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  • Girls Only
    11.8M 320K 193

    Definition: Girls Only - noun. Girls only means.. Girls only. It also means NO BOYS ALLOWED. 13+ please :) twitter: catietempleman instagram: catetempleman

  • The Devil Just Called Me {IN EDITING}
    5.6K 320 20

    Rebecca Newman is moving house - to one that was burnt down years ago. People say it was the devil that caused it, but Rebecca doesn't believe them. Until she gets the first phone call. Who is it from? And what does he want? Revenge. How will Beccy react and deal with this unknown person - or thing?

  • Five Minutes
    1.7K 91 21

    "That's when I heard a pop, and the daughter stood stock-still. I saw her look down at her chest, wondering what had happened-but I already knew. She collapsed, falling into a heap of snow. Her mother cried out weakly, seeing her little girl with no soul left in her lifeless body. She didn't run to the daughter...

  • My Sexy Kidnapper
    24.7M 112K 7

    Picture this: You enter the mall with your friends. As you're making your way to buy a strawberry smoothie, you notice something more delicious walking right towards you. As he comes closer, he gives you a heart stopping smirk then takes you by surprise. He pulls you into a headlock, jabs a gun in your temple, then ru...

  • I Don't Really Know...
    4.8K 307 43

    ~ "You may be dead on the outside, but not on the inside. That beating heart, it’s got the life of a dreamer, a best friend, a stranger. Don't...