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    Duvett! Duvett is a cute little college girl, with dark black eyes and soot black hair, resting just below her shoulders. A little tan skin covers her body. She's got juicy little pouty lips, an attractive pink shade. She's got her skin sticking to her bones, which are arranged perfectly, defining her curves. As a tot...

  • Till I met you ✅
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    A COMPLETE NIGERIA THEMED NOVEL... Highest ranking #1 out of 13 lekki #11 out of 1.41 bestie #5 out of 361 followyourdreams #20 out of 886 wattpad2019 #9 out of 118 winiawards Till I met her, I was the mystery guy feared by people... I was the quiet one who people just concluded was no go area until I met her... My...

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  • Diary of Delilah
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    A diary isn't a bad thing to own but imagine your diary can actually grant all your wish,I meant bad wish wouldn't it be scary.But it happened to Lilah who always wish her name to be Delilah and eventually got it after writing on her diary,she also wrote down other crazy things. Doesn't she know the evil things writte...

  • Loving You
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    Ruby is a half nerd,half jock and half popular. She and her bestfriend hate the popular boys and girls. Until Zander comes in the story after an assignment and tries his way with her. Will he succeed or will he love her. Find out in this story, "Loving You"

  • His Kidney Donor
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    "When I tested him, his eGFR is below 15 and the normal must be 60 or more" " I don't understand" " Here, take his test report. eGFR means estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate. This is.. well, a number based on his blood test for creatinine, which is a waste product in the blood and it tells how well the kidneys are w...

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    Thalia and okiel met once when they were in college. The first time they met there was something undeniably between them. Are they ready to accept that fact?. Thalia's parents was killed cold heartedly. Five years later okiel is a billionaire who owns his own enterprise while Thalia is engaged to a man who seems to b...

  • Contradicting Twins Love
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    Meet Thelma Logan and Theresa Logan. They are twins with different personalities, on a mission to save their father's business. But when both of them fall in love with their boss, Alex, who is also their enemy. Will they be able to mend his broken soul? And who gets him? When it's a choice between family and love. It'...

  • My Best Friend's Brother
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    Like Victoria Justice once said, "My Best friend's brother is the one for me." Amelia has been in love with William for 6 months and has been trying to get his attention. But when William kisses Amelia first, things will be even more awkward of being best friends with your crush's sister.

  • Rule #1: You Can't DATE The Coach's Daughter| Completed ✔️
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    There are two types of people in high school: the ones that you can date and the ones you can't. Unfortunately for me, I'm the latter. Even though I'm around hot football players every afternoon, they are not allowed to date me. If they even come close to flirting, my dad, Coach "The Boss" Davis, makes them run laps...

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    Rebecca is a sassy 12th grader, who isn't afraid to say what she wants. Some would say she is sassy. Her and her family also move a lot based on her behavior, why though? Griffin is not to be messed with, and is extremely hot. He and Rebecca never stop arguing. Gracie is Griffins funny twin who is caught in the middl...

  • Woman Down
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    Elissa Crimson and Reid DeGross are the perfect couple. They are both strong willed people who would give anything to protect those close to them. But what Elissa doesn't know is that Reid DeGross is not who he says he is. As an ages long war moves into her hometown of Wistancia, Elissa flees and joins the royal army...