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  • Friends of Death
    16.1K 507 7

    Nico Di Angelo is no stranger to death, but not everyone understands the world he is such a huge part of. Except one, An Egyptian God of funerals, and a friend. How will things turn out for these to Death Deities? (boyxboy)

  • Take your hand in mine (Andy Biersack and Kellin Quinn)
    12.7K 260 4

    Andy Biersack. Lead singer of Black veil brides. Sexy, intelligent, strong, independent. Kellin Quinn (Bostwick). Lead singer of Sleeping With Sirens. Small, fragile, sensitive, adorable. The two were polar opposites. Nothing about them seemed to be the same in anyway. But when both bands have to spend a month togethe...

  • Hell Above (Kellic BoyxBoy)
    307K 7.8K 25

    Kellin is a new kid in the senior class at Vic's school. He deals with many things, including abuse and self-harm. Vic slowly begins to fall in love with the new boy in town. Will Kellin accept Vic's love?

    Completed   Mature
  • Shingeki no Kiss (Attack on Titan Fanfiction) [LevixEren]
    21.9K 615 22

    Eren Jaeger is a freshman attending Shingeki Academy and dreams to go beyond the walls. Upon enrollment Eren is charmed by his senior, Levi. A series of unfortunate events occurs for the young boy, and soon after the fall of wall Maria he unknowingly begins to live with his lover. Eren must keep his new home a secret...

  • I Finally Have You
    39.4K 660 7

    One bet. Two boys. //completed// /all rights reserved © sam; panic_jpg/