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  • insomnia - super family
    180K 6.6K 23

    [completed] peter is having a hard time sleeping and his dads are trying to figure out what's going on -super family cuteness -stony -all characters belong to marvel

  • The Chilling Realities Of Hunting And Being Hunted
    8.2K 441 5

    All Peter and Tony had to do was cross the mountains. That's it. Just climb a few hills and get to the annual Stark Convention. Tony wanted to try something different, a father-son trip as opposed to just taking the boring old private jet. Maybe stop at a cabin on the way back, taking a little family vacation. They di...

  • Survivor
    284K 11.8K 33

    So, I suck at descriptions. ha. Sorry. Here we go; Life is hard, especially when you're juggling the life of a teenage nerd and a superhero. Now that May knows, what will she force to change in Peter's life? But before they can even really reach an agreement about anything, someone big and bad is back. Now Peter has...

  • Helpless
    60.4K 2.4K 10

    Somebody wants revenge on Tony but, this time, they think the best way to do that is to hurt both him and Peter, keeping them close enough to feel one another's pain but too far apart to prevent it, and they're not wrong... Enjoy!

  • What Tangled Webs We Weave
    53.6K 2K 28

    Peter Rogers-Stark just wants to relax. Read a book, play pranks with Uncle Clint, build some Lego Death Stars with Ned, swing around New York - overall, just enjoy his summer vacation. But that doesn't always work out when you're Spider-Man. When a new foe crosses his path, they begin to open up wounds that never...

  • Long Days
    196K 7.9K 17

    Peter refused to let May take on a third job to stabilize their increasingly tight finances. Instead, Peter is determined to handle school, friends, his neighborhood duties, and a new job. Mutants don't need sleep, right? COMPLETE

  • Field Trip?
    145K 4.4K 10

    Peter could not care less about the class trip that is until he learns it's to avengers tower... he knows they are going to mess with him and Flash might seriously get himself injured because of Parker's school nickname. On top of it all Thor can not keep a secret and will only refer to Peter as spider child. So of c...

  • The World Is Wide (But I Feel So Small)
    88.4K 2.6K 12

    When Peter is abruptly taken from Tony by a mysterious criminal, the teen has to fight tooth and nail to make it out of the man's clutches, testing him every step of the way as he tries desperately to get back to his Dad. Tony just wants to find his child and make the bastard responsible pay for his actions. By any me...

  • Spider-Man? Who's He?
    103K 5K 11

    Peter is Spider-Man. No one knows but Ned and his brother Harley. This is all fine until one day, Tony Stark comes asking for Spider-Man to appear at his youngest son's 7th birthday party. The problem? Tony Stark is his dad and he has no idea Peter is Spider-Man.

  • Let's Begin
    177K 7.8K 19

    It's been eight years since Peter was adopted by Tony and Pepper and a lot has changed. First of all, Pepper has officially become a Stark (but she still goes by Potts much to Tony's chagrin). Second, Peter is starting his first year of middle school with his best friends Ned and MJ. Third, James Richie may not have b...

  • Like Father Like Son | Irondad + Spiderson
    199K 6K 43

    spiderson spiderson does whatever a spider does can he son? yes he does because he is spiderson i dont even know

  • Stark's Son
    86.4K 2.2K 26

    After Aunt May finds out Peter Parker's secret and kicks him out leaving him with nowhere to go. Peter finds himself at Tony Stark's house. How will their lives change in a matter of seconds? Well, read the book to find out.

  • spideyson and irondad oneshots
    90.6K 2.4K 7

    You're my dad, you're my dad, boogie woogie woogie. ***discontinued til further notice***

  • Spaghetti With A Side Of Panic
    10.6K 441 1

    Getting all A's in the Stark household used to be a requirement, something exspected of a young Tony, genius kid prodigy. It was always brushed off, made to further elevate Howard's immaculate reputation. Now, however, it was a cause for celebration, one where Peter, Tony and Happy would go out to dinner and stuff the...

  • It's About Time
    174K 6.3K 24

    Tony has always been overprotective of his son, Peter. After being exploited by his own dad, Howard, to bring good publicity to Stark Industries, Tony vowed never to let that happen to Peter. But now Peter's about to go into high school and Tony has to face reality: his little boy isn't going to be little much longe...

  • Shadows Are Not Always Darkness
    29.9K 1.2K 12

    Peter doesn't ask for trouble, trouble just kind of finds him, stalks him like a bloodhound until it's basically his second shadow. Tony doesn't ask for stress, stress just sort of follows him around, pads after him like a puppy turned spider-baby, until he's basically Tony's second shadow. Tony, somehow, learns to lo...

  • Dad Mode Activated || Irondad & Spiderson One-Shots
    43.6K 1.3K 9

    A slowly expanding collection of Irondad & Spiderson one-shots. Fluff, hurt/comfort, (attempted) humour, and occasionally something a little different.

  • Spider-Son & Iron Dad one shots
    1.3M 47.9K 210

    A whole bunch of funny, cute one shots for our favourite father-son duo in the MCU:)

  • Peter Parker + Class field trip + Avengers = Read to find out!
    30.2K 677 2

    Peter is the adopted son of Tony Stark but what happens when he goes on field trips to Stark Tower/Avengers compound? Find out in every chapter what happens and see if you can figure out the special superhero that will appear in every chapter or so! I do request so go ahead and type up those comments! There will be t...

  • Spiderson/irondad Oneshots Superfamily
    207K 3.1K 35

    Peter parker. A normal kid in queens, yeah right. Thats just his show name. His real name is Peter stark, Anthony starks son. Adopted at the ripe age of 14. just some random oneshot ideas that I may or may not write. anyone else can use these concepts. (Make sure to read the whole thing and stick around for more. You...

  • Peter Parker OneShots!
    197K 3.1K 31

    A mess of Peter Parker OneShots (As the title says). Top Ranks #1 in Field #1 in ted These OneShots will include. ~ -Stony -Stucky -Irondad/Spiderson -Field Trips -Hydra PTSD -Identity Reveals -Sports -Flash's Ass -Homophobic/Transphobic actions -Gender dysphoria -Tower BullShit -Panic Attack's -PTSD !I DONT OWN MARV...

  • Spiderman/Avengers Oneshots
    915K 24K 170

    This one-shot book contains angst, laughter, and a whole lot more. Read if you want to see ships and my thoughts on a page. Feel free to leave requests and comments. I love to get kind criticisms from all of you. I really appreciate you all!

  • Peter Parker field trips
    256K 4.7K 14

    School trips to avengers compound and tower

  • Meet the Family
    175K 4.1K 14

    Peter, MJ, and Ned are going on a field trip to Avengers Tower/Stark Industries! Yay. Note my sarcasm. How will they cope with their weird family trying to embarrass them. I don't own anything. I did edit the cover, but I don't own the pictures. Also, Pietro is alive! MJ is training to be the next Black Widow. May h...

  • Whump || Peter Parker
    54.8K 1.5K 10

    Basically, I hurt Peter Parker, but add a lot of Irondad fluff because I'm soft for it. Highest ranking: #4 in Writing Prompts Reads: 54K Chapters: 8 ~WORK IN PROGRESS~ /Irregular updates/

  • You Mispronounced Spider
    49.9K 2.2K 14

    An ordinary accident leaves Peter Parker an orphan once again. The worst part was nothing could have prevented it, Aunt May was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Little did Peter know that he had a godfather, and Peter was very shocked to find Tony FREAKING Stark, of all people, was filling out his adoption p...

  • Overgrown-an Irondad and Spideyson fanfic
    449K 15.3K 61

    !!not completed!! When Aunt May dies from stage four cancer, Peter Parker finds that he has no one else to turn to other then his mentor, Tony Stark, quickly turned father figure. Disclaimer: I don't own these characters-all rights to marvel!! !!no infinity war or endgame spoilers!!

  • Family Secrets
    425K 12.9K 39

    Peter Parker Stark has been living with Tony and Pepper Stark for nearly 6 years now, though no one knows. Now that Peter is 15 and in high school, its getting harder to keep his life a secret. What happens when high school really comes too close to home? What wild shenanigans might the rag-tag family of supers get in...

  • Welcome Home
    95.8K 3.7K 30

    After the death of May Parker, Peter goes to live with Tony and the avengers. Adrian Toomes suddenly escapes from prison when Peter isn't under the safety of Tony, what will be the devastating events that follow? /// set between infinity war and homecoming. There is also swearing as well btw.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bet (Avenger's High School AU)
    67.9K 3.2K 22

    Peter is the new kid. Everyone loves him. It's a race to see who gets him first. For @peteypieparker Cover Art: @pietrowhy (art done by @\kaiseeu) Updates on Monday and Friday