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  • Sanity Extras
    7.2K 393 11

    Welcome to the bonus content for Sanity! If you have not read Sanity fully yet, DO NOT READ THIS! There are major spoilers in this content. Go over to my main page NonaHysteria to read the original story. With that said, I hope you enjoy. If you'd like to see certain characters backstory scenes, comment them here :) T...

  • Fiend Club | Andley/Ghorror/Angeless [C]
    48.3K 3.2K 35

    Monsters; They've disappeared for so many centuries, they've become old wives tales. For most, that is. When a few curious teenagers venture into a supposedly abandon castle, they might just find a few villains. Black Veil Brides/Motionless In White crossover | Supernatural AU Ghorror | Andley | Angeless Writters - C...

  • Milk & Cookies | Ghorror DDLG
    17.6K 843 10

    I'll write an actual description later Ghorror | DDLG Writters: Nona & Kitty

  • One Shots [OPEN]
    40.3K 1K 17

    miw one shots | gay shit warning | requests open

  • MIW One-Shots | BXB
    20.3K 674 10

    New one shots moved to @ScrantondailKittens

  • The Motionless In White Collection of Urban Legends
    7.1K 567 17

    Short stories based on famous urban legends and creepy pastas... Gayness is involved. All the guest writers write gay AF shit, incase you didn't notice. Please feel free to comment suggestions for both stories and guest writers.

  • Tales of Goth: MIW Fairy Tales
    3.4K 244 5

    Once upon a time, the Scrantondail Kittens were brought together by one mere little emo. Together they bring you not so family friendly fairytales you all know and love. With twits and turns sharper than Ghost's eyebrows, we bring you, Tales of Goth.