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  • From The Jump
    301K 12.2K 55

    Antonio is newly released from prison and with the help of Taylor; his life changes within a blink of an eye. His unexpected rap career takes him from rags to riches that causes issues to be stirred up. (Cover by, @KORREZX) All Rights Reserved, 2018 © I do not own the rights to any song added to the multimedia. Any...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stripper | NBA Youngboy
    227K 10.9K 27

    Majorie was just a gangsta bitch that liked shaking ass and making money , what more did kentrell want from her?... "She bounce her ass and shake it low , yeah , she she get ratchet" -Nba youngboy Queen slime was just that bitch everybody hated on and wanted to be , she ain't want to be loved but she loved breaking he...

    19.3K 1K 9


  • Cage mates
    178K 9.3K 32

    Kentrell gets sent to juvenile at 15 and meets a girl that goes by the name holly , he's in there for a few months and they get close to each other just to find out kentrell is getting released , what will happen when he turns and forgets holly for the fame and fortune 2 years later ?

  • Time Heals All
    160K 6.4K 66

    A sequel to From The Jump. Be sure to read that one first. All Rights Reserved, 2018 © I do not own the rights to any song added to the multimedia.

    Completed   Mature
  • Surviving Kentrell🥀
    30.3K 1K 17

    "Who knew one person could change your whole life forever by just one look in the eyes. Well let me be the first to say it happens because it happened to me. Let me take y'all back to where it all began..." - Jania Jackson • Started : 1/3/19 - Finished : 2/17/19 •

    Completed   Mature
  • My lil yaah
    55.7K 1.6K 14

    "I ain't looking for no love , ion trust nobody. Gangsta lil bitch & my money right. I don't need a nigga for nothing. " Let's see if youngboy can get her soft.

    94.5K 7.9K 38

    " you gon' be just like yo no good a** daddy" says her mom who she dislikes because she sniffs crack instead of actually caring. Shayla's life is going nowhere. Struggling to put food on the table with her part time job at the local corner store. She starts to get the hang of providing for herself until, Cps sworms in...

  • Molly's World
    5.8M 177K 77

    Molly is a young teen with anger problems because of her past. Growing up in a bad ass neighborhood and with a mean ass mother only makes things worst. When she was young Molly's father use to beat her whenever he got drunk. One night he beat her so bad that she felt enough was enough and called the cops. Who would of...

  • Kicking Shit (NBA Ben 10)
    44.4K 1.2K 40

    Three Cars Up in your Section riding Around with Beans , Catch me on 5th or that 9th if you want Double G ! We extorting you lil bitches til we see ya on Tee's , My Niggas Coming for that sak & we put that on that 3 .

  • Forgot about me
    2.4K 47 13

    This story is about the TheRapGame kids in college and every one goes with someone except Nia cuz she is feeling her Bestfrined Nova but he is taken by a girl name Brittany but some tea comes up Read to see😝‼️🐸☕️

  • Molly's World: New Life
    630K 18.6K 13

    Continue the journey with Molly and the gang continuing the drama from the last book along with some new drama. IMPORTANT: If you didn't read the first book then please do or else you're gonna be completely lost.

  • Tryna Make It Out
    25.7K 632 12

    "Can you imagine bring 13 ready to die" ~Growing up without her father not worried about her, and her mom working her ass off was hard enough. Two brothers died, and the rest isn't showing her the shit she needs to know about having the right man in her life to replace her father place. She just tryna make it ou...

  • All Love For You (Supa Peach & J.I)
    2.5K 68 4

    Summer 17 was a chance to explore, go on adventures, and spend time with your friends. This was one of the most biggest journeys of your life. Supa Peach and J.I's biggest focus was working their hardest and not letting any distractions get in their way, but when they started developing feelings for each other, will i...

  • Love And The Rap Game
    57.5K 1.5K 26

    The Rap Game season 3 has ended and Nova has been signed with Soso Def. After the rap game, the stars were fighting often and didn't care for each other. Jermaine tells them that if they want to go on tour together, they have to get along, so they all agree to stay in the same house until and after the tour. will rela...

  • mute
    52.2K 1.9K 22

    Dee is 16 yrs old.she have selective what happened she goes to a new school and meets a cute Puerto Rican.

  • Flau'jae&King Roscoe{DISCONTINUED}
    1.8K 37 18

    King roscoe and Flau'jae have lost the rap game, but have they won feelings for each other?

  • Tuition📚💗✨ (NBA Ken)
    71.5K 2.8K 20

    When new girl Jasmine Hughes joins East Baton Rouge High School, she meets the younger brother of a famous local rapper, NBA youngboy. At first his brother Kendell is obnoxious and rude and Jasmine can't stand his cockiness. What will happen when Jas is offered a lot of money to tutor Kendell or he gets kicked off of...

  • Emotions: A Prince of New York Story
    11.7K 343 20

    This book will be written in au(alternative universe). Some of events may have occurred but mainly fictional. Including the ages.