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  • The Galaxy dragon, blue dragon emperor
    573K 8.2K 73

    (y/n) was orphaned until he was 10 years old he was adopted by the hyoudou family and living a happy life. but something within him was about to awaken a hidden power that was sealed and a sacred gear of the 3rd heavenly dragon that could rival the dragon gods. your name: (y/n) hair color: (h/c) eye color: (e/c) This...

  • The Dragon of Cog
    60.2K 699 28

    Issei was ripped away from his world after his fight with Riser it seems even though Rias was grateful that he saved her she was not interested in him Issei of course was hurt after he literally gave a piece of himself for her he was just thrown aside like garbage that's when Issei ran after asking Draig to find a way...

  • The Legend of Valstrax: King of The Sky
    11.2K 188 24

    After dying along side his best friends Declan, Sarah, and John. Alex finds himself as his favorite elder dragon Valstrax in the Legend of Spyro world. On his journey he must find his friends, figure out how he even got here, and try to make more friends then enemies. However its kind of hard when a king and his daugh...

  • Clash: The Nergigante
    16.6K 160 47

    Clash is a nergigante who, while escaping hunters comes across a portal. The portal takes him to Pyrhhia. A world completely different from his own. Will he learn to live, fight and love in a world oh so different from his own? Or will he change this new world forever?

  • Highschool DxD: The Golden Wings of Demise
    11.5K 372 6

    Titans, ancient creatures from an age long passed, more likened to living natural disasters, what if, one of those creatures arrived in the world of DxD? What if, just before Godzilla could finish him off in their battle, King Ghidorah was instead sent to the world of DxD? How would the Humans, and the Supernatural Fa...

  • A Chaotic Fairy (Fairy Tail x Giratina male reader)
    94K 2.6K 63

    Boredom can be really dangerous some time...

  • The Legend of Ruiner Nergigante: King of Power
    16.1K 205 29

    After dieing in a terrible accident. 20 year old Declan finds himself in The Legend of Spyro universe. On his journey he will have to follow two simple rules. One, adapt to his new body and Two, survive while searching for his friends. He will also face many challenges on his journey, but in time after all his pain an...

  • The Great Garayann.
    2.7K 78 6

    Im Going to Become the Greatest and Mightiest Kaiju there is, however i'll show them that im no Savior nor Destroyer, Ill show them Im the most dangerous and caring creature there is and destroy sny evils that plague my World.

  • Highschool DXD Multiverse Theatre
    14.3K 158 6

    The characters of Highschool DXD watching the multiple versions of themselves throughout the these enticing and vast amounts of universe's. Reminder: I'm doing for the fun so please don't be to hard.

  • Fateful Events! Izuku Midoriya X Yuu Takeyama/ Mt.Lady AU
    95.4K 532 3

    Midoriya Izuku has always been a student with simple qualities, the only thing he seemed to have was his Quirk... One For All a stockpile Quirk created to defeat All For One, Izuku is the 9th user of One For All as All Might had become incapacitated in his fight against All For One. Now Our Cinnamon Roll has trained s...

  • The Perfect Match💫
    93.7K 1.2K 13

    | Boku No Hero Academia Fanfiction | A Momo x Izuku fanfiction! lovely, cheesy and clingy! Disclose: Cover art isn't mine, Anime and Manga by Kouhei Horikoshi, Story... mine but rewrote

  • One in a million
    123K 2.1K 20

    He never really knew he had a quirk or two for that matter, it was activated when he attacked his childhood friend out of rage, soon a black demon speaks with him showing no threats and also giving him a hero like quirk and another one that was filled with dark energy and marked him with an ancient symbol that signifi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Determined to be a hero (being rewritten)
    30.8K 517 25

    When izuku was a child he was bullied for not having a quirk at the time. But when his mother and father are killed by a couple of robbers in front of his eyes. His quirk awakens forcefully . What is his quirk and and who is the person that is watching him while this all happened. Somewhat slow updates

  • The Black Dragon Emperor of Death (Highschool DxD x Male OC)
    164K 2.2K 39

    Dragons never involved themselves in the war between angels, devils, fallen angels, and demons. Until the Welsh Dragon Ddraig and the Vanishing Dragon Albion broke out and fought on the battlefield of the ongoing war. But what if there was a third dragon? One so powerful it rivaled Great Red, making him feared by all...

  • The Vengeful One
    39.3K 1K 10

    Before we get started, this book is R18, there will be a lot of bloodshed, rape, and any other adult things that might not let you eat your food properly. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED. AND DON'T READ THIS IF YOU DON'T LIKE PORN OR IF IT'S TOO MUCH FOR YOUR STOMACH. SOME OF YOU ARE REPORTING ME TO THE WATTPAD OFFICIALS EVEN THOU...

  • The Living Hollow
    194K 2.5K 36

    This is a My Hero Academia and Bleach crossover fanfic. It starts during the fight between Izuku and Bakugou, an accidental point black ultimate attack from Bakugou leaves Izuku with a massive hole in his chest. Izuku falls to the floor Dead, but something happens his body begins having spasms and he vomits up a whi...

  • DEADWOLF (Remake) 18+
    4.1K 125 8

    I may been part of a species that that was feared among you PEOPLE, but that doesnt make me different from any of YOU, Im not a good person nor a bad person im just someone whos trying to find his way around and move forward. But can i ask you something? What the difference between being human or non human? -David Dre...

  • Midoriya Pool
    176K 3.3K 29

    This story is about Midoriya having the same abilities as Deadpool, just as a quirk. It will have adult content. And some gruesome stuff. So if you can't stomach the regular Deadpool. This book isn't for you. Rating 18 NLVS Disclaimer: I do not own the My Hero Academia series, the pictures or music featured in this b...

  • The Amazing Deku:The Hunt
    62.3K 1.3K 44

    The Sports Festival is here and with that comes new challenges for Midoriya with him having to juggle between the "hero in training" to "the webslinging meance".So it should be fun,but when reports come in saying pro heroes are being killed he can't just sit around and do nothing. Join Midoriya as he goes through the...

  • Spiderdeku
    28.1K 541 20

    One week after the UA entrance exam(that Deku failed), Deku gets bitten by a radioactive spider. He decides to become a Vigilante. This version of Spiderdeku is the same as the Raimi Peter. I don't own Spiderman(Marvel) or My Hero Academia(Kohei Horikoshi, Shonen Jump, Funimation, Studio Bones, Shueisha, and Viz Med...

  • The Mysterious Hunter (Bleach x RWBY)
    45.6K 1K 15

    After the intense battle with Aizen, Ichigo finds himself cast adrift in the Garganta, the space between Earth and the Hollow Realm, Hueco Mundo. He eventually reaches another world, completely different from his own. What will he find in this remnant of a broken world?

  • Male Signer reader x high school dxd
    927 11 2

    y/n phenex, adopted brother of riser and ravel, a high class devil who was born without the powers of a phoenix but was loved by his family anyway. One day, he awakens from a weird dream about the 'crimson dragon' and has a weird marking engraved onto his arm. after learning about the mark and his past, he sets out on...

  • Highschool dxd:demon Fox
    61.1K 716 6

    Y/N was a loyal pawn to Rias, but she goes and cheats with Issei and she calls him useless, broken and enraged he removes his devil peace and in doing so dies. But sometimes locked away in his soul will help him bring destruction to the ones that betrayed him.

  • Reincarnated As The Scarlet King (Multiverse x OC Scarlet King)
    2.8K 54 2

    What a young boy didn't expect to happen was to be reincarnated as a being who's power is beyond comprehension! Follow along with a young boy turned to scarlet as he travels across the multiverse alongside his servants! He is The Scarlet King!

  • Multiverse x Alternate Red Dragon Emperor
    7.7K 119 5

    In a world full of beings with strength beyond comprehension, the alternate version of the Red Dragon Emperor lives. Striving to get stronger and face new challengers, he leaves his world and travels across the vast Multiverse!

  • Deku the symbiote (SLOW UPDATES)
    406K 7.8K 39

    The day before Izuku Midoriya turned 5 he prayed to god before going to bed and asked to be blessed with a powerful quirk not to bully the weak but to protect what mattered to him. (I don't own my hero academia all content used belongs to rightful owners)

  • Multiverse x Powerful Male OC [OC x Harem]
    857 30 3

    In a world where both magic and technology have reached to incredible heights, a young man holds the burden of restoring its once peaceful growing community. With the major threat known as the Vaze with powers of incredible magnitude and their seemingly endless army travelling through the multiverse with the goal of d...

  • bakugan new vestroya betrayed brawler
    47.9K 926 34

    Me and my partner Leonidus were the best in the battle brawler Resistants.. or so I day they all betrayed me even my partner and now I travel around vestroya saving bakugan with my new partners but what if I saw the same people who turned their backs on me asking for help? I do not own these photos or...

  • Son of The Ghost of Sparta (HighSchool DxD x M!Reader)
    444K 5.7K 35

    Hey Minna... This will be my very First Story here.... I hope you liked it... After getting his revenge on the Olympian Gods, he returned to the Loom Chamber to go to the future to keep his Son away from the other Gods.... This Story takes place after saving Asia

  • Beauty And The Beast
    58.8K 976 19

    The UA Sports Festival was just over, and class 1-A were all inside the common room, chilling and resting from the huge event. Izuku Midoriya was one of those few people as he failed to notice a certain staring from the class princess.

    Completed   Mature