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  • Scandalous |COMPLETED|
    170K 5K 31

    ⚠️THIS STORY HAS EXPLICIT SCENES AND MATURE CONTENT. IT IS NOT ADVISED FOR THOSE YOUNGER THAN 18⚠️ Xavier King, successful billionaire investor, always has seen his sister Xiomara as the perfect angel. Little does he know that his sister is a college student by day, and an escort by night. Jace Young is Xavier's best...

    Completed   Mature
  • Viper's Toy
    15.6K 894 10

    🚨THIS STORY HAS EXPLICIT SCENES AND MATURE CONTENT. IT IS NOT ADVISED FOR THOSE YOUNGER THAN 18 (There will be scenes that contain torture and/or murder)🚨 Viper is the President of The Shadow Skulls, one of the most feared MCs on the west coast. He's a ruthless Dominant, who only cares about his MC. One night while...

  • Heir of the Alpha {The Oliver Sage Chronicles } [1]
    2K 620 13

    When Oliver Sage's single mother uproots him from his vibrant hometown of Brooklyn all the way out to the murky, swamp-infested city of New Orleans, life as he knows it will never be the same. After the full moon triggers a change in his genes, Oliver finds out the other half of his DNA that his mother had tried so ha...

  • Whirlpool of the Mind
    679 174 14

    The mind is surreal. It's magnificent. The thoughts are perplexing; malicious or innocent.

  • The Serpent Emperor
    31K 2.7K 50

    [FEATURED BY WATTPAD] "I probably should tell you this first and foremost, Gianita, that I do not intend to produce heirs by this marriage. The Prince will still be my heir, even though you're the Empress." "Then why keep me, Sire, if I am of no use to you? It's obvious that you do not intend to add any more members t...

  • A Descent into Darkness
    1.7K 274 52

    Erin Kowalski is a university student with a unique problem. No, it's not that she kills people (though she admits quite a few people would call that a problem). It's that she has no one to be herself with. No one who would accept her for who she really is. Until she discovers Nate Rivers. Nate is a classmate who shar...