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    A Blackpink fanfiction starring JenLisa. It's a LISA G!P for starters. +++ In frustration, she grabbed her phone. She always does this whenever she's feeling angry, feeling down, hurt. She'll type in random numbers and call them. Some answer, some don't. But whenever someone answered, she'll rant herself out. Yelling...

  • Kitty - BTS ( Yoongi )
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    A cat-human hybrid in need of a home decides to follow BTS to their dorm. Warning: will probably contain smut will definitely contain family problems and abandonment

  • Hello, Baby
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    Jeon Jeongguk is one of the greatest policemen in Busan. One day, he was supposed to surprise his friend to congratulate him for officially becoming a doctor. However, right before the surprise, a young lady knocks on his door with her luggage, a bright smile, and a secret. A LISKOOK AU Copyright © 𝗟𝗜𝗟𝗜𝗚𝗚𝗨𝗞𝗦 ...

  • Ivy Gates || PJM || Ivy Book One || ✔
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    *winner of iconic author of the year award* A womans job was to serve in any way told, and to produce healthy children. . Any women that disobeyed, would be punished severely. . The story of a poor girl who was purchased by the General, and how they changed each other and began to fight for the freedom of women ©chimc...

  • Silent Pleasure [ BTS JJK ] 'Editing'
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    In which Jungkook who is the rich playboy chooses to marry a girl who lost her ability to talk. Highest ranking : #1 in #Fanfiction #1 in #BTS #1 in #Fanfic #1 in #MatureFic

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    liskook au In every academy you have the prideful jocks, the narcissistic cheerleaders, the invisibles, the model students and more. But of course an academy will never be complete if it doesen't have that popular elite group. So in the case of Kyeongsoo High they have; The Royals. Pranpriya Manoban, or as she simply...

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    9:28 PM +82 XX XXXX YYYY: [sent you two images] 9:29 PM +82 XX XXXX YYYY: you like that, baby? 9:34 PM +82 XX XXXX YYYY: wait... shit. wrong number. BLACKPINK's Lisa puts herself in a sticky situation when a text meant for Chaeyoung ends up being sent to BTS' Jeongguk. On accident. What the text contains, you may as...

  • The Selection | liskook
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    Liberty Pravat-Ahn asked for the crown, but she should win Prince Jungkook's heart first. this story is currently being rewritten. revised version will be up hopefully asap