his Dom's soft heart. Xxxxx Enjoy, vote and leav...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hazel Eyes
    21K 337 8

    This story tells of a girl, no older than 20. She was never the center of a party. She tended to be withdrawn. And due to events from her past, she grew to be very fond of older females. What happens, when she tries her luck in online BDSM-forum? Read the story to find out. This is my first story, comments and follow...

  • Katie Is A Little Bit Little
    59.5K 1.2K 20

    GXG Katie loves her lifestyle however she's a growing​ woman and she has a social life to uphold along with her embarrassing kiddish tendency, she is however very cute. It's gonna be slow to start with, let her ease in xx

  • Make Him Mine (Ddlb)
    294K 4.6K 13

    Brandon has a secret. He loves to call people daddy in his head when he dates them but he would never tell anyone. But one day surfer jock Nate overhears him masturbating in the school bathroom after hours screaming out for daddy. Nate has a secret. He is a daddy into Ddlg. He always wanted a little girl like the rest...

  • Daddy's Baby Boy
    272K 7.3K 26

    (Completed) A ddlb story because in my opinion there aren't nearly enough. Ryan meets Adam through school and is immediately entranced by the other boys wide eyes and cute chubby cheeks. Ryan wants to make Adam his, but is it too soon?

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy's Bunny
    67.5K 2.3K 34

    Baby boy book two. If you haven't read baby boy don't read this one!!! Sexual content so read at your own risk. BxB

  • Daddy's Boy.
    185K 4.3K 19

    sky would of never guessed that what he needed was a god like man Eric would of never guessed that what he needed was a naughty baby boy. what will thay do when thay find that what they needed was each other.

  • Daddy's Boy
    688K 23.1K 41

    Brendan didn't set out to find a "Daddy" nor did Edmund think Brendan would be his perfect "little boy," sometimes fate and love just find a way.... #70 in lgbt guys I'm screaming!! I LOVE YOU